Sun.Feb 26, 2012

Are all animals right or left handed?

Max Atkinson

Now for something completely different - a video sequel to Basil's Book Launch plus a question for zoologists, ethologists or anyone else who might know about such important matters.

Rhetorical Devices: Anadiplosis

Manner of Speaking

This post is part of a series on rhetoric and rhetorical devices. For other posts in the series, please click this link. Device : Anadiplosis. Origin : From the Greek ??????????? anathiplosis), meaning “doubling” or “folding” In plain English: Beginning a sentence or clause by repeating the last word or words of the previous sentence or clause. Effect: Repetition of the words adds rhythm and cadence. The repeated words are emphasized.

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NORWALK HOUR: Good newspaper news in CT

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Finally some good news on the newspaper front.    MEDIABISTRO.COM reports that at the NORWALK HOUR members of the Newspaper Guild and the newspaper have come to a tentative contract agreement. 

Observational Humor — Case Study #77

Humor Power

Here is another Observational Humor monologue and an analysis of what makes the humor work. THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.). The theme for the meeting was Political Caucus. A member presented an impromptu speech loaded with innuendo. He played with the word CAUCUS making sexual innuendo links.

AOL/Starboard Value Flap: No safe harbour in media jobs

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Not that jobs in media were ever secure.    However, with all the volatility generated by technology, they are less secure + increasingly there's no place to go after the ax falls. That's exactly what could happen if hedge fund Starboard Value gets its way at AOL.