Mon.Nov 04, 2019

UBER Q3 $1.16 Billion Loss - End of Era of Rapid Growth/No Profit Business Model

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

First, WeWork. Now this. For this fiscal year so far, UBER has lost $7 billion. For Q3, the loss announced today was $1.15 billion. Here are more details from MarketWatch. No question, investors are losing patience. The business model of rapid growth/no profit no longer is attracting believers.

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How to transform presentation content into video social media posts

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Here’s a question about presentations and videos I started to get a lot last month. I’ll paraphrase it: Hey Laura. How do you do those square, short, silent little videos that you share on LinkedIn and Twitter? The answer is: really easily! I use a tool called Canva.

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Give the World a Trike

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It was bravado. But, part of me believed it at the time I purchased the trike (adult tricycle) at  Wersell Bike Shop , Toledo, Ohio.    I  had  to believe that three-wheel contraption could really get me, an over-50, everyplace I wanted to go.

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Why do Christians consider all Gods but their God to be fiction?

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Ask any Christian if they believe that the Greek and Roman gods were real and they would laugh. “Of course not,” they’d say. “Those gods were myths.” ” Ask them if they believed in the ancient Celtic or Aztec gods and … Continue reading →

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Power Players at Work - Does Threat of Financial Penalties Just Make Them Smirk?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Law firms Jones Day and DLA Piper are high profile in the media for alleged bad behavior by its power players.    Meanwhile, law firm Freshfields is taking steps to prevent that by locking in at the front end a financial penalty for misconduct. If an internal investigation is launched, 20% can be siphoned off from the lawyer's annual profit sharing that year.

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Managing the Battle of Your Internal vs External Whys

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Daylight Saving Time DST Inspiration Motivation Self-Esteem Success What's Your Why Why

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