Fri.Apr 13, 2012

Clearing up throat-clearing: Guest post by Joanna Cazden

Speak Schmeak

While I'm on vacation in Sonoma, stuffing myself with cheese and wine, I've got a couple of guest posts lined up for you! The last is from voice therapist and author Joanna Cazden , on how to avoid unnecessary throat-clearing. Enjoy! Don't clear your throat—it's bad for your voice."

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Do you have an iPad? Do you want to present from it?

PowerPoint Tips

I’ve been a fan of myBrainShark for a long while as a way to share your presentations online. Now, the same company has developed SlideShark, a combination of online storage and an iPad app that lets you present from you iPad.

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Triangulate your rate before you quote

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

When it comes to writing and editing services, there is no 'one rate fits all' rate. Yet many clients want cost certainty--and I don't blame them--so you have to give them a quote. Unfortunately, too many writers and editors are blind-folded and playing pin the quote on the client - hoping to hit a quote that is worthwhile -- to them and the client!

Famous Speech Friday: Journalist Marie Colvin's eulogy for fallen war correspondents

The Eloquent Woman

Journalist Marie Colvin, who died this February in a targeted attack in Syria on the day she was due to leave the country, was a longtime war zone reporter. She'd seen every kind of dangerous assignment, even losing an eye in the process.

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Why Ignoring Body Language Is Like Betting on an Inside Straight

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Every presentation is two conversations, and I find it ironic that speakers spend a great deal of time thinking about their content – the first conversation – and hardly any time at all thinking about their body language – the second conversation.    And yet the communications research has shown for a long time that if the two conversations are not aligned, people believe the second conversation every time.    That’s gambling against the house, and against long odds. 

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Please Hire The Fox News Mole From Gawker

TJ Walker Interactive

The Fox News mole only made $5,000 from Gawker according to a report by Mediaite. Analysis Media media relations Media Training Politics Video fox news roger ailes

A clear, engaging guide, not only for those speaking to the business world.

Pivotal Public Speaking

Working the Room. by Nick Morgan. Through entertaining and insightful examples, Morgan illustrates a practical, three-part process—focusing on content development, rehearsal, and delivery—geared toward engaging an audience on every level: emotional, intellectual, and physical.

Why Republicans Always Beat Democrats In The PR/Media Spin Wars?

TJ Walker Interactive

An in depth look at the Hillary Rosen scandal and Newt Gingrich’s comments directed at Fox News. Analysis Politics public relations reputation management Video anne romney Barack Obama Mitt Romney Ron Paul

"Footnote" - Passing on the pain from father to son to son

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Made in Israel with the dialogue in Hebrew, "Footnote" plays out the ancient theme of passing on the pain.    A Jewish scholar who goes unrecognized passes on the pain to his son who becomes a Jewish scholar who is recognized. 

Guest Post: Think Proofreading Isn’t Important? Think Again…

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Proofreading. The word alone is enough to bore the socks off most writers. After going through the whole creative process and editing your work down to a work of art bordering on the sublime, you’re presented with the wearisome process of taking a magnifying glass to your sentences and going on a hunt for misplaced commas. Business Writing importance of proofreading proofread why proofread

Pet Parents: We put our children ahead of ourselves

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The reason that the more than $50 billion pet industry is recession proof is that we pet parents put our children ahead of ourselves.    If they like the 58-cent packet of Fancy Feast, we will buy it and forget a treat for ourselves.

The Truth Comes Out! Santorum Campaign Has No Money

TJ Walker Interactive

Rick Santorum decided not to go the route of Newt Gingrich and stiff vendors and consultants when he ran out of money. Instead, he accepted the fact that his campaign had no more money and dropped out. Analysis Politics Video rick santorum

Gossip Industry: Did Gawker, Joe Muto fun lead to "cleaning up" tone, content?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The gossip industry has always been a fun sandbox to play in.    Releasing the scoops provided instant entertainment, struck fear in the hearts of even some very important people, and could generate a nice living. 

Hilary Rosen attacked for being lesbian parent

TJ Walker Interactive

Hillary Rosen is being attacked viciously by the right. Analysis Politics Video hillary rosen

The Circus Is Coming To Town As John Edwards Trial Is Set To Begin

TJ Walker Interactive

NBC’s Lisa Myers: Most ‘Believe This Prosecution [Of John Edwards] Is A Waste Of Taxpayer Money’ Analysis Politics Video john edwards

Ann Romney: ‘We need to respect choices that women make’

TJ Walker Interactive

Anne Romney is all over the news of late and her latest quote might take the cake: ‘We need to respect choices that women make’ Analysis Politics Video anne romney