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Facial Expressions Matter When Presenting, Here’s Why

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About 8 years ago, while visiting my parents in New Jersey for the weekend, I got bored enough to peruse my mother’s Prevention magazine. Actress Amy Brenneman of ABC’s “Private Practice” was being interviewed on her beauty secrets. Boring.

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Find Success as a Professional Speaker by Coming Off the Island

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Being a professional speaker and running a speaking business can be a lonely adventure. You may feel at times as if you are all alone trying to figure out what steps to take next and how to move forward without making significant mistakes. Here’s the thing – if you want to find success as a […]. The post Find Success as a Professional Speaker by Coming Off the Island appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Travelling Presentation Coach? Here’s All the Kit You Need

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In this article, Jim Harvey explains the equipment that he takes with him all over the world when he’s speaking, training or presentation coaching. Jim has also created a page on Amazon where you can see a selection of all of these devices to buy if you want to do that. … Hardware Mobile & Tablet Technology featured preparation Presentation Hardware presentation technology Technical Problems Video

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Vendors to Law Firms - The Millennial Client

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Baby boomer and silent gen law partners are resisting retirement. After all, funding decades of living without earned income from work is scary. Also, as is obvious, leaving the workforce turns professionals invisible. This is capitalism and human beings are their jobs.

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Details. careers

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Rajat Gupta, Steve Cohen - Not Crushing It in Comeback Struggle

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The ruling in "U.S. Neman" redefined "insider trading" in a way that let Michael Steinberg off the hook. He had been an employee at Steve Cohen's SAC, which has since be shut down. In his aggressive pursuit of being declared innocent of insider trading former McKinsey head Rajat Gupta hand appealed his conviction the Second Circuit ("Gupta v. "). That relied on an interpretation of "U.S. Neuman" and contended the jury instructions were in error.

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