Coordinate with other speakers so you don’t duplicate content

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He wants to make sure that we don’t duplicate content so that the attendees get the most from their investment of time. Rick Altman, who runs PowerPoint Live ( click here for details ), and I have been corresponding about my proposed session at this year’s conference. I wish some corporate presenters would take the same care.

3 ways to make objects equidistant in PowerPoint

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Duplicate, place, duplicate. PowerPoint duplicates the original object and offsets the 2nd object slightly in both the X and Y directions. Any time you have 3 or more similar objects on a slide, you may want to make them equidistant.

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4 ways to change a picture in PowerPoint without losing formatting

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You duplicated a great slide and now just want to change the text and substitute another image. You duplicated an image with formatting on the same slide and now just want to substitute another image.

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Create a checklist graphic in PowerPoint

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The Fuzzimo images contain a number of Post-it notes, so duplicate the file and then crop to the one you want. After that, it’s just a matter of making duplicates: Select the square. Duplicate the textbox as you did for the checkboxes.

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How To Create a Long Shadow effect for PowerPoint Icons


The technique to be applied in this tutorial to create the long shadow effect, consists of generating a dark PowerPoint Shapes, based on the PowerPoint Icon Outline, duplicating the shape with a 45 degrees angle and 2px spacing and merging this shapes to generate the long shadow.

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How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part III-Intersect

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In order to accomplish this, because the shapes have text, I created duplicates of each circle without text. When I did that, the duplicate circles were deleted and I ended up with just the overlap in the center.

Layer images and shapes for stunning slides

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If you duplicate the slide first, you’ll have a variation and you can create a great library or portfolio of slides this way. A simple way to create stunning slides is to layer an image, a shape, and text placeholders. Here are 2 examples: Here are the steps to create these slides: 1.

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Highlight one part of an image in color

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Select the photo, then copy and paste it to duplicate it. Highlighting a part of a grayscale image in color really makes it stand out! Ric Bretschneider wrote a blog post a while back that uses a similar technique to create a blurred background.

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B.B. King (1925–2015): Incomparable Bluesman, Masterful Storyteller

Presentation Zen

It's about telling a story and making a connection in a way that can not be duplicated by anyone else. If you are being true to yourself and the audience, if you are authentic, how could it possibly be duplicated? . View image |

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Create a mood or duotone look in PowerPoint

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Follow these steps: Insert the photo and make a duplicate of it. Select the duplicate and choose Format Tab, Remove Background. Color can have a powerful effect on your audience.

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How to create a logo in PowerPoint

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Duplicate the text box, press and hold Shift, and drag the copy to the bottom of the circle. Would you like to create your own logo, product image, or course symbol in PowerPoint in a few minutes — following some easy steps? If so, you’re in luck, just read on.

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Create your own graphics with bursts and stars

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Click the text box’s border and press Ctrl + D to duplicate it as many times as you need to for your text. Do you need to create striking graphics for company newsletters, blog posts, posters, training materials, and so on? A nice way to do this is with one of the burst or star shapes.

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Create a tile menu with hyperlinks to slides

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Move the duplicate to the right of the square, making sure it is perfectly aligned with it–not higher or lower. Finally, select all of the squares and duplicate them in a second row. It’s often useful to create a menu for your first or second slide.

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Create cool animation with Morph in Office 365

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Duplicate the slide and change the objects. Note that you don’t HAVE to duplicate the first slide, but it’s usually easier than creating the second slide from scratch. Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled new new features for PowerPoint, Morph and Designer.

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Shortcut to complex shapes with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010

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For example, the Gears graphic limits you to 3 gears, but by ungrouping, duplicating, and choosing Format tab> Rotate> Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical, you can get the result you want.

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Free PowerPoint backgrounds and how to make your own

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If you’re already a subscriber, you won’t get duplicate e-mails.). For several years, I created backgrounds and offered them as free downloads. Now, my emphasis is on training people to present more effectively, but the page with the backgrounds is still on my website.

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Timesaving PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts using Shift and Ctrl

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Ctrl+D: Duplicate selected objects. Like all software, PowerPoint has keyboard shortcuts — in fact a lot more than I will cover here. It’s always worthwhile to learn a few shortcuts that you’ll use often because you’ll save time and aggravation.

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What Bugs Your Audience

Professionally Speaking...

If you are going to use slides, I''d like them to further explain or illustrate what you''re saying rather than duplicate it. Dear Presenter, You suck. Sincerely, Your Audience.

Create an animated intro for videos in PowerPoint

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You can duplicate the intro slide and change the text or animation. If you want to create a series of short training or promotional videos, it’s useful to have an intro that you put in front of each video.

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Create clear, iconic illustrations in PowerPoint with (gasp!) clip art

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To indicate growth, we’ll duplicate it, enlarge the duplicate, and add animation to fade the small tree into the large tree. ” Select the tree and press Ctrl + D to duplicate it.

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Quick takeaways from Presentation Summit 2011–Day 2

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Don’t customize the default layouts; instead, duplicate a layout, rename it, and customize the duplicate. After coming back from a conference, it’s so easy to get immersed in day-to-day work.

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Matrix Organizational Structure – Is it the right structure for your company?


Employees can be motivated to have a clear career path within functional units and duplication of effort can be reduced. Disadvantages: Divisional Organizations can suffer from duplication of work, since each division will require separate departments.

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Create a product catalog with custom layouts

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Choose Duplicate Layout. Right-click the duplicate and choose Rename Layout. Sales reps can use PowerPoint to create a product catalog that they bring to potential customers. This catalog is easy to modify, even at the last minute. You can change photos, prices, descriptions, and so on.

PowerPoint wishlist – “mini master slides”

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

The first is messy and complex, the second requires duplication of work, especially if you wish to change the background image. Master slides in PowerPoint provide a very effective mechanism for all of your slides to have a similar look and feel.

Easily sync lyrics with a music video in PowerPoint

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If you prefer to have a “staging screen” that segues into the video, duplicate the first slide, and insert the video on the second slide. This is a guest blog post from Larry First. The bio he sent me: An “experienced” (newly retired) geek from Alabama.

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Create your own graphics and icons for PowerPoint: Part I–Using clip art

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Duplicate and move objects. Then I moved the duplicate up and to the right to extend the stairs, matching the spacing so the 2 stairs seemed like 1. Yes, you can create your own graphics and icons for PowerPoint! Not all graphics can, or should, be photos, charts, or diagrams.

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The wonderful Selection pane lets you easily hide objects, select them and even rename them

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In this situation, I might have a duplicate title with white text; I could hide the white text and show the black text when I project the presentation and use the animation. A subscriber reminded me about the Selection pane and I realized that I don’t have a tip on it.

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6 steps to create cool stickout photos in PowerPoint

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Duplicate the image. A subscriber turned me on to Before & After Magazine ‘s YouTube videos, showing great design tips. I thought I would show you how to create one of their effects in PowerPoint. Read to the end, because there’s a contest with a prize for 3 winners!

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Making presentations with an iPad. It’s time.

The Presenter's Blog

It’s easy to create badly-synced duplicates that don’t co-exist at all happily. Some months ago I blogged about presenting with an iPad. At the time I was still tiptoeing into the world of Keynote and tablet-based presenting.

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Do you present with printed slides? What if your slides were the size of your paper?

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Start with the Two Content placeholder, duplicate it, and then make adjustments. I’ve often been surprised at how many people create PowerPoint slides to print.

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Are you a speaker or an impressionist?

Speak Schmeak

The only person who should ever try to duplicate another's speech cadences is an impressionist. I've had several clients come to me with an "idol" in mind as an example of the kind of speaker they wanted to be. One person flat-out told me he wanted to be like Tony Robbins. Sorry.

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PowerPoint on an Android phone

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When you select an object, such as a shape or image, a menu appears with options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Delete, and Copy Formatting. Microsoft recently made PowerPoint (and Word and Excel) available as an Android phone app.

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Timeline 3D: A Review

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Another issue that I ran into at work on both the trial and fully registered versions of the software was the duplication of events. When I went into the bulk edit view (spreadsheet-like option for entering events), each event was duplicated.

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Getting a shiny Web 2.0 look in PowerPoint-Part I: Reflections

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Press Ctrl + D to duplicate the rectangle and drag it to the right of the first one. Maybe Web 2.0 is already an old look, but you still see a lot of it. Of course, Web 2.0 really refers to how a website functions–especially interactivity and sharing. But, along with Web 2.0

PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

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Duplicate a slide. Press Ctrl+D to duplicate. I follow several LinkedIn groups related to PowerPoint and presenting (and started one of my own, Great Communicators! Effective Presenting & PowerPoint). Sometimes, you can find gems of useful information. The PowerPoint Stuff group (which was started by Geetesh Bajaj, owner of ) has been running a great discussion on PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, so I thought I’d put them all together here.

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Sex Tape: Is Andrew Young Hedging?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In response to a contempt of court charge for refusing to hand over all copies of the alleged Edwards-Hunter sex tape, Young handed over a duplicate today, reports Andy Barr in  What game is Andrew Young playing now?    Young is retaining the master copy under lock and key.    He contends that he was offered plenty of money for the tape but declined the opportunities to sell it.

Are you a speaker or an impressionist?

Speak Schmeak

The only person who should ever try to duplicate another's speech cadences is an impressionist. I've had several clients come to me with an "idol" in mind as an example of the kind of speaker they wanted to be. One person flat-out told me he wanted to be like Tony Robbins. Sorry.

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Google Interview

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

He posed a simple problem: Given a lot of files, find all the duplicates. Prompted by a recruiter, I submitted a resume to Google. They let me skip the phone screen and just do the full-day interview with 5 guys. It was easier than I feared. If you can do the first half of CLR you should be fine, except for trick questions. Unfortunately, I think I blew my last interview. This is easy.

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Create a hover-over effect on a slide

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Duplicate the first slide as many times as you need for your situation. A subscriber recently asked me, “I am currently trying to figure out if it is possible to hover over text and have an image pop up when I hover over the text, like you do on most websites these days.

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Startups and Venture Capitalists Beware

Matt Eventoff

you will identify places in your presentation or pitch where there is duplicative information (happens constantly), you will identify when you are providing TMI (too much information). . There are two communication “killer apps” that I witness plague startups with frightening frequency. These danger zones are lethal to a startup, especially one seeking funding. . . If you are pursuing venture capital funding, read this prior to presenting. You will be glad that you did. .

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Tips From the Acting Stage, Episode #3

Professionally Speaking...

And if you could figure it out, wouldn't you want to duplicate that engagement the next time you're on the business stage? If you've ever attended live theatre, you know how riveting the experience can be, to the point where you feel you are right in the middle of the action on stage, aligned with the characters, experiencing their emotions. Have you ever wondered how the actors create such an engaging experience?

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The TED Commandments & TEDMED Hippocratic Oath: Guides for speakers

The Eloquent Woman

I will use visuals to enhance my words, not duplicate them. If you've wondered how to figure out the secrets of speakers at high-profile conferences like TED and TEDMED so you can use them in your own speaking, wonder no more.

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Why "but all my slides are pictures" isn't a smart public speaking strategy

The Eloquent Woman

What''s more, the TED Commandments for speakers don''t mention slides at all (a hint, perhaps) while TEDMED''s speaker guidance says "I will use visuals to enhance my words, not duplicate them."

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