Fri.Feb 17, 2012

5 Stupid Speaker Tricks

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Speakers do stupid things, like any other group of people.    The problem is that they subject whole audiences to boredom and, yes, pain as a result.    So it’s not only the speakers themselves who suffer.    In an effort to mitigate the suffering, here are 5 of the most egregious stupid speaker moves.    If you know someone who perpetrates these, tell them!    Stop them! 

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Famous Speech Friday: Rep. Maureen Walsh's speech on gay marriage

The Eloquent Woman

"I don't wax as eloquently as most of the people on the floor here, but I have allowed my heart and my mind to guide me on a lot of issues that have been before us in the legislature, and I think that sometimes that's what we have to do," she said by way of introduction.

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How to deliver superior presentations - public seminar notice

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Discover how you can deliver a superior presentation – every time Next Public Seminar in Toronto - March 28, 2012. More Details here. When you speak: You are competing with all the other thoughts, questions, and concerns in the minds of your audience. Your message is competing with all the other presenters that have spoken before you and those who will speak after you. Your intended message is competing with all the unintended messages that you might be sending.

Why Humor in a Presentation Works

Great Public Speaking

YOU WILL BE ASKED BACK. If you succeed in your original purpose for making your presentation, you may be asked back. If you also make the audience feel really good by entertaining them at the same time, your chances of being asked back will be much higher. YOU WILL GET HIGHER EVALUATIONS OR MORE SALES. If you make the audience feel good, they will like you better and reflect that in your evaluation scores or buy more and more often from you. YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY.

Dating Cautions

The Communication Blog

[link]. Here's a clever little piece on cautions to observe when a potential dating partner seems too perfect to be real.

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