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Sharpen your Skype, conference call & Hangout speaking skills: 8 tools

The Eloquent Woman

And let's face it: Most of us do our "public speaking" in these kinds of meetings. What guides your videoconferences? Saving that Skype?

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Steeplechase presenting? Try trick-jumps

The Presenter's Blog

Easter Sunday at our local church started with a 7:00 a.m. service; the first of five Easter services for the Reverend Louise; three in the morning, and two in the afternoon. For a busy Vicar, Easter Sunday must feel like a steeplechase. As presenters, our world is sometimes the same. By approaching something with a beginners mind, we keep it alive.

Why Presentations Are Doomed to Fail

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

When you’re standing up in front of a group of people ready to give a modern business presentation, your ancient instincts take over.    Honed over a million years of evolution, your body says to itself I’m in danger!    I must be prepared! thanks to your ancestors’ battles of survival of the fittest from the cave person era.

Interview – Cynthia Klein: Speaker, Educator, Author

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Since 1994, Cynthia Klein has been guiding parents to creating happy and healthy families. As a speaker to over three hundred groups, Cynthia has given parents the tools and confidence to improve their family dynamics. Her presentations are interactive, highly visual and easy for parents to apply to their own family situations.

Who Will Mitt Romney Select as his VP Running Mate?

TJ Walker Interactive

Mitt Romney has slim pickens when it comes to selecting a running mate. Former party leaders who ran on the national ticket like Bob Dole, Dick Cheney, Jack Kemp or John McCain or either too old or dead. And let’s face it, the crop of GOP candidates this year from Herman Cain to Michele Bachmann [.].

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Preacher Tim Tebow Speaks Before Thousands

TJ Walker Interactive

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Coding Those Internal Programs: Why did it take 8 years?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It was 8 years ago that I drove to Salem, Massachusetts and broke open to a old-world prophet who had made a life among the witches and wizards.

Bill Cosby Blames Trayvon Martin Case on Guns

TJ Walker Interactive

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Mattel Is Back: Kate & William Barbie dolls sell out

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As we learned in those business courses we took, a good idea + brilliant execution are often all it takes to produce a market homerun. 

Quotations by lawyers

Joan Detz Speaker Services

I was asked to recommend a good resource for quotations by lawyers. Here it is: The Quotable Lawyer (by Shrager and Frost), published by Facts on File. The bibliography is excellent. Another good resource: The Bully Pulpit (by Frost), published by Facts on File. Outstanding collection of quotes by U.S. presidents (many of whom were lawyers

Fundraising: AOL selling $1 billion in patents to Microsoft

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Troubled AOL now has more money to fund its turnaround.  Current Affairs Web/Tech

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Apple: The end is near

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The Schumpeterians among us knew all along that the Cult of Apple couldn't last.    Nothing does, at least not in a prevailing form.