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A Lesson from Lang Lang

Manner of Speaking

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter, Kristen and I had the good fortune to attend a concert by Lang Lang at Geneva’s Victoria Hall. His performance was terrific. From the light melodies of Bach, to Schubert’s sombre Piano Sonata No. 21, to the moving and energetic Etudes op. 25 by Chopin, he he ld the audience transfixed for two hours. T here was one moment in particular that caught my attention, and it occurred before Lang Lang had played a single note.

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Storytelling-I. 5 Ideas. 5 Blogs. 5 Days.

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

I’m going to do a series of quick blogs about storytelling – 5 in 5 days.    Everyone seems to get these days that storytelling is important, because we’re awash in data and information and can’t remember it all.    But we do remember stories.    They’re even more important than that.    They are how our brains work.   For example, they are why we all feel that it’s safer to drive than fly, even though the statistics prove the opposite. 

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Speaking of Distractions

Speak and Deliver

"Can I call you back Chief? I'm at a KAOS speaker's convention." Over the last 10 years, the possible distractions for speakers have increased in ways we never imagined.

Tom Antion's Stage Fright Strategies

Great Public Speaking

Symptoms of Stage fright Dry mouth. Tight throat. Sweaty hands. Cold hands. Shaky hands. Give me a hand (Oops, I couldn't resist). Nausea. Fast pulse. Shaky knees. Trembling lips. Any out-of-the-ordinary outward or inward feeling or manifestation of a feeling occurring before, or during, the beginning of a presentation (Wow! What a dry mouthful!). Here are some easy to implement strategies for reducing your stage fright. Not everyone reacts the same and there is no universal fix.

Power Presentations Tip 56: Speak Slower

Executive Speech Coach

Speaking Fundamental: Speak Slower This is an important public speaking fundamental yet I was reluctant to bring it to your attention. Because it is so fundamental. But I've noticed that many of us need to be reminded of the fundamentals from time to time. I watched an experienced and capable speaker at a conference. I stopped listening early in his presentation because it was too difficult to keep up with his rapid patter. I tuned out and missed most of his speech.

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Carlotta Genova (1996-2012) - From the mean streets of Manhattan

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

This is what normal human beings get drunk over.    But, since my wiring is frayed and I can't safely ingest alcohol, I can't forget for a little while what a sensitive companion Carlotta had been for 16.5 years. 

Commencement speeches

Joan Detz Speaker Services

It’s the season when speechwriters start tackling those all-important commencement assignments. To get you started: 1. You’ll find an entire chapter devoted to commencement speeches in CAN YOU SAY A FEW WORDS? (St. Martin’s Press, 2006). This chapter will give you practical guidelines, plus excerpts from a wide range of commencements. Wisconsin Public Radio interviewed me for a one-hour show on commencement speeches (May 23 2007). You can find the show at

Time Passes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The cliche really is true: life is for the living.      And the living do just that.    Not too often these days do I hear the names of Christopher Hitchens or Steve Jobs come up in conversations or the media. Time passes.    So do legacies. 

Should You Use an Agency or Go In-House? Inside Communications Radio with Mike Bako

TJ Walker Interactive

In the latest installment of Inside Communications Radio with Mike Bako, the featured guest was Rodger Roeser, President, The Eisen Agency. Mr. Roeser’s feature discusses an issue he has raised on whether a firm or corporation is better served by going to an agency or in-house for public relations need. Roeser expanded on the firms [.]. Audio Media Training public relations inside communications mike bako Rodger Roeser The Eisen Agency

"Anderson" - Must create a new niche in daytime talk

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

We know who Anderson Cooper is but we are clueless what his show "Anderson" is supposed to be about.    Without that, there is no compelling reason to tune in, especially since he has so much competition from what's happening on the web and mobile.