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Pauses in a speech: Why, when and how

Manner of Speaking

A STORY FROM SPAIN Pauses aren’t easy. I teach public speaking and presentation skills at a few Executive MBA Programmes in Switzerland and Spain. A few years ago, I was teaching a class at IESE in Barcelona.

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A Good Presentation Needs Structure

Presentation Guru

When you deliver a presentation, you know what you want to say but your audience doesn’t. It’s like you are on one side of a body of water and your audience is on the other. Your goal is to get the audience across to your side; your presentation is the bridge that will help them do just that.…

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The Communication Blog - Untitled Article

The Communication Blog

Here is a sobering report on the five college majors students most regret. Unfortunately, communication is one of them with 27% of students regretting their selecting communication as a major--with the most common complaint that it was too general. link] [link]. communication as a major communication students studying communication

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50+ PowerPoint Design Tips and Tricks Every Beginner and Expert Should Know


What are some smart PowerPoint tips that can help me ace my next presentation? If a similar query has brought you here, then this would probably be the last guide that you will read. PowerPoint by Microsoft is the most popular tool to create all sorts of presentations.

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English Most Regretted College Major (Source: ZipRecruiter)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

ZipRecruiter surveyed 5,225 college graduates who were searching for jobs. Among them, the major they most regretted spending four years studying was English.

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"Over-Partied" - Term Could Become Buzzword, Result of Dylan Hernandez Tragedy

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Dylan Hernandez might be yet another victim of the fraternity ethos of what we think of as "hard partying." " At Phi Gamma Delta, a frat based at San Diego State University, freshman Hernandez was in the process of pledging. At one activity he fell ill.

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Facebook Pay - Will This Be Slow to Launch?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Targeted directly at Venmo, whose parent is PayPal, Facebook Pay will launch this week in the U.S. Initially that will be restricted to Facebook and Messenger. Essentially, Facebook Pay is a platform for the transmission of funds.

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Movin' on Up - Playing Out the American Dream in Retirement

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Downsizing is not the only trend among retirees who relocate. MarketWatch reports on the uptick in those who use the retirement-relocation transition to trade up in housing. That might take the form of purchasing more square footage for a primary residence where they move.

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