How to deliver superior presentations - public seminar notice

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Discover how you can deliver a superior presentation – every time Next Public Seminar in Toronto - March 28, 2012. In this intensive one-day seminar you will learn how to: • Project more confidence • Open with more pizzazz • Close with finality • Establish lighting fast rapport with your audience • Prepare more effectively in less time • Master the question and answer session • Handle interruptions and failures with ease Book now to claim the early bird discount.

Questions about questions in your presentation

Executive Speech Coach

NEXT Public Seminar June 24 in Burlington Sign up now to take advantage of the early booking discount. presentation skills seminar public speaking questions

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Perfect Your Sales Presentation to Win in a Down Market

DeFinis Communications

Join us for our last public seminar of 2009. Readers of this blog will receive a $200 discount! Today’s sales environment is like navigating a 60-foot sailboat in a thunderstorm. New demands of a global economy, the immediacy of the internet, increased and hungry competition and most of all a ubiquitous down market make it a treacherous climate.

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SP Tip 76: Transform Boring Into Exciting

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The next public seminar on How to Deliver Superior Presentations is June 24 in Burlington, Ont. Register now for the early booking discount. How to transform boring material into an exciting presentation My topic is boring so I can’t help but be boring. Have you heard a speaker utter that excuse? Have you used it? The evening before his presentation to a conference of entrepreneurs a speaker confessed to me that his presentation would be boring because it was a boring topic.

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Duarte offers slide:ology workshops via webinars

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Seminars and workshops are great, but given the current economic situation, it's difficult for many people to attend full-day workshops, especially when participation involves transportation and hotel costs, etc. You can sign up for a single webinar or just a few, or sign up for all six and get a good discount. In this post by Seth Godin, he list 45 ways that you can take charge of whatever professional situation you may be in and make a change.

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