Fri.Feb 19, 2021

Feb 18 - WinAnyway LIVE - Thursday's Blah Day

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Amputation Prosthetic Tired


10/20/30 PowerPoint Rule: Relevant or Irrelevant?


You may have attended several meetings and conferences and have seen several speakers using different presentation formats. And after attending these presentations, you might be wondering how a perfect PowerPoint presentation looks like. Does that sound familiar?


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Feb 19 - WinAnyway LIVE - Ah Ha Friday

Speak and Deliver

Attitude Choice Opportunity Prosthetic


3 Tips to Connect with Virtual Buyers

SpeakerSue Says...

It was so embarrassing! I clicked on my camera and could see the “decorations” my 3-year old granddaughter had placed on the table behind my desk. Lined up proudly, in full view, were Barbie, Catboy, wooden giraffe, Jasmin and an elephant. All just behind my right shoulder. I quickly tossed them out of video image and started admitting people to the webinar. What do YOUR viewers see?

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