Tue.Jun 11, 2019

Well I’ll Be A Monkey’s Father’s Brother

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

In my previous post , I shared the tip from GCN to remove rust from a bicycle. I was a bit skeptical. Before. After. Even gave the chrome some vinegary love. Cleaned up the bits of rust the best I could and put some clear coat on them. I then decided to clean up the seat post.

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F**k Me!

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

As I’ve noted before, the UK’s Financial Times has none of the reticence of other publications such as the WSJ in employing good Anglo Saxon terms where appropriate. Unlike American publications, they will print the work ‘f**k’ in articles. I see this is a word that’s also freely employed by The Guardian. In her May […]. Culture Shock! newspapers reporting

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Project Cost Estimated ??

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Yeah, kind of funny doing the math NOW. Anyway, the cost of this is going to be comparable to a new low-end bike, but more than the crap you can get at Walmart. While it’s true that this will not have 105 or Tiagra components, much less Ultegra.

2019 141

Use Contrast in the Middle of a Presentation to Transform

Duarte Blog

Doing a quick internet search for “Tips for the beginning of a presentation” and “Tips for presentation endings,” will serve up thousands of relevant results. But just try looking for tips on how to write the bulk of your presentation—the middle, and you won’t find much.

2019 78

Your Missed Branding Opportunity

Speaker Launcher

Every day I get about a hundred business emails. Some days, it’s even more. One thing I’ve noticed is that a large majority of these emails have @gmail.com at the end of them. You saw that I mentioned these are business emails, right?

2019 77

Dog Media - Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Sites recruiting for communications talent are bulging with help-wanted ads for those with dog expertise. Yes, dogs. Here is one of those posted today. Those in what might be called The Fido Niche probably assume they are clever publishing content about man's best friend.

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Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Report

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This is the 24th year that iconic analyst and investor Mary Meeker is presenting the Internet Trends Report. Here is this year's, published by BusinessInsider. Exactly the right tone and content for all your communications. Complimentary consultation janegenova374@gmail.com. Web/Tech

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More Trending

Marriage as Possible Machiavellian Move - Elizabeth Holmes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A source reports that Elizabeth Holmes, founder of collapsed Theranos, tied the knot with hotel heir Billy Evans. Here are more details from the media.

2019 52

Don't Get Caught Ducking Out for Lunch

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Of course, you're not going to leave your desk for lunch. Not any more. Sure, the wellness experts gush about the restorative role of taking breaks. But, taking a break sends the wrong signal in most organizations, even for those at the top. The power lunch has become no lunch.

2019 52

Family Feud: Mary Max, Widow of Gonzo Artist Peter Max, Commits Suicide

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Wealth has many owners - or so they think. Through his gonzo art, Peter Max created that wealth. Cereal companies, the NFL, and museums purchased those pop culture pieces. As he drifted into dementia, his family has fought over possession of the art. In the middle was his wife Mary Max. 

2019 52

The No-Cool Greenwich, CT McMansion

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Since 2009, Robert Steinberg and his wife have been struggling to sell their McMansion. It's located in Greenwich, Connecticut. And its history includes being owned by a youthful Donald Trump and the first of his three wives.    Back then, it listed for $50 million.

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