Thu.Nov 07, 2019

Where to Find the Money in Speaking with Jane Atkinson

Speaker Launcher

Recently, one of my private coaching clients shared that somebody told him “there is no money in speaking”. And I thought about that for a minute. And I’m like, what, what do you mean there’s no money in speaking?

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How to Use Two Factor Theory to Improve Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has finally come to the forefront of the business world. A motivated, healthy and committed workforce is key to effectively scaling your business. Businesses with engaged employees enjoy lower rates of employee turnover.

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"A Million Little Things" - Jon Is PJ's Father

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Tonight's episode of "A Million Little Things" sets in play The Great Unraveling. Katherine and Eddie are emotionally and spiritually back. But Katherine is unleashing her inner lawyer.

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You Should Be Doing This Every Day.

Speak and Deliver

Habits Marketing Motivation Sales

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Psychiatrists, Sister Immaculata, Mom Were Right: Later Researchers Would Label that Wisdom the Operation of Mirror Neurons

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Those in the know always knew. They ranged from the wise members of the psychiatry profession to the nuns teaching in Roman Catholic schools to mom. What they knew is this: Our associates affect us, significantly.

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