Wed.Jan 11, 2012

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Interview with Olivia Mitchell

Duarte Blog

I know you struggled as a presenter for a long time. Can you talk a little bit about what that journey has been like to transform yourself? It’s sad.

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How to Say More Than Words

Pivotal Public Speaking

The study of vocalics or paralanguage deals with the non-verbal qualities of speech. These qualities include pitch, amplitude, rate, and voice quality. Linguists argue that the way in which a person says something often means more than the actual words being spoken. Read more => [link]. voice in public speaking

Gearing up for that really big talk: 6 smart speaker considerations

The Eloquent Woman

Congratulations! You've been asked to give a big, high-profile talk, that career-changing speaking opportunity you've been waiting for. Now what? Big talks--whether the "big" part is the impact of your words, the size of the audience or the prestige of the venue--deserve a higher level of planning on the part of the smart speaker. Can't do that?

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When More is Less: The Presenter's Paradox


Sometimes, more really is less. A study released last month revealed that gift givers tended to believe that giving more would always be perceived by the receiver in a more positive light than receiving less. Not so fast, researchers say. This happens because recipients tend to follow “an averaging strategy.” Research suggests otherwise.

Three vital presentation lessons learned…from a walk in the woods

More than PowerPoint...

For close to two decades, I take an almost-daily walk near my office. It helps the creative process to get out and clear my head. Curses! Case closed.

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Blogs for Communication Majors

The Communication Blog

Here's an excellent collection of 50 blogs that will prove valuable for communication majors or for anyone interested in communication. I can see this type of thing being used in a public speaking course--each student would select one blog and report on it in a simple informative speech. link]. communication blogs blogs in communication

Smartphones: Consumer Eco Apps

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

You asked for more on sustainability from technology reporter Bari Faye Siegel.    By Bari Faye Siegel. They own it.  

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Harness the Power of change to Keep your audience engaged.

Pivotal Public Speaking

People notice change. You notice the hum of the air-conditioner when it comes on and when it goes off – but not in between. So change will re-engage in your presentations as well. Change what the audience sees of you and your environment. Change your stance and gestures. Change your position and location to emphasis a point. Use silence and pauses.

Institutions: Do they eat their young

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Does working in an institution, such as THE NEW YORK TIMES, put constraints on talent, as well as even basic accomplishment? 

Is it Fair to Quote Mitt Romney on “Firing?”

TJ Walker Interactive

There is a great deal of nonsense surround the fairness of quoting Mitt Romney saying “I like to be able to fire people.” Romney defenders scream that this quote is taken out of context and is horrifically unfair. But every quote in every newspaper, TV newscast and political ad is “taken out of context.” It [.].

"Downton Abbey" - Did such an orderly world ever exist

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The PBS British import "Downton Abbey" has taken America over.   Servants, who "knew their place," served those meals. 

Viagra-Ad Spoof: Tactic leveraged in lawyer's presentation about tax regulations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In its marketing, the legal sector is not known for great performance art.  That's the low end.  Clearly, Abendroth got attention.