January, 2010

6 presentation tips from a professional speaker

Speaking about Presenting

Scott Berkun speaking at the Web2.0 Expo 2009. Photo by James Duncan Davidson. Scott Berkun’s book Confessions of a public speaker is an entertaining and enlightening read on what it what it takes, and what it’s like, to be a professional speaker.

Public Speaking Lessons – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Matt Eventoff

Today we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a leader, a visionary and a hero. He was also one of the greatest communicators of the past century. Dr. King was always relentlessly on message, and always spoke with passion and energy. This clip is important for a number of reasons.

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Avoid making the big mistakes - what the Minnesota Vikings can teach us about public speaking

Dahle Communication

 Growing up in eastern South Dakota means one thing when it comes to professional sports - we usually follow the Minnesota teams.

Improve your slide design by trying layout variations

PowerPoint Tips

In my “Create an Outstanding Presentation&# workshops and self-study course , I teach four layouts that always look good. I taught them again recently in a presentation skills class for college students. I find that many presenters who create their own slides struggle with slide design.

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Presentations: 5 Boring Behaviors and How to Fix Them

Professionally Speaking...

I'm pretty sure that no one sets out to give a boring presentation. Yet why do so many presentations end up that way?

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Concise and effective messages – GroupWise confuses the reader

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Just before I went on Christmas leave, I tried to set-up an out of office at one of my clients (where I have an email address). I am used to setting it up in Outlook, which is a very simple procedure. However this client is running a rather old version of GroupWise (v7).

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How to handle a texting audience

Speaking about Presenting

A reader asked me this question: Some of us who are 45+ are finding that younger people text and use computers during presentations to the point of rudeness. This happens even when others in the presentation give great evaluations.

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Tiger still hasn't learned anything - maybe I can help him

Dahle Communication

 Last month I talked about how quickly Tiger Woods destroyed his brand image with his actions. In that post I stated: In today's world of instant news, gossip dominates coverage (which I despise) and videos go "viral" - events can change the way we look at something in an instant.

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How to keep your audience’s attention

PowerPoint Tips

Chris Atherton (and more about her here ) has a great blog post on how to give a presentation that keeps your audience’s attention. It’s from the angle of student presentations (she’s a college lecturer), but the points apply to any presenter. Dr. Atherton’s research.

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Presentation Resolutions: Embrace Technology

Professionally Speaking...

Although we only have three hundred and forty-four days left in 2010, I, for one, don't think it's too late to create some New Year's resolutions for the year.

My Thoughts On the iPad

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

I’m sure by now, you’ve read enough about the iPad to think, “oh, come on, not another article about that thing.&# Granted, the hype and rumors got completely out of hand. Contrary to the Windows zealots around me, they weren’t all fed by Apple.

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What’s my best presentation tip for the presentations that you do?

Speaking about Presenting

Every type of presentation has its own challenges. As part of a “Public Speaking and the New Year” blog carnival organized by Angela de Finis, I’ve identified what I see as the major challenge or trend for each presentation type in 2010 and given you my best presentation tip to overcome it.

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Fear Public Speaking? No More!

Matt Eventoff

Man, I wish it was that easy. I speak publicly often, and I still get nervous prior to every speech or presentation. Every single one. That being said, I’m in pretty good company — it has been noted that Sir Winston Churchill and President Lincoln also got quite anxious prior to speaking publicly. Unfortunately, no matter how many books, courses, DVDs, websites or snake oil salesmen promise to “cure&# you of your fear of public speaking, it is never that simple, or that easy.

Guest Post: Joey Asher from Speechworks - Public Speaking Tips From my Dog Balou

Dahle Communication

One of the benefits of having this blog has been getting to know various people around the world that I never would have met before. The following post comes from Joey Asher from Speechworks.    Public Speaking Tips from my Dog Balou.  By Joey Asher, President Speechworks.

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Four lessons for speakers -- from Broadway

Speak Schmeak

Download audio here. I saw the musical Avenue Q last night, and while I found it entertaining, original and funny, I also found some lessons for speakers! It's okay to have help In Avenue Q , the puppets are handheld on stage by the actors who play them.

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Winning entry in the Shadows contest

PowerPoint Tips

In my blog post, “ Add drama with PowerPoint 2007’s shadows ,&# I had a contest for the best 3 entries. I got permission to show you the entry of the 1st place winner, John Sanders, so here it is.

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Managing Your Image Library

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

As we design more and more slide decks, we inevitably create or consume an ever greater number of images, whether they’re photographs, icons, or whatever. The problem is, however, it becomes a problem keeping track of them all on your hard drive.

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What you need to know before using a cartoon in your presentation

Speaking about Presenting

I was reviewing a technical presentation for a client. The topic was the latest dental procedures. Every few slides a cartoon popped up. Cartoons about people with bad teeth. They were tangentially relevant to the topic of the presentation – but didn’t help to promote the message of the presentation.

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Speaking Out

Our mission is to provide you with a complete range of services to meet your speaking needs

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Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie, Robert Downey Jr. and Style

Dahle Communication

 I love a good movie. A movie that not only entertains, but is intelligent and witty or has great action scenes and special effects. Most movies give you one one or the other - never both.

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Presenting in the dark. Literally.

Speak Schmeak

Download audio here. Every time I give a presentation or attend one, I secretly hope there's some sort of incident or issue that arises for me to write about here on Speak Schmeak. Well, I certainly got my wish last night.

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Acting: What Do You Want to Become and Be-Comfortable.

Speaking Freely

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Fostering Creativity

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

In this article, I’m going to explore how the culture of the workplace can impact the value of our creative work. This not only applies to IT shops, but everywhere, including of course, presentation slide design.

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Presentation Tip: Get a Voice Coach

Professionally Speaking...

"A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished." Margaret Atwood. In our everyday lives, we take our voices for granted. We don't think about producing sound. When we open our mouths to speak, we are confident that sound will come out. As presenters we need to consider more than just making sound. We need to consider how our sound sounds -- the quality of our audio.

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Add drama with PowerPoint 2007’s shadows

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint 2007’s shadows are so much better than 2003’s. In this video lesson, I show you how to use all the settings. And it’s a contest with free prizes! Listen to the video! Do you prefer video lessons to text lessons? Sometimes, one if more appropriate than the other because of the content, but in general, which do you prefer?

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One Year Down - A review of my favorites

Dahle Communication

 One year ago today I published my first post on communication here at Dahle Communication. I wasn't quite sure how much I was going to be able to spend posting articles or what I would talk about all of those times.

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How I lost it and got it back again -- and how you can, too. Part 1

Speak Schmeak

Download audio here. A year ago today I lost it. I became so overwhelmed with panic that, after several hours of trying every trick I knew to thwart it (including trying to watch the movie Amélie -- who could have a panic attack in the middle of Amélie?),

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How to Send the Wrong Message

Matt Eventoff

The New York Post reported today that John Liu, New York City’s newly elected Comptroller, has instituted a new policy … drum roll please… and the new policy is: “New York City’s new comptroller, John Liu , has ordered his staff to rise whenever he enters the room and to address him as “Mr. Comptroller.&#.

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YouTube Launches Limited HTML5 Support

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

via techcrunch.com. Hopefully, this is the opening salvo in what will mean the end of plug-in driven sites using Flash and Silverlight. Flash leaks memory like a colander and Silverlight is just another means for Microsoft to try to turn the web into its own proprietary playground. ENOUGH!!!

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Speaking of Telling Stories in the Executive Suite

DeFinis Communications

I have been working with a client in our Executive Immersion program and am once again reminded of the critical role that stories play in executive effectiveness. My client is working hard to develop a communication approach that balances IQ and EQ —that is, using intellectual, analytical, problem solving tactics combined with an ability to manage and integrate a range of emotions in all forms of communication.

Resource for free sounds and sound effects

PowerPoint Tips

The Freesound Project is a web site that collects sounds and sound effects (not music) that are available under Creative Commons licensing, and therefore free and legal for anyone to use. It’s also a community; you can register and upload your own sounds for sharing. At the top right, enter a term in the Search box. For example, try entering thunder or bell , and you’ll find lots of options.

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5 Ways to Make PowerPoint Sing! (And Dance!)

Duarte Blog

When if comes to software, bells and whistles are great! If you don’t know how to use them. Working in PowerPoint every day, we’ve learned a few tricks.

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What's your excuse?

Speak Schmeak

Download audio here. I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago on how to practice your public speaking at work. Comments included the following excuses (paraphrased): "I gave a report once and they stole my idea." It's really hard to change." "We

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Presentation Skills for Executives

Professionally Speaking...

Good presentation skills are good presentation skills, no matter what position or title you hold.right? Well, yes.and no. While it's certainly true that there are many foundational best practices for effective presentations that are applicable for everyone, once you reach an executive level in your organization, there are a few necessary tweaks to adopt. EXECUTIVE TWEAKS.

What I’d Like In An iPhone Twitter App

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

As someone who loves competition because of the benefits to the consumer, I have not only a Twitter account, but also one on Identi.ca. However, posting to both at the same time can be a chore with Ping.fm’s web interface. Tweetie is a great Twitter app, but all it does is Twitter.

Sorry to have to ask. Will you please stop apologizing?

DeFinis Communications

I recently had lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time. It was a wonderful reunion and great to catch up with her. As we sat and talked I realized that my friend spent a great deal of time apologizing. Once I heard this pattern emerge I listened more carefully. Here’s what she said: “I’m sorry to tell you this.” This might not be something you want to hear.” “I’m sorry, I know this sounds silly.” “I know you’ll think I’m nuts.” “Please don’t think I’m crazy.”

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Presentation: 9 ways to live better, longer, happier

Presentation Zen

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope 2010 is a healthy and meaningful one for you all. The new year is a time of new beginnings and promises to ourselves to be better in our personal and professional lives (It's also a time to visit the local shrine here in Japan).

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