Fri.Nov 27, 2020

10 Smart Ways to Wrap-Up Your Presentation


A Motivational Tale that Reflects Your Key Message 2. Propel the Audience into Action with a Powerful Quote 3. A Surprise Fact or Statistic 4. A Rhetorical Question 5. Inspire with a Powerful Visual 6. A Running Clock 7. Wind Up with a Summary 8. Finish It With a Call to Action (CTA) 9. […].

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Thesis Statement Examples


The complexity and requirements of a thesis or dissertation can vary according to the university, program or even country you are studying in.

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8 Must-Use Tactics to Get ROI from Your Sponsorship/Exhibitor Presentation

SpeakerSue Says...

Sponsors and exhibitors! You are boring your buyers to death!! This week I watched eight sponsors totally waste their organization’s money by presenting their product/service/themselves in the worst possible way. Each: #1. started by introducing him/herself (even though credentials were shown under their video). #2. used a deck filled with slides with too many words, boring photos, and nothing that told a compelling story. #3.

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