Sun.Sep 24, 2017

Communication requires presence: Why I won't have a meeting with you while driving

Speak Schmeak

For those of you who are of the opinion that talking on the phone while driving (sometimes with yelling or fighting kids in the back seat) makes more effective or productive use of your time, I doubt you'll change your habits after this one post.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 262) – Seth Godin

Manner of Speaking

“Remember, the presentation is to make an emotional sale. The document is the proof that helps the intellectuals in your audience accept the idea that you’ve sold them on emotionally.” ” — Seth Godin. Quotes for Public Speakers Emotion Pathos public speaking Public Speaking Quotations quotes Seth Godin

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We Were Special - A Very Different Time

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It was still the era when the ethos was: The more education the better. That was the second half of the 1960s. The best and brightest college seniors headed for two doors: law school or graduate school. Throughout that year, the buzz was all about where we were admitted.

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Youngstown, OH & Jersey City, NJ - The Tale of Two Cities

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Last week, with great fanfare, the media in the Youngstown, Ohio Metro area focused on the day the first major steel mill made the big layoff. In watering holes, that's still the topic of conversation: the glorious past.

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Big Lots, Boardman, OH - Sending Very Wrong Message

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This afternoon, it had been 92 degrees in Eastern Ohio.    Those of us who still do brick & mortar were in for a nasty surprise. Not only are retailers already over-stocking Halloween merchandise. The Big Lots in Boardman, OH actually has the front of the left hand side of the massive store jam packed with Christmas decorations.    That sent me the message: We don't give a damn about your experience in our shop. No, we just fill each square inch with whatever.