December, 2012

What Japan Can Teach the World About Communication / ?????????????????????????

Matt Eventoff

“When one teaches, two learn.” – Robert A. Heinlein. I recently returned from conducting workshops throughout Japan on behalf of the State Department, U.S.

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The Rules for Being Amazing

Manner of Speaking

Some time ago, I wrote a post about leadership lessons from my friend and former colleague, Robin Sharma. Robin is one of the foremost authorities on leadership and the author of several international bestsellers.

2012 262

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Adjust font spacing — both vertical and horizontal

PowerPoint Tips

How many times have you had text in a textbox, placeholder, or shape that just didn’t fit properly? It happens to everyone. Luckily, you have lots of options. Resize the shape. Sometimes you can resize the shape.

10 steps to creating a really strong story

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Guest post by Jim Harvey. It sounds like a presentation trainer’s cliche, but it’s not. In business presentations, the story is the thing. There’s a skill and a structure to creating interesting and compelling narratives.

Story 222

Is your speech spammy?

Speak Schmeak

Today I was scrolling through Facebook, you know, for work. and came across a story that didn't quite seem believable to me. Yet several people I know had shared and commented on it.

2012 222

Inspiration for a New Year!

Speaking Freely

As 2013 and the movie version of Les Miserables open, we can all use a little inspiration to remind us it is possible to fly and to spur us all on to new heights. No one did that better than Susan Boyle at her first audition of Britian’s Got Talent! Her is a video of [.].

2012 219

Where to find your voice in 2013

Kate's Voice

As humans, we are passionately driven to communicate. We want to be heard. We want to be understood. But to be heard above all the noise of our culture, you must have a voice that others will listen to. There has never been a better time to develop that voice. Resources for study and practice [.].

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The #1 thing employers want most in a new hire

PowerPoint Tips

Are presentation skills important to employers? Sometimes I think that employers speak out of two sides of their mouths. On one hand, they seem to let their employees give awful presentations without negative consequences. How can there be negative consequences when everyone is doing it?)

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Do you embed YouTube videos on your website? If so, you need this (in my opinion)

Succeed Speaking

You’ve got video on your website, right? The overwhelming majority of clients and prospects have told me that’s the first thing they’re looking for when they come to a speaker’s profile.

Dealing with a distressed audience

Speak Schmeak

Sometimes we have to give a presentation under less than optimal circumstances. I'm not talking about those times when you're having a bad day or haven't gotten enough sleep, although those are also less than optimal and we've all experienced it!

2012 221

Visionary Artist: Nam June Paik anticipated the internet

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

An astounding story on BBC America this evening about the Korean-born visual artist Nam June Paik, considered the father of video art, who coined the phrase “electronic superhighway” in 1974 while creating works that pushed the boundaries of television.

Artist 181

Stop that Stutter: 6 Steps to Overcome Presentation Performance Anxiety

Duarte Blog

Recently we received a tweet from a follower of @Duarte requesting any advice for a stuttering presenter.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 152)

Manner of Speaking

Lewis (1898 – 1963) Irish Novelist. “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn; my God, do you learn.” ” — C. Lewis. Filed under: Quotes for Public Speakers. Quotes for Public Speakers CS Lewis public speaking public speaking quotes quotes

Space objects equidistant from each other

PowerPoint Tips

A common task is to space objects equidistant from each other. You might have a group of rectangles that make up a hyperlinked menu. Another common situation is a diagram with several boxes containing text. Here’s an example of a set of icons.

2012 183

Talk like a human, not like a robot

More than PowerPoint...

This morning, a company rep told me, “”Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.” ” I laughed, because no human being actually talks like that, right? Clearly, he was badly coached. Stilted words guaranteed a clumsy delivery.

2012 92

Getting it together with discipline and systems

Speak Schmeak

I was lying in bed the other night thinking, "I'm so weak. I'm so lazy. I have great ideas but never follow through." And so on. Like most of us, I can be pretty mean to myself at times. But then I stopped and realized that none of those things are true all the time. Sometimes they're true.

2012 221

Book Review: The Art of Immersion, by Frank Rose

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A decade ago, the tools of communications belonged to a chosen few. Editorial control over newspapers, television and radio was in the hands of those professionals tasked with selecting content deemed worthy of the front page, the headline, the news bulletin.

2012 178

Lights, Camera, Inaction: The Onion’s Take on TED

Duarte Blog

Compelling speakers. Powerful visuals. A captive audience. And remarkably stupid ideas. This is the premise of “Talks,” a two-month-old video series from the comic geniuses at The Onion.

2012 97

Analysis of a Speech by Janine Shepherd

Manner of Speaking

Janine Shepherd is one of those people whose picture should appear beneath the definition of “remarkable” in the dictionary. I chose one of Janine’s quotes as the 100th quote for public speakers , and you can read a short summary of her incredible life there. Recently, Janine told her story at a TEDx event in Kansas. It was moving and motivating. The video of her TED Talk is below. I encourage you to watch it and be inspired.

Holiday and New Year Card for you!

PowerPoint Tips

Ellen Finkelstein can train you or your team to create high-impact, engaging, professional presentations for training, sales, business, or education. For more information on PowerPoint/presentation training and coaching, please click here. Events holiday card new year

2012 134

Power Strategies

The Communication Blog

Strategies for Power. Here is a discussion of the communication of power which I wrote for my 50 Communication Strategies book and that I thought might be of interest to a wide variety of readers. Power is the ability of one person to influence what another person thinks or does. You have power over another person to the extent that you can influence what this person thinks or what this person does.

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December 12for12 Challenge: Put it all together

Speak Schmeak

It's December, which means it's the last month of 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 !

2012 188

Guest Posting: Executive Leaders Have Something in Common with Old Kings, Marianne Gobeil

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Marianne Gobeil is the CEO and founder of Leading Communicators. A recognized expert in the area of strategic leadership communications, Marianne is a trusted adviser to executive leaders — so devoted to helping them advance their leadership goals and objectives that she formed a company around it.

2012 157

The Night 8 People Stole 50 Hearts

Duarte Blog

Sometimes you can feel an experience being etched on your heart. From the moment it begins, the tiny metalworker inside your chest flips down his welding mask, sparks fly, and a short while later, the experience is part of you.

2012 91

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 153)

Manner of Speaking

Adlai Stevenson (1900 – 1965) American Politician and Ambassador to the U.N. “The relationship of the toastmaster to the speaker should be the same as that of the fan to the fan dancer. It should call attention to the subject without making any particular effort to cover it.”

Music for the holidays

Kate's Voice

It’s not a secret. I am a singer. I have a Master’s Degree in applied voice and began teaching singing in graduate school, which was far too long ago (but it’s given me at least 10,000 hours doing it!!) I have taken what I learned as a performer and vocalist, and applied it to [.]. singing vocal delivery

2012 129

Talk to Connect

The Communication Blog

Here is a guest post written by Leah DeCesare. Leah DeCesare is a writer and blogger ( writing about perspectives on parenting from a mother of three, educator and doula. She is a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as childbirth educator and Certified Lactation Counselor, serving families in Rhode Island. Leah is currently conducting the Mother’s Circle Young Women’s Birth Survey open to 18-26 year olds (

2012 122

A simple stats illustration tool that's not a chart or diagram

Speak Schmeak

How's this for a simple illustration - human bodies? So much more interesting than charts and graphs (although they do include a simple pie chart in the video as well). Can you make your message this clear and concise? Gotta give a hand to these students for their creativity!

2012 179

Interview: René Siegel, High Tech Connect

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This article marks the start of a new series in Professionally Speaking. For the past three years I’ve published a monthly Pro-Track Profile interview featuring members of the Pro-Track class of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

2012 149

Gratitude for an Industry

Speaker Launcher

At age 25, I lacked direction, focus, and ambition. It was the early 90′s and I was working as a temp at 3M and waitressing at night. I had nearly finished my contract with 3M’s marketing department and was thinking about what was next.

2012 84

Media: Sandy Hook, CT tragedy will force reporters to practice civility

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The nature and the scope of the Sandy Hook, Connecticut school massacre will impose civility on the media. 

2012 79

MAKE:SHIFT | San Jose State University BFA Graphic Design Exhibition 2012

Duarte Blog

Earlier this week, a few of us Duartians went to my alma mater, San Jose State , to check out their Senior Designer BFA Show. The graduating class held a gallery showing in Downtown SJ, retrofitted the space to their needs, and hung up some amazing work from their tenure through the program.

Online Bullying

The Communication Blog

Here's a wonderful post on bullying sent to me by the author. link]. It contains practical how-to advice. link]. bullying preventives bullying onlline bullying

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Are you substituting learning for action?

Speak Schmeak

I was on a social media teleseminar recently, delivered by George Kao , and he asked a profound question: "Are you substituting learning for action?" This took me back to December 2010, when I decided my one-word theme for 2011 was going to be "ACT."

2012 176

Mushy peasy, Fresh and Easy

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

News today that the most successful supermarket chain in the UK is considering pulling out of the US. Tesco invested $1.6B in opening 200 stores in the western US. You say tomato The Financial Times reports that this has proved an “overseas misadventure” for the British grocer.

2012 149


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Is to BE, don’t seek or try. Be QUIET and hear your breath doing it’s job. Listen to the wind’s music and the baby’s laughter. Let GO of life as you wish it to be and see/feel the PRESENT as it is. One wise person wrote: “You’ve already found. You already have. You already know. You already are.” Recharge you with a special experience. When I experience a sense of awe, I am inspired to volunteer more, become less impatient, and feel more satisfied. And you? . The Coach asks.

2012 109

The anatomy of writing a speech or presentation

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

If you have to write a speech or presentation, breaking it down into the five stages or the five component parts of the typical speech or presentation will help you organize your thoughts and write a focused, effective speech. Business Writing Copywriting Freelance Writing - General how to write a speech speech writing

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