Wed.Sep 20, 2017

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September is #LibraryCardSignUp Month. If you don’t already own a card for your local public library, get one now. Then get cards for major libraries throughout the country. You don’t have to be a resident of Philadelphia to apply for a card at Philly’s terrific Free Library.

Crowdfunding - New No-Tech Version for U.K. Wedding

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Crowdfunding has many forms. This one, developed in the U.K. for a wedding, is no-tech. Here is the coverage from Daily Mail. The groom Ben Farina and the bride Clare Moran have positioned and packaged that special event as a three-day holiday at a posh resort. To participate in the fun each of the 60 adult guests will be ponying up 150 pounds and each of the 20 children 50 pounds. Each pound is equivalent to 1.3484 U.S. dollars. The couple consider their arrangement a type of business model.

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That Mid-Life Crisis - Even Scott Turow Can't Make It Cool Again

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On Abovethelaw , lawyer-journalist Kathryn Rubino reminds us of the existence of the International Criminal Court. It's based in the Hague, in the Netherlands, and 124 nations belong. One-Burundi-has dropped out.    The ICC is most well-known for the investigation of Nazi war crimes.

"Roe v. Wade" - Time Passes

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Usually the philosophical stances of the prosecutors on "Law & Order" were predictable. Not in today's re-run. The crime was the murder of an abortion medical doctor who performed late-term abortions. In New York, at that time, they were legal.

Megyn Kelly - When Success Formula of Past Become Platform for Failure in the Present

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In Vanity Fair , Sarah Ellison describes Megyn Kelly's presentation style on TV as "litigious cross examination." " And, that's a major reason why the powers that be as well as the rank and file at NBC are holding their breaths. On September 25th, Kelly takes over the 9:00 A.M.