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Anatomy of landing a client on the Web

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About 70% of my new training and writing gigs come to me through my website. The rest are from referrals or my marketing.) Recently, I wrote a business letter for a client in Russia who is trying to land distribution deal with an American company. Other writers have asked me how a client from Russian [.]. Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEO writing for the web

When and How to Use Props in Your Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

Props Props have the sensory appealof making your presentation more visually pleasing and different. Difference iswhat interests us and what we tend to remember. Forexample, if you travelled to work today – the same as always – you tended not tonotice things nor remember anything specific.

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Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue

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If you are a die-hard fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, you might remember a time when the team actually won the Stanley Cup every now and then … and if you remember the last time, 40+ years ago, you might remember how you emulated your favorite Leafs player and aspired to be him … [.]. My Books creative writing Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue Johnny Bower Toronto Maple Leafs

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Whistleblowers, from Sherron Watkins to Joe Muto: Trying to make investment sense of all that

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Why do some unhappy employees blow the whistle and some don't and what are the implications for the value of the company?    Years ago there was Sherron Watkins.    Yesterday and today there is Joe Muto.

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Militant verb-avoidance in Miliband's latest speech

Max Atkinson

In the internet age, we can often can read a speech, free from any 'embargo', before it's actually been given - as with one we'll be hearing from Ed Miliband later today (posted on Politics Home at 9.53 this morning). One thing that struck me about it was that there were rather a lot of sequences without any verbs, a practice pioneered in some of Tony Blair's early leader's speeches to the Labour Party Conference. But I'm no more convinced by it now than I was then.

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Ashley Judd claims society has “Hatred of Women”

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Analysis Media News Ashley Judd TJ Walker women

Sony as Schumpterian

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Distressed company Sony  is taking the Schumpterian road more traveled.    Like Yahoo it is eliminating lots of jobs as it tries to become relevant again in a digital age.    Only its cuts, at least the ones announced so far, number 10,000.

Foster Friess “I hope his (Obama) teleprompters are bullet-proof”

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Media News Politics Foster Friess President obama Teleprompter

Newt Gingrich Stiffs Larry Scheffler for $7500

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Media News Politics $7500 Larry Scheffler newt gingrich

Rep Allen West Says US House Is Filled With Communists

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Media News Politics Allen West Communism Congress

Amazon to Cut E-book Prices

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Media News Politics amazon Attorney General E-book

Mike Bloomberg: Self-defense Laws are “License to Kill”

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Media News Politics License to Kill Mayor Bloomberg

Hilary Rosen on Ann Romney “She never worked a day in her life”

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Media News Politics ann romney Hilary Rosen work