Wed.Jul 14, 2021

Stop hiding [part 2]

Speak Schmeak

"Forgive the no-makeup face!" Please don’t judge the 'fresh face.'" "Ignore the no-makeup morning face." Forgive the 'I work from home' messy bun and lack of makeup." Have you apologized for your appearance on social media? This is a picture I deleted the other day instead of posting.

A Lesson from the Colosseum

Manner of Speaking

In June 2021, I took a stroll around Colosseum in Rome, Italy. I was in Rome because I had speaking engagements there and, a few days later, in Turin – my first in-person events in almost a year because of the pandemic.


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Telling People What You Do.

Speak and Deliver

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Present Your Tableau Analysis in PowerPoint


Presenting complex data in simple and understandable ways is one of the challenges presenters face when building their own Presentation Dashboards.