Thu.Jul 15, 2021

Stop hiding [part 3]

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Remember last year, when no one could get their hair cut or colored professionally? There was a huge panic among women.especially around those silver roots?????????. Remember what happened? Thousands, maybe millions, of women went natural!

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Elevate Your Personal Brand with Kiirsten May

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Do you know what it takes to create a brand that targets your audience? Join me to hear Kiirsten May of UpHouse share strategies that will help you decide if you’re on the right track. The post Elevate Your Personal Brand with Kiirsten May appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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6 Ways to Crush Your Remote Sales Presentations


As a salesperson, you must be used to giving presentations. But in this pandemic-led ‘work from home’ scenario, it’s a little harder to sustain your remote audience’s interest. After all, research shows that people’s attention doesn’t go beyond the 10/15-minute mark.

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