Tue.Aug 15, 2017

So You Want to be a Presentation Designer?

Presentation Guru

What’s Your Goal? When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I had the idea of creating a little business sideline that would bring in some extra cash and afford us some nice holidays overseas.

Charlottesville - Theatre of Boston Tea Party

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The violence at Charlottesville resonates. Three days afterward it is still a front-page story in the media. And, it can be the game-changer America needs in blowing up the hate memes.

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Moving Beyond Time Management to Life by Design

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Are you running your business or is your business running you? If you are anything like me, you value freedom. Freedom to choose how you want to spend your time. Freedom to spend that time with the people you love, doing things that make you happy. Of course, there are times in our business where […]. The post Moving Beyond Time Management to Life by Design appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Mental Health Days - What We Self-Employed Already Have Down Cold

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that employers are paying attention to the mental health of their team. Mental health days or even a bit of time off to heal will supposedly carry less stigma. Maybe. Time will tell.

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4 tips on PowerPoint

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Use PowerPoint to enhance your presentations, not as a substitute for poor presentations. Create your content first, and then create the visuals. Creating slides is far more fun that creating good content; don’t fall into the trap of creating great slides that support a weak message. Budget your time. Allocate a set amount of time to create the slides, and budget that across all the slides you need.

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Choose Your Friends Wisely - HBO Producer Marc Henry Johnson Goes to Prison in OD Death of MD Pal

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Choose your friends wisely. That might have been what US District Court Judge Jesse Furman advised brandname HBO producer Marc Henry Johnson. Johnson had as a friend medical doctor Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny. As part of her double life, she went into Manhattan to party with drugs. One night Cerveny ODed outside Johnson's drug dealer's apartment in Greenwich Village. According to the court, essentially he left her there to die. He did, however, call 911 and he did wait for the paramedics.