Thu.Apr 08, 2021

Financial Goal Setting with Danielle Hayden

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Danielle Hayden joins us to share some sound advice about how to keep track of your finances and set goals to scale your business. . The post Financial Goal Setting with Danielle Hayden appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

Leader-Member Exchange Theory and Managing Subordinates


As a manager, you come across different types of associates. Some are hardworking and never let you down, but unfortunately this is not the rule. People managing other people , especially in newly found managerial roles might want to learn how to manage their teams better.


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April 8 - Win Anyway LIVE - Is It Time to Upgrade

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Time Management: 6 Research-Backed Tips for Leaders


How often do you think that other people manage to accomplish more than you do? When you look at the likes of Jeff Bezos, it does seem that some people can squeeze more hours out of their days without compromising sleep.