April, 2012

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Lost in Translation – Ten Tips for Working with Interpreters

Manner of Speaking

Lost in Translation is a terrific film that received critical acclaim when it was released in 2003. The scene takes place during one of the commercial.

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Presenter View: Your secret presentation tool

PowerPoint Tips

Presenter View is a secret view that only you see! Here’s what Presenter View looks like. What can you do with Presenter View? But wait!

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Clearing up throat-clearing: Guest post by Joanna Cazden

Speak Schmeak

While I'm on vacation in Sonoma, stuffing myself with cheese and wine, I've got a couple of guest posts lined up for you! Enjoy! How can you resist?

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Resonate Is Hot Off the iBook Presses!

Duarte Blog

Resonate has made the leap from book to iBook ! If not for the outstanding capabilities of the program (and the iPad!), –Nancy Duarte.

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How to Be the Highlight of Any Meal: Tips for Making the After Dinner Speech

DeFinis Communications

Most presenters shy away from being the one to give an after dinner speech. This duel focus can make the after dinner speech a challenge.

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"We don't deal with emotion"

Speak Schmeak

"For Browning Allen, City Hall's head honcho when it comes to transportation planning, maybe it qualified as a nice-try-but-no-cigar moment.

Back of the Napkin to Head of the Class – Introducing Dan Roam’s Napkin Academy

Duarte Blog

Learn to think faster, sell better, and see the invisible by thinking in pictures. annual registration fee. Dan Roam.

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Imagine There's No PowerPoint

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Imagine there's no PowerPoint It's easy if you try No screens before us No piles of printed slides Imagine all the people focusing on you. Imagine no bullets I wonder if you could No dissolves or fly-ins Just stories, from the heart, and good Imagine all the people focusing on you. with apologies to John Lennon). Visual Aids

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Santorum out. But can Romney learn to like himself?

The Presenter's Blog

The personal characteristics that enable others to believe in us the most, are often the ones coached out of us as being most likely to frighten the horses. The Republican nomination process for the candidate to face President Obama this November, has demonstrated this supremely. He knew what he stood for, and had that stand consistent.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 127)

Manner of Speaking

Carl Frederick Buechner - American Author and Theologian. “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Create professional-looking 3D effects with bevels

PowerPoint Tips

The single most effective way to add a professional look to shapes on a slide is to add a bevel. What’s a bevel, you may ask? Select the shape.

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Make the product unique, not the packaging

Speak Schmeak

Hubby : "Your bottle is too tall for the shelf." Vendor : "Why don't you put it on the top shelf?" Can you change the size of the bottle?"

Why the Massive Move to Mobile Computing Changes Content Marketing Rules

Content Marketing Today

Rethink Your Content Marketing by Aiming at Billions of Buyers on the Move. Smartphones Soar. billion units by 2016. Tablets Triumph. of the U.S.

Why Ignoring Body Language Is Like Betting on an Inside Straight

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Every presentation is two conversations, and I find it ironic that speakers spend a great deal of time thinking about their content – the first conversation – and hardly any time at all thinking about their body language – the second conversation.    That’s gambling against the house, and against long odds.  Take a simple example. 

Instead of wincing, 10 things to look for on that video of your speech

The Eloquent Woman

A longtime friend and colleague just completed a major and special speaking event, giving a sermon at his church. How do you react? Thanks, Andrew!

You Have a Great Voice, Now What?

Manner of Speaking

When we think about public speaking, images of standing on stage in front of an audience usually come to mind. Possibilities. Getting Started. Network.

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Do you have an iPad? Do you want to present from it?

PowerPoint Tips

I’ve been a fan of myBrainShark for a long while as a way to share your presentations online. You upload your presentation to their server.

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Acting techniques for everyday life: Guest post by Jane Marla Robbins

Speak Schmeak

While I'm on vacation in Sonoma, stuffing myself with cheese and wine, I've got a couple of guest posts lined up for you! Enjoy! They grope for it.

Infographic | The Gold Standard of Content Marketing via NewsReach

Content Marketing Today

Content Marketing is about the most effective way to harness content’s ubiquity and power. See on www.newsreach.co.uk.

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Do You Need an Elevator Pitch?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Here's the link - - at 99 cents, it's almost free! Enjoy. The Business of Public Speaking

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Triangulate your rate before you quote

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

When it comes to writing and editing services, there is no 'one rate fits all' rate. Yet many clients want cost certainty--and I don't blame them--so you have to give them a quote. Unfortunately, too many writers and editors are blind-folded and playing pin the quote on the client - hoping to hit a quote that is worthwhile -- to them and the client!

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 128)

Manner of Speaking

His speeches to an hourglass, Do some resemblance show, Because the longer time they run, The shallower they grow. Author Unknown.

15-minute webinars on Microsoft Office–every Tuesday

PowerPoint Tips

Microsoft’s Office.com website is sponsoring 15 minute webinars every Tuesday. Thankfully, they record the webinars, so you can watch them later.

12for12 April Challenge: Review Your Image

Speak Schmeak

Have you joined my 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 program yet? But remember, this is all about getting out of your comfort zone. We all are.

Sharpen your Skype, conference call & Hangout speaking skills: 8 tools

The Eloquent Woman

And let's face it: Most of us do our "public speaking" in these kinds of meetings. What guides your videoconferences? Saving that Skype?

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Giving a Presentation? Don’t Tell ‘Em What You’re Going to Say

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

The oldest chestnut in public speaking advice is to “tell ‘em what you’re going to say, say it, and then tell ‘em what you said.”    The idea is that repetition will hammer things home to your audience and help them remember. Unfortunately, that’s bad advice today for a number of reasons.    It's that simple. 

LinkedIn Will Outlive Facebook. Here’s Why via Inc.com

Content Marketing Today

Written by Geoffry James. . Facebook’s latest $1 billion acquisition smacks of a desperation that LinkedIn consistently manages to avoid.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 129)

Manner of Speaking

Dale Carnegie (1888 - 1955) American Writer and Lecturer. ” — Dale Carnegie. Filed under: Quotes for Public Speakers.

Chicken soup for the Presenters’ soul (without harming chicken)

The Presenter's Blog

There is a New York Times article that will inspire you. It’s short. It’s a place full of chickens. And the daily life of chickens. Here’s the article.

Don't revere your audience

Speak Schmeak

I recently worked with a client who speaks on a very sensitive topic. She said she felt she should be more reverent. I particularly like Courtney A.

Famous Speech Friday: Jane Goodall's "What Separates Us From the Apes"

The Eloquent Woman

Most people find it difficult to name a living scientist , and even tougher to name a woman scientist, dead or alive. Expand your idea of a prop.

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So What's the Right Way to Use PowerPoint?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Readers of this blog will know that I often take on PowerPoint (and its cousins) as detrimental to speech giving.    It’s probably time for a corrective blog, especially after my “Imagine there’s no PowerPoint” spoof of last week.    Let’s be clear.    Slides, done right, can greatly strengthen a presentation. 

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Where Is the Future of Social Media Marketing? [Research] | ClickZ

Content Marketing Today

In today’s online world, mass can be reached in months, not years. For proof, all you have to do is look at Pinterest’s explosion over the last six months, becoming the fastest standalone site to surpass the 10 million unique monthly visitors mark. So why haven’t location-based social networks had this kind of explosive growth?

Accept Applause but Don’t Expect It

Manner of Speaking

Seth Godin is the author of several books about “marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect” They are bestsellers. His blog is one of my favourites and I highly recommend it. His Squidoo Lens is also worth a look. Isn’t it a key part of the experience? The louder, the better, I say!