Mon.Dec 02, 2019

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Here's a more positive view for communication majors. link] [link

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Zhooshing up your business language with made-up or unusual words

More than PowerPoint...

“Zhoosh” It’s a word that’s fun to say, but hard to spell. It has its roots in Polari, the slang language of low creative and underground subcultures. And yet, I used the word “zhoosh” in a client work email last month. Was I being professional?

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Freelance writing world continues to change, not always for the better

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Never have so many words been written by so many people. Never have so many, not all, writers been paid so little. Yes folks, the freelance writing world continues to change. And not always for the better. The Internet is kicking … Continue reading →

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"The Good Doctor" - Shaun, His Dying Father, and Passive Mother Inspect Old Wounds

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In tonight's soul-wrenching episode of "The Good Doctor" Shaun Murphy makes the leap into emotional complexity. He learns that his father is dying and wants to talk with him. Finally, through endless conversations with those on his support system, Shaun agrees to return to his hometown. 

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From the Schladetzky House to Hiding Under Desks During Cold War - Illusion of Safety

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The divorce was final. Kjersten E. Schladetzky and her two young sons probably felt "safe" from whatever the undertow had been. That assumption was wrong, dead wrong. All three were murdered by David Schladetzky, who after a standoff with police, committed suicide. 

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