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What Should You Wear for that Important Speech?

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If a women dresses in masculine clothes, she’s more likely to be hired.    A teaching assistant who dresses up will be taken more seriously than one who dresses down.    The clothes make the woman and the man.    We’ve known these things intuitively for a long time, and studies have proved them.    08.

Do you talk yourself out of public speaking--or say yes to opportunity?

The Eloquent Woman

So many readers have observed that they see too few women as speakers on conference programs that I've begun asking meeting organizers: Do you have trouble finding women speakers, and why? The answer that surprised me most when I first heard it from a female meeting manager was "We make a point of identifying women speakers.

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Award-winning filmmaker Lou Douros plans a sequel on whale entanglement. Let’s help!

Duarte Blog

I love knowing people that have so much passion, they MAKE their dreams come true. You can help by donating, or reposting the link to get the word out!

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Do you open your email the right way?

SpeakerSue Says...

Here is a quick tip: It takes about a second to start an email with a greeting. Instead of just writing, Sue-”, try: Hi Sue, Good morning Sue, Hello Sue, Good day Sue. If your company is a more conservative or luxury brand (particularly if you appeal to an older demographic), then go for: Dear Sue. I appreciate that, Sue. Thanks, Sue!

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