Why Total Transparency Is So Important - "District of Columbia v. DoorDash"

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DoorDash, valued at $13 billion, has a nice piece of that - for now. But after the members of the media run with this lawsuit, that market share could shrink, along with brand erosion. BusinessInsider reports that District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine has filed a lawsuit against Doordash. Here is a copy of the complaint "District of Columbia v. They will have to hustle to find other sources of income.

In High-Profile "Tolton, et al. v. Jones Day," Jane Doe 4 Removes Her Name

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The issue of being an anonymous plaintiff in a class action lawsuit came to a head. Jones Day," federal judge Randolph Moss in the District of Columbia ordered Jane Doe 4, a former Jones Day associate, to disclose her identity.   Frequently plaintiffs in these kinds of lawsuits seek to remain anonymous in order to prevent industry-wide retaliation. In gender discrimination class action "Tolton, et al.

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Alleged Miscreants - Never Assume Law Is on Your Side

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As in the long days of hearings on Watergate, these are unusual times. In the middle of all this is Akin Gump partner Melissa Laurenza. Her special area of expertise is campaign law/lobbying registration. District Chief Judge Berly Howell of the the District of Columbia is overseeing the Mueller grand jury. Unregistered agent of a foreign principal. Failure to file report of foreign bank and financial accounts (7 counts).

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Contest Results — State of the Humor

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Here are the top lines for the February Joke Contest — State of the Funny. Some of our subscribers said that this contest was more difficult than most. New contests are announced on the first of the month. The District of Columbia is funny because it has the most politicians. Minnesota is funny because it is the home of Minnehaha Falls. Florida is funny because its fitness program consists of aerobic shuffleboard.

"Tolton, et al. v Jones Day" - Bookmakers Should Give Odds on This Never Going to Trial

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here is that response in April of this year.   Masters of the art and science of public relations the team representing the plaintiff class - Sanford Heisler Sharp - has been doing what it usually does: positioning and packaging the legal issues in macro terms. For example, in a podcast the firm discussed the current trend of female employees suing their law firm employers in terms of old-line power structures. 

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Joke Contest Results — State Slogans

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New Joke contests are annonced on the first of each month. Here are the top lines selected by our panel of judges (speakers and improv players). Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Likes. District of Columbia: Live Free or Die Broke. Washington DC: Land of 10,000 Mistakes. Washington DC: Don’t Make a Federal Case Out of it. Wisconsin: Home of Cheesy Humor.

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The first 200 to register get a complimentary CD of the call and I pay the shipping. For profit education is booming even though the rest of the economy is in trouble. In this teleclass I'll be showing you the exact steps to take to get certified to sell your knowledge in the form of State Certified School. > Where to find the licensing websites for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. I'll go over 17 of them on this call. =>

Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 16, 2013: Since 1991-92 there has been no set formula for providing funds for PA schools. 65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year.

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65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year. 65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year. The plan failed because only parts of it were ever implemented during FY 2008-09 and 2009-10, and the General Assembly chose to abandon any further references to the plan in subsequent years.” “….The At present, there is no system of funding.

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