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Very pleased to share with you that Florian Mueck and I have hit 1,000 downloads of the app version of Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™. RHETORIC it is the world’s first public speaking board game. Florian and I created it a … Continue reading → Rhetoric - The Public Speaking Game Florian Mueck presentations public speaking

"The perfect preparation:" A downloadable checklist for the whole speaker

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"I am printing it and hanging [it] in my office!" wrote a reader when I first published my checklist for the whole speaker , designed to make you think beyond just your speech to your mindset, your physical state, your audience interactions, technology and much more.

The 10 Best Websites for Downloading Free Stock Photos

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One of the best ways of making attention grabbing presentations is to use eye-catching visuals. The most convenient way to do that is to make use of readymade presentation templates and high-resolution images. However, many websites offering stock photos can cost a fortune.

Duarte’s Diagrammer™: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

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This is how twenty years of sketches and infographic concepts became Diagrammer™ , a searchable taxonomy of over 4,000 PowerPoint®-ready diagrams, available for you to download for just 99 cents each. Where there is madness, Nancy Duarte finds method.

Nancy’s New Book on Shelves Now

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Dive right in and buy the book , or download a free section. Nancy was asked by the fine folks at Harvard Business Review to create the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations , which covers everything from development to delivery.

download the Eloquent Woman widget

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If you like the Eloquent Woman blog's collection of ideas, information and inspiration for women speakers, please download our widget here --it lets you display a window into our blog on your webpage, so your readers have immediate access to our updated tips, news and advice.

Download a New BBP Storyboard Tool

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If you’re looking for an easier and faster way to format your BBP story template, Alexis Brouard has created a couple of new tools that will make your life easier. The free version of his BBP Toolbox is an Add-In for Microsoft Word 2007 that will take care of reformatting your story template so you can manually import it into PowerPoint. The paid version of the BBP Toolbox is an Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 that: Imports your unformatted story template from Word.

"Breaking Bad" - NEW YORK MAGAZINE provides free, downloadable Gus Halloween mask

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE provides a free downloadable mask of the one-eyed Gus for Halloween.  "Breaking Bad" is finished for now. 

Podcast: Framing the Conversation – How to Say It | Communication.

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Podcast: Framing - It's how to say it [11:08m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download From → Communication Skills , Podcast , Public speaking Comments are closed. Communication Steroids on Facebook Instant Download: Improve Your Public Speaking Skills!


More on e-books: Walt Thiessen's THE MONEY SUCKERS has been downloaded 20,000 times

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

   That's why authors of e-Books, which usually can be downloaded free, are attracting such attention.    You can download it here.    So far it's had more than 20,000 downloads.    JG: Your book is being downloaded, over and over again.  Publishing a book has become more about influence and marketing the Brand Called You than it is about earning money.  

The paradox of performance

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Jan Dalley writes in the Weekend FT on the paradox that in an age of increasing digitization of our culture (via music downloads, YouTube video and more) people still seek out the unique personal experience of attending live performances: at literary festivals, rock concerts, and lectures.

2 reasons and 5 easy steps to convert a PowerPoint presentation to EXE

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Download and install a PPT converter. Since we’ve chosen EXE as an output format that should be downloaded to a local computer, we don’t need to use the Domain Restriction option. This is a guest post by Brian Tarr of iSpring.

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My Gift to You: A Little ‘AUM’ for the Holidays

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Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy free download holiday aum shifting mindsetsDo you find the holidays stressful? Being a business owner means having to find a work/life balance. This can become especially hard during the holiday season when we are faced with both trying to move our business strategy forward and increased family obligations. It can be extremely stressful and if you do not have a […].

Guest Posting: HARO — A Speaker’s Secret Weapon, by Mickie Kennedy

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For more, download some of Mickie’s free ebooks and whitepapers. Mickie Kennedy founded eReleases PR back in 1998 when he saw how hard it was for independent startups and businesses to achieve really quality PR. HARO: A Speaker’s Secret Weapon, by Mickie Kennedy First of all, congratulations on being one of those people who don’t […]. Marketing Public Speaking PR

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Visuals are Valuable: A Hypothesis Proven by History

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Find the perfect diagram to visualize your info at [link] , and download the PowerPoint®-ready file for just $0.99. From Copernicus to Kerouac, diagrams have been helping people see what they’re saying for the past 16,5000 years.

A Public Speaker’s Checklist – Free PDF File

Manner of Speaking

To download the file, please click the image below. Last year I wrote a post about logistical items that speakers should remember for a speaking engagement. Reader response was so good that I created an addendum.

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Free PowerPoint alternatives–Google Docs

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Step 4: Show your presentation or download. You can download the presentation in PowerPoint format (.ppt), From within the presentation, choose File> Download As> PowerPoint. Google Docs is probably the most commonly-used free PowerPoint alternative.

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Guest Posting: How to Give a TED Talk by Manoush Zomorodi

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Manoush Zomorodi is the host of WNYC’s New Tech City which is available for download on iTunes. She is the author of Camera Ready: How to Present Yourself and Ideas On Air or Online. Follow her on Twitter @manoushz. She blogs at manoushz.com/blog and writes for The Huffington Post.

Free PowerPoint backgrounds and how to make your own

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For several years, I created backgrounds and offered them as free downloads. Either you click the image and just download the file or you click the image to see a larger version of it and then download that.

It's hard to be human

Speak Schmeak

Order your signed copy now and also get free tax and shipping, a downloadable workbook, and a dozen bonuses from my coaching, speaking and consulting colleagues! Pretending to be a giant at the Christmas tree lot Most of my clients aren't afraid of speaking.

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Icons are hot now — how to get, make, and use icons

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Iconfinder is the only icon-specific site I know of that lets you both filter for license type and download a vector format for free. Choose SVG and click the Free Download button. Choose the icon (yes, they use icons) for your operating system and then download and install it.

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Sir Ken Robinson gives best talk yet at TED Talks Education

Presentation Zen

His follow-up talk given in 2010 also has been downloaded millions of times. The slides are in PDF form and may be downloaded. Creativity and education expert Sir Ken Robinson delivered two amazingly popular TED Talks prior to 2013.

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How many uses for PowerPoint can you think of? (my 500th post!)

PowerPoint Tips

Create e-books and reports (converted to PDF for print and download). Most people think of PowerPoint as a visual aid for a live presentation. But there are so many other ways that people use PowerPoint. Here are some of them: Create marketing videos. Edit photos.

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150+ Free PowerPoint Slides to Make Great Visually Appealing Presentations


Our free slides have had a very good adoption and we could also notice the number of free downloads is increasing over time. As if this were not enough, recently we have published a Mega Bundle containing more than 150+ PowerPoint slides (for FREE download).

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Finally, Something to Hold on To!

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

After several weeks of deliberation and rounds of discussion with participants from training, the very first downloadable article on how to Win with Fear and Communicate with Confidence is out! Home About Gary Testimonials FREE MATERIALS!

Leveraging existing slides with TeamSlide, slide library software

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Within TeamSlide users can set specific access rights that define who exactly can view, download, upload, and edit content. For example, you may want your junior employees to view and download content but not be able to edit any of it.

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Business concept diagrams: Group 1–Working together, parts of a whole, integrating the parts

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Here’s another look from the presentation you can download (see below). I’m pleased to offer these two graphics to you as a free download, in several formatted versions (black line, blue line, shadow, white outline). Download the business concept diagrams.

Using PowerPoint for Best Educational Outcomes

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It was well received and after posting a link on Twitter to the handout, it’s been downloaded over 800 times! Download it here. Last week, I spoke to a group of faculty during a Faculty Development program at Maharishi University of Management. The topic was “Using PowerPoint for Best Educational Outcomes.&# If you’re an educator or trainer, you’ll find the information useful.

Hans Rosling: The Jedi Master of data visualization

Presentation Zen

Loads of videos , and downloads , and tons of indicators displayed in Gapminder World. Hans Rosling is one of my presentation heroes; he's been featured or mentioned in all my books and several times on presentationzen.com over the years.

How to Create an Extraordinarily Effective Speech-Marketing Tool

Pivotal Public Speaking

He will also include two digital examples (of a dozen such tools he has successfully used in the past 25 years) that you can download to get started. where you can send the tool to get it published free and fast, looking the way you want, both bound and digitally downloadable! •

Integrating Live Power BI Dashboards into PowerPoint

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The Power BI service has a free version, and the analysis tool (Power BI desktop) is also free to download. This PowerPoint Add-In is free to download in the Office Store. Introduction.

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Use abstract images to create backgrounds for slides and shapes

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Find some images whose legal agreement allows you to use them the way you want (most are pretty liberal on that site) and download them. Here are 3 that I downloaded: Then use the images as a background for a shape or slide.

5 great tools for presenters

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KeepVid lets you download YouTube videos so you can insert them in your presentations, without requiring an active Internet connection. Jon Thomas, in his blog, Presentation Advisors , has written a post, “ My Five Favorite Free Presentation Design Tools ,&# and I thought I’d share them with you. Compfight is a tool to search for images on Flikr. letting you easily find images that have Creative Commons or Commercial licenses. DaFont is a site for free fonts.

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Add a QR code to your presentation

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You may have a few options but basically you enter the URL and download the image. Go to Insert> Picture and navigate to the file that you downloaded. On a smart phone, you go to the App store and search for QR reader or QR scanner, then download the app of your choice.

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5 new webinars in June! Get high-value training in presentation skills

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78 (an extra $19) for permanent access to the recording–you can download it and own it. I invite you to join me for 5 Wednesdays in June, when I’ll do live training webinars on high-interest topics: June 1: How to Use Animation for High-Impact Communication.

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Prezi in PowerPoint? It’s called pptPlex!

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You can download it for free here. When you double-click the file you downloaded, and approve installation, you see this screen. Did you know that Microsoft has a product that is similar to Prezi — sort of?

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How to Write, Structure & Prepare a More Effective Presentation.

Executive Speech Coach

Wednesday, January 05, 2011 How to Write, Structure & Prepare a More Effective Presentation - audio class Questions, Comments and Feedback from the Jan 6 Audio Class If you listened to the live broadcast or downloaded the recording - you can post your questions here. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok.

How to Write, Structure & Prepare a More Effective Presentation in.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 How to Write, Structure & Prepare a More Effective Presentation in Half the Time Listen in to this Free Audio Class on January 6, 2010 If you can not attend the class you can download a free recording - as long as you register before the class. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok.

[Podcast] 15 Marketing Initiatives to Book More Business

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Before you start listening to the podcast, scroll down to the podcast resources section and get your download of the 15 Marketing Initiatives Checklist. Podcast Resources: Grab a copy of the 15 Marketing Initiatives Checklist download HERE. I recently received an email from Betsy Allen that asked a question about marketing initiatives that I get all the time: “What income generating marketing activities should I be doing on a daily basis to get more speaking business?”

The 3 Step Process for Handling your Darkest Fears

Speaking about Presenting

Download the Worksheet. Download the Worksheet. Download the Worksheet. Download the Worksheet. It was 9am – the beginning of an inhouse company training course like hundreds that I had run before. The corporate training room was standard, the number of participants was not more than usual, and it was a pretty normal gender mix. There was nothing exceptional about the course that anyone looking in from the outside would have noticed.

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