Tue.Sep 07, 2021

5 Tips for Succeeding as a Professional Speaker During Uncertain Times

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We are nearly two years into this pandemic, and it feels like every time we take two steps forward, we end up taking three steps backward. We’ve fought our way through the COVID blues and are battling them again as we head into yet another wave of shutdowns.

The Sales Process Decoded: Main Steps and Responsibilities Explained


Since the dawn of time, sellers and buyers have engaged in a negotiation process before any values changed hands. On the surface level, every sales transaction looks unique.

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How To Prepare and Deliver a Business Case Presentation


No matter how junior or senior an individual is in an organization, there will always be times when they need to convince others why they should fund them, choose them, or do anything else they want them to do. Sometimes an informal, but convincing, argument is enough. Often, it isn’t.