Fri.Feb 12, 2021

“Kitty” section from Chronic: A Sick Novel

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Having grown up with cats, I am biased, but this short excerpt is one of my favorite sections from Chronic: A Sick Novel, a book about four folks with different maladies who live together. The character named Paul has MS, … Continue reading →

A Guide to Organizational Change Management for Leaders


Nearly 7 in 10 business leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis in the past 5 years — with the average number of crises, handled by them being three. And that’s even before 2020 has rolled it.


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Feb 12 - Win Anyway Life - Are You Finishing Your Week, or Starting Your.

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Do people tell us the truth about why they don’t buy from us? When they tell us, often they say “price,” but what they mean is “you.” You’re the reason I went “in another direction.”. Harsh? Please know I include myself in that word. We sabotage our own success when we think our clients and prospects only want answers. They also want (and need) emotional certainty. The buyer is always thinking, “Can I, should I stake my happiness, success, reputation on you?”

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