Wed.May 17, 2017

Toastmasters International Announces Founder of Freedom Writers Foundation as its 2017 Golden Gavel Recipient

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Toastmasters International announced today that world-renowned speaker and educator Erin Gruwell is the recipient of the organization’s 2017 Golden Gavel award.

Drudge Report's Triple Headline - 2 Anti-Trump, 1 Smirks at Putin's Statement that Trump Didn't Pass along Intel

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The Trump Report isn't missing out on any of the possible traffic generated by the multiple Trumpgates + Impeachment Talk. The conservative digital-only news site posts a triple headline. None are pro-Donald Trump. Months ago, Matt Drudge broke away from being a Trump cheerleader. Smart.

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Introducing Prezi Next

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Prezi have launched a new Prezi platform called Prezi Next. It’s totally separate from the original, which is now called Prezi Classic. You can choose to use either platform and will always have access to the Prezi Classic presentations you’ve already created.

UK Bookmakers - Majority of Bets on Trump's Leaving White House During 1st Term

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In the UK there is a wagering niche devoted to politics. Elections are a big part of that. But, more recently, the betting money has been put on whether or not U.S. president Donald Trump will finish out his first term in the White House.

Children Who Walk, Talk, Smirk & Kill Like Psychopaths - Some Are Being Helped

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A classic on "Criminal Minds" has been the two-part episode about the Prince of Darkness. In itself that programming raised the legal and ethical issues of what should be done with juveniles who demonstrate psychopathic attributes.

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Legal Brief Writers on Court Proceedings, D.C.

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