Can a slidedoc ever be a presentation?

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… Case Studies Visuals complex subjects Data visualisation featured Handouts Scientific presentations Slide Design Slide documents Slide MakeoverIn scientific presentations, pre-made slides are a bane and a boon at the same time.

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Drudge Report Mocks Barack Obama's 51-Minute Long Goodbye - Yale's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Documented Why Leaders Can't Let Go

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The conservative Drudge Report has reason to mock Barack Obama's long long farewell address. It ran 51 minutes, 10 seconds. The late Fidel Castro's orations did run longer. But there was that same cartoonish ethos associated with them.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 262) – Seth Godin

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The document is the proof that helps the intellectuals in your audience accept the idea that you’ve sold them on emotionally.” “Remember, the presentation is to make an emotional sale. ” — Seth Godin. Quotes for Public Speakers Emotion Pathos public speaking Public Speaking Quotations quotes Seth Godin

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Alleged Use of THE Worst Racial Slur on "Apprentice" - Will Cost $5 Million to Document That

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Allegedly, there is a tape to document that. "Television producer Chris Nee has claimed on Twitter that, according to producers who worked on 'The Apprentice,' footage exists of Donald Trump using America's most explosive racial slur." " - David A.

Sample Agreement Documents

MY PROFILE EVENTS INSIDE NSA TOOLS MEMBER SERVICES CHAPTERS/GROUPS PUBLICATIONS BLOGS Related Topics CSP Application NSA Logos Request Form Sample Agreement Documents Sample Business Documents Sample Speaker Agreement Documents Writing an effective speaking agreement that fits the needs of both parties is a tricky process, but MyNSA has attempted to make this process as painless as possible. or higher is required for viewing most documents and forms on the this website.


Pima Community College: Beware self-praise in documents which can be made public

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 The local paper Arizona Daily Star obtained those documents through a public-records request. The leadership at Pima Community College, here in Tucson, Arizona, learned a hard lesson. In the self-rating part of the performance evaluations, several praised themselves.

Discover why every document should “AIAA” and receive a free PDF writing book

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Discover why every document should "AIAA" and request a free PDF business writing, copywriting, or freelance writing book. But you have to read this post and reply by Monday May 17.

Create great docs from PowerPoint – review of George! for PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is a great tool for creating presentations, but it has never been particularly good at creating documentation or handouts. However, it is a huge amount of work to maintain two completely separate sets of documents. Custom logos can be added to your documents.

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations: What's the.

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There is a big difference between these two documents in their purpose and hence their form. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Transform your business presentations into effective conversations. George Torok is a Toronto based presentation coach and presentation skills trainer.

Ten Commandments for Writing and Speaking

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As I worked my way through the documents, I discovered an old photocopy entitled “Ten Commandments for Plain Language Documents&#. There’s a lot of wisdom in this little document. Make the document attractive and designed for easy reading.

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Release of clergy sex abuse documents: Second shoe drops

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The first shoe immediately dropped when the Connecticut Diocese of Bridgeport released to the media those discovery documents from the clergy sex abuse lawsuits.    The subhead of the article written by Daniel Tepfer reads : "As the Bridgeport diocese tries to move beyond the priest sex abuse scandal, the release of 12,600 pages of documents has revealed the roles key diocesan leaders played in the cover-up. 

It's Documented: C students become bosses of A students

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Well, there is now documentation for the tendency for C students to dominate professional life.  A solid A student in college and graduate school, I had my share of enemies inform that the C students wind up becoming the bosses of the A students.    Well, for me that turned out to be true but only because I excel in followership and that's why editors and clients love me.

PowerPoint Surgery: Tips to create presentation slides that make your message stick, not suck -- Guest post by Lee Jackson

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Think billboard, NOT document. Feel free to make a word document to hand out after your talk if you like (although no one ever reads those documents in my experience), but don''t make your slides in that way.

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Loneliness Can Kill, Documents THE NEW REPUBLIC - But belonging can hurt so much

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  The why behind that is documented in Judith Shulevitz's article in THE NEW REPUBLIC "The Lethality of Loneliness." Twelve-step programs hammer the dangers of isolation.    They encourage even compulsively attending meetings to create a sense of belonging.  " Yes, feeling alienated or apart from can lead to early death, mental illness, and physical deterioration. On the other hand, belonging can bring horrific pain. 

Free PowerPoint alternatives–Google Docs

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For sharing word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation documents, Google Docs has become the standard and the features are good enough that you can even create the document online. Alternatively, Log into to your Gmail account and click the Documents link at the upper-left.

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Big Meeting Coming Up? Close the Slideshow; Pick Up the SlideDocs

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When you’re having a meeting where you need to foster consensus – try doing something similar to Amazon: distribute a short document with helpful information about the subject-at-hand, which people can take the time to read before discussions begin.

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Tipping point for Diocese of Bridgeport/RC Church? - US SC denies request to keep documents sealed

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The United States Supreme Court  denied the request of the Diocese of Bridgeport, filed on a paid-fee basis by its law firm Mayer Brown, to keep the discovery documents from the settlement of clergy sex abuse cases sealed.  "  What will be more damaging to the Diocese or Bridgeport and the Roman Catholic Church - the contents of the documents or the attempt to block access to those documents

Those clergy sex-abuse documents - Unsealed by 12/1/09, CT Superior Court orders Diocese of Bridgeport

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Judge Stevens ruled that the CT Diocese of Bridgeport must give the media access to the more than 12,000 pages of discovery documents collected in conjunction with the 23 clergy sex abuse lawsuits.    The Diocese was turned down on its request to have a lower court order providing the media the right to the documents postponed until the U.S. SC reviewed its request to keep the documents sealed. 

The flipped meeting

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At the Presentation Summit, I heard Patti Sanchez , SVP of Strategic Services at Duarte, talk about slidedocs, which are slides that are used as short documents. Instead, the Assistant Marketing Manager would prepare a document with the results of his/her research.

Unsealing of Clergy Sex Abuse Documents: Egan's Agony in the Garden

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Yesterday, just at the Connecticut Superior Court in Waterbury ordered, the discovery documents from the clergy sex abuse lawsuits in the Diocese of Bridgeport were unsealed. " Rather than a resolution of anything, these documents could be causing a tipping point.    Those who were targeting retired New York Cardinal Edward Egan as mishandling and/or covering up that abuse of children feel they now have their smoking gun. 

Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

Matt Eventoff

Chunking” – Malala was delivering from a written document (I am unsure if it was a prepared text, or notes), but only spoke while looking down once. Instead, she looked down at her written document, captured a “chunk” of what came next, paused, looked up, and delivered it.

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Do you Need Your PowerPoint in a Different Format?

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It is fair to say that making a PowerPoint file editable in other document formats isn’t all that easy.

Format quotations to get attention

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Presenters use a blank layout, insert a text box, and type or paste the quote from some document. I see a lot of presentations with quotations on them and they’re almost always boring. Quotes are an interesting feature in a presentation, so make them interesting!

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How to show paper forms or software screens on a PowerPoint slide

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They may want to repurpose the slides to a PDF document or some other format, perhaps for downloading or future reference. If you have a paper form (or document), you’ll need to scan it and save it as a JPG or PNG image.

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

More documentation that women speakers are overlooked: Yet another study in which we learn that a particular scientific specialty (here, neuroimmunology) tends to choose male speakers over women.

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How many uses for PowerPoint can you think of? (my 500th post!)

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Create images for a Word document. Most people think of PowerPoint as a visual aid for a live presentation. But there are so many other ways that people use PowerPoint. Here are some of them: Create marketing videos. Edit photos.

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Understanding the writing process

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take notes and document external sources. prepare an outline, breaking down your document into manageable chunks. complete a first draft, or a full section of longer documents, before revising. write the introductions and conclusions of longer documents last. revise to ensure your document is clear, concise and focused and supports your purpose. Excerpt from Harness the Business Writing Process.

Turn a presentation into a report or e-book

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If you wrote a script or at least thorough notes, you can pour those into a Word document. Now that you have the text and images, you need to format the document. You might find it valuable to create a report or e-book from a presentation.

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I have seen the worst slide in the world

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I wouldn’t have said anything if this diagram had been called a document, but it was called a slide. I expect military documents to be complicated. But I don’t expect them to make slides of these documents.

How much should I charge per word?

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By the same token, expect to charge less if you are editing a book of straight prose than if you are editing a corporate document, especially if it is a complex shareholder document or marketing material. How much should I charge per word? I don’t mean to smile amusedly when freelance writers, editors and translators ask me that question. There is no right answer to that question. But let me start with a story.

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New Words

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Dox = an abeviated form of "documents" or "to document". Words of 2012. The New York Times annually identifies new words of the year. Invariably there are several communication terms: Dox. Eastwooding. Nomophobia. Unskew. Eastwooding = talking to a chair. MOOC = an acronymn for Massive Open Online Course. Nomophobia = fear of being without a cell phone. Sway = an attitude of confidence and style. Unskew = to rework data to suit particular beliefs. link].

10 Steps to Delivery an Outstanding Speech

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Create a Word or PowerPoint document that contains all of the extra message points, data points, complex charts, facts, and data. In fact, dump as much data as you want in this document. Offer to email this document to your audience in advance or after your speech, or give as a handout. Under no circumstances should you show or project this document during your actual presentation.

How to convince executives that presenters need presentation skills training

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Although I disagree with some of Bruce’s conclusions, I return to his book regularly for the research that he documents. I hear it all the time. It usually comes from people in the Communications or Marketing department.

Send in the writers: When and why to hire a freelance writer

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Sometimes it is worth hiring a freelance writer to write a critical document for you. Imagine that you’ve been writing all day and you are on your fifth draft of a one-page promotional flyer. You are not sure if the headline will hook your target market. You used affect and spell checker suggested effect, but when you used effect spell checker suggested affect. E-mail is piling up in your in-box. The call answer light on your phone is blinking furiously.

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Pete’s Law: Results From The PowerPoint Ban

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

This called for decisive action, so Pete banned PowerPoint and gave everyone a limit of a 2 page Word document for all proposals and presentations. “If Presentations and documents are completely different media, and it’s just lazy to print and bind. Management Secrets Revealed.

6 Ways To Counteract Your Audience's Short Attention Span

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And then find another vehicle [handout, document on website, email] through which to share the nice-to-knows. I recently read an updated statistic about people’s attention span.

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How to Display Data the Right Way in Presentations

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It’s fine to display more detail in documents or in decks that you e-mail rather than present. By answering these five questions as you’re laying out your data, you’ll visualize it in a way that helps people understand and engage with each point in your presentation, document, or deck.

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A Truly Heroic Speech

Manner of Speaking

Let’s honor the founding documents and get our priorities straight. Six-year-old Benjamin Wheeler was one of the victims of the 14 December 2012 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

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View 2 presentations side by side

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You just open the two Word documents and drag one of them to the side. Have you ever wanted to compare two PowerPoint files side-by-side? You’ve probably done it in Microsoft Word many times. But when you try that in PowerPoint, it doesn’t work. The entire application window moves.

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Import text from Word or Notepad

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Follow these steps to create the outline: Open a Word or Notepad document. I recommend writing what you will say in Word first, because it’s easier to focus on your message. In another post, “ Organize content with an outline ,” I provide some more details.

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