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Here are some general tips to getting listed in directories: •Make your site look as professional as possible before submitting to a directory. For the English version of a directory your site must be in English. This is actually where you will click on “submit a site” and submit your site directly to that category (this is called “drilling down” through the directory). NOTE: There is no guarantee that the directory will agree with your choice.

Shopping for PR Firm? Here's the new edition of O'Dwyer's Directory of PR Firms

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  Therefore, he invented a process for putting together a directory of public relations firms.    The 2012 O'Dwyer Directory of PR Firms provides listings for 1600 possibilities for you.  The 340-page print directory's crown jewel is the detailed description of the kinds of special expertise which about 500 of the firms provide.  "Our cash cow had been our online criminal justice program. 


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slideboxx: Slide management software

PowerPoint Tips

You can click the Settings button to specify which folders (directories) you want slideboxx to search or exclude. slideboxx (by Zinali) helps you find slides from PowerPoint presentations using keyword search. Charles Wolfus of Zinali sent me a free copy (that’s my disclosure statement!) and I’ve been using it ever since. It runs with PowerPoint 2000 through 2007. slideboxx opens and works in your browser.

Perfect For Public Speakers: Reach Past Social Media

Great Public Speaking

Deadline is Friday, the 22nd for the 2013 Talk Show Guest Directory. This Directory Will: => Help the news media know your expertise. => Be in the ExpertBook’s printed Talk Show Guest Directory which will be mailed to 100 top interview & Radio Talk Shows. -- Connect with TV & Radio Interview Programs. Reach past all those people you already know in social media.

What comes first, the article idea or the publication?

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Some aspiring writers buy writers’ directories, look up addresses of publications, and pitch dozens of query letters helter-skelter to publications in the directory. Writers’ directories can be intimidating. Looking through writers’ directories (or websites that list periodicals) will have you running all over the place trying to find ideas that fit the publications in the directory.

PowerPoint to PDF – Borderless PDF Printing with Mac OS


This open will open a new dialog box where you need to choose the output directory. Choose the output directory where images will be saved. Now, go to Finder and locate the new files in the output directory. The documents printed in PowerPoint may wear an unwanted white border space or margin unless we configure the proper page size and scale options. In order to create borderless when exporting PowerPoint presentations to PDF format, you can follow the steps below.

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The Perfect How-To & How To Create It In All Mediums - Lesson 1

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Jack O'Dwyer spotted the utility of directories. Today, those directories are online and his daily digital newsletter, O'Dwyer PR , is the bible of the industry. That was when the rest of us in communications were gunning to be a Don Draper creative. O'Dwyer became wealthy and influential operating J.R. O'Dwyer. His genius about identifying trends continues. Recently, he told this blog that was marketable is The How-To.

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The Sales Process Decoded: Main Steps and Responsibilities Explained


The two common types of prospecting are: Online research — LinkedIn, professional communities, business directories, etc. Since the dawn of time, sellers and buyers have engaged in a negotiation process before any values changed hands.

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Introducing The Eloquent Woman Booklist

The Eloquent Woman

It's not intended to be a comprehensive directory of books about speaking, just those we've featured here. A reader suggested a compilation of the books we've covered on the blog over the years, and here it is: The Eloquent Woman Booklist.

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Jack O'Dwyer, Legend in Public Relations Industry, Dies at Age 85

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

He launched the information directories and newsletter updates which evolved into the bible of public relations.  On December 19th, the global public relations industry lost a giant: Jack O'Dwyer.   Soon enough, he was among the early adopters of digital. It was in his former home in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, that he showed me the platform for the online version of I shrugged, not understanding that the world was on the brick of changing. But, Jack knew.

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Cold Emailing in Job Search - 5 Tips

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, on the internet I downloaded the public relations firms directory published by Jack O'Dwyer. Most jobs, contract assignments, and new business for our enterprises aren't advertised. There are no help-wanted posted out there indicating we should pitch ourselves. Because they are unknown but available, if we do send unsolicited cover letters we could land stimulating, well-paid work.

The Eloquent Woman joins BlogHer

The Eloquent Woman

You'll find a link to The Eloquent Woman here on BlogHer's directory of blogs--a great resource if you're looking for more blogs relevant to women. I'm happy to say that The Eloquent Woman blog is now part of BlogHer, the community for women who blog. It's just another way to widen our circles to reach more women with news about public speaking. Are you a member of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook ?

Rajat Gupta's "Mind Without Fear" - Perils of the Premature Memoir

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Regarding the latter, McKinsey purged his name from its alumni directory. Like one-time on-air cable star Megyn Kelly, former head of McKinsey Rajat Gupta is attempting to accomplish a comeback. That's  the game in America where success usually is fleeting.    The difference between the two is this: Kelly fell from grace because she was a very bad fit in softball formats on network television.

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Making it Easy for Speakers Bureaus to Book You with Gina Davilla

Speaker Launcher

E Speakers and online directories. Today, The Wealthy Speaker Podcast is being brought to you by The Wealthy Speaker Focus 40 Session. Spend 40 minutes with Jane by phone or Skype to discuss your strategy. Whether you need help with positioning, choosing your lane or a website makeover, this will be time well spent. Click the link for a very […]. The post Making it Easy for Speakers Bureaus to Book You with Gina Davilla appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Pitching - Yes, Cold Still Is Effective, Warm Even More So

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

I had relied on and still use free directories such as O'Dwyer's for public relations firms. Way back in the mid 1970s, the breakthrough job-search guide came out. It was "What Color Is Your Parachute?" " Its advice was shocking - and effective. One of its recommendations is to invest time in pitching to organizations which haven't posted a help-wanted. Many good jobs are never advertised. The guide was right.

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Arizona Daily Star's Phil Villarreal: Out of job, benefits, desk

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The PR ones can be found in O'Dwyer's PR Directory, free online. One-time film critic (remember when such a job description existed) at the Arizona Star Daily, Phil Villarreal smoothly transitioned to a regular reporter there in 2009.  Way back when he had started at ASD as a freelance sports reporter. This year, I had relocated to Tucson, AZ in time to enjoy his coverage. I was impressed.

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"Ninety of 270 NY Financial Writers Are 'Freelance,'" hammers Jack O'Dwyer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Since he started out in the public relations print  directory business decades ago, Jack O'Dwyer had one mission: keeping communications pros working.    "Contact Jack" was the word on the street for anyone who had lost a job, was hanging out a shingle, or graduated college and was pounding the pavement. Now, Jack's mission has become more focused. 

A new kind of online speaker profile: The topic cloud

The Eloquent Woman

I know I just told you about Lanyrd, the "social conference directory" that lets you explore conferences, speakers, topics and more--and better yet, add past and present speeches and presentations (your own or those of others), making it a good roster of experience for speakers.

Public Speaking: Simple Sells

Great Public Speaking

the grandaddy of all the search directories. The name is alphabetical so it gets listed higher in the directory. I've come up with example after example over the past couple years of how having a simple, yet professional website attracts business better than a complicated flashy site. Again, this month I've got an awesome example of a site that for a very tiny investment has brought me an enormous return. That site is [link] This month it got in the very prestigious section of "Inc.

Public Speaking: Simple Sells

Great Public Speaking

the grandaddy of all the search directories. The name is alphabetical so it getslisted higher in the directory. I've come up with example after example over the past couple years of how having a simple, yet professional website attracts business better than a complicated flashy site. Again, this month I've got an awesome example of a site that for a very tiny investment has brought me an enormous return. That site is [link] This month it got in the very prestigious section of "Inc.

PR Diggers: Jack O'Dwyer has juicy assignment for you

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Jack O'Dwyer, the godfather of directories (they were paper way back when) and early adopter in communications of online newsletters , has a juicy assignment for you.  You may be a fresh-faced recruit to the impression-management business or even yet still in an undergraduate or graduate program.    So, you still are hungry to dig to find what's under all that positioning and packaging. 

Public Speaker Marketing - Blogging and Posting

Great Public Speaking

Be sure to use blog search directories like [link] and [link] to find relevant blogs in your field. Post Frequently on Purpose The best way to drive traffic to your blog is to post frequently, at least 2 to 3 times a week. The more you post, the more traffic you attract. We have experimented with this and found that when we post every day, the number of visitors goes up dramatically. Where do you find enough stuff to write about?

Speaker Launch Toward Success - A Case Study from Maureen Zappala

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I spent hours at the library scouring the Encyclopedia of Associations, the National Trade and Professional Association directory and the Dun & Bradstreet Million Dollar Directory to find conference and contact information. (Editor''s Note: Over the last couple of years, I''ve watched my friend Maureen Zappala transform herself from a top-notch Toastmaster Speaker to a Wannabe Speaker to an actual, Bona Fide Keynoter. What does a journey like that look like?

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Sandy, Sleepy Bella Vista Complex, New Haven, CT: Gratitude list no longer seems naive

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

O'Dwyer, which had been a pioneer in the directory business and an early adopter of digital for newsletters , Jack O'Dwyer has ponied up the money to operate his business from a Manhattan hotel.  In New Jersey residents are having a tough time getting to work or even picking up supplies at Home Depot to start fixing their property after Sandy.  One   One reason why is the shortage of gasoline.

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Public Speaking Business Marketing - Posts and Articles

Great Public Speaking

They can be a section of your website, distributed through article marketing directories or published on other websites with a link back to yours. Blogs and Articles G uest posting on other people's blogs is a great way to find targeted traffic. Many major blog sites have been up and active for years, attracting thousands of page views a week and a ton of subscribers. They have done all of the hard work.

Southern-Fried Camelot

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  They not only keep an alumni directory.  Perhaps when you feel special you feel you can ignore signals.      My former colleagues in Public Affairs in what was then Gulf Oil certainly did feel special.    It had been the second oil embargo, the department totaled almost 180 souls, and the strategies leveraged were, for then, state-of-the-art. 

Anthony Scaramucci's Job Hunt - Can Preet Bharara Help Out

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Unfortunately, though, the alumni directory listed him as dead. In TrumpWorld time, it seems ages ago that Preet Bharara quipped on Twitter that others fired by that Administration might join him teaching law at NYU. Some might still recall Preet. He had been U.S. Attorney Southern District of New York before the U.S. President Donald Trump gave him the boot.    Well now that Anthony Scaramucci has also been axed, he may turn to Preet for an in on a teaching job.

What should a woman's speaking voice sound like?

The Eloquent Woman

the actor''s directorial debut, is about an aspiring voiceover artist who struggles against the old boys'' club of voiceover talent and her own insecurities about her voice. In a world where women''s voices matter, one of those voices is speaking out.about women''s voices. But will you like what she has to say? Lake Bell''s new movie In A World.,

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Speaking of Coaching - Speaking Pro Central

Speak and Deliver

More than a directory, such as Alltop, it creates a daily newspaper of speaking clippings you want to track. I ran across Speaking PRO Central a couple of months ago, before life got REALLY busy. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of speaker coaches in the world. I link to a few of my favorites on my sidebar, including Lisa Braithwaite , Andrew Dlugan of Six Minutes , Olivia Mitchell , and John Zimmer , among others.

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Video Killed the Presentation Star: Don’t Go Blank On Your Audience

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

Actual DVD’s have a distinctive-looking file structure, with separate video and audio directories, like this: If it looks like this, it’s just video files stored on a DVD disc, not a universally playable DVD: To complicate things, some DVD players will read other file formats and play them. There you are up in front of an expectant audience, buck naked, without a script, and you open your mouth and nothing comes out.

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Baby Boomers & Social Media Marketing: Next 20 years to keep learning, failing

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Jack O'Dwyer , who made a fortune back in the print days with public relations directories, launched web site  back in the late 1990s. Some Baby Boomers in communications such as Shel Israel , co-author of "Naked Conversations,"  saw the future and that it was digital. Come  Come to think of it so did some members of the Silent Generation. 

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Freelance Writing: Pay to Play [it's worth it]

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  He's always on the money, as when he saw the gold mine in putting together and selling lists formatted as directories.  "I was in Washington D.C. this past weekend and the freelancers like you who are based there pay to join organizations like the American Independent Writers.    They're getting plenty of assignments.    Even my daughter has joined up."

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Public Speaking: Joan Stewart's Top Ten Ways to Get Free Publicity

Great Public Speaking

Write "how-to" articles for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and newsletters, and for online article directories, and offer lots of free advice. They're referred to as Publicity Hounds and I'll bet you know at least one. They're the people smiling back at you from color photos that accompany their profile story in the morning paper. Turn on the radio and there they are again, chatting away on a local talk show. Two months later, they show up on the cover of your trade journal.

Observational Humor — Case Study #119

Humor Power

That might be because I’m in the National Speakers Association Directory. More Observational Humor from an excellent meeting. We’ll look at the humor, starting with the set-ups, the jokes, and a brief examination of what made the jokes funny. THE SET-UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.). It was one of the most windy nights we’ve seen in a long time.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Speakers increase your credibility

Articles benefit the article directories and places you submit to by increase in their readership and traffic. Submit to article directories and search engines.

Observational Humor — Case Study #117

Humor Power

That mightbe because I’m in the National Speakers Association Directory. We had another excellent meeting. Two guests. Four speakers preparing for their Area Contests. We’ll look at Observational Humor, starting with the set-ups, the jokes, and a brief examination of what made the jokes funny. THE SET - UP (What was said and what happened during the meeting before the monologue was delivered.). It was one of the most windy nights we’ve seen in a long time.

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Marketing Through Speaking Engagements - Nolo's Legal Marketing Blawg

Third, listyour talk on your website and on other directories where youve postedyour profile. Categories : Speaking Tags : Carolyn Elefant , marketing , Nolo , Nolo Directory , speaking events Posted by Carolyn Elefant | Permalink | Email This Post Posted In: Speaking Bookmark: About This Blog About This Blog Reach Us Click here to contact us Subscribe Subscribe to this blogs feed Subscribe By Email Search Nolo Blogs What Price Justice?

Assignments for Ghostwriters - Now Digital, Global & as Game-Changer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

O'DWYER'S DIRECTORY OF PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRMS lists agencies which handle global accounts [, 212-679-2471].  Like most developments in this black-swan marketplace, the shift in ghostwriting demand happened quickly.    One day I'm providing complimentary consultations to American professional-services chief executive officers considering publishing a print book for marketing purposes. 

The best-laid public speaking plans can actually work very well!

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

He advertised in 'The Stage' and was commissioned to write for a wide variety of artistes including a ventriloquist, a mind-reading goose and a teenage girl who bent iron bars and tore up telephone directories. Salisbury U3A. On 4 January I spoke about Patrick 'Call My Bluff' Campbell for the Salisbury and District U3A at the city's Salavation Army Hall. Around 150 members attended and their very good response got my speaking year off to a flying start. Haslemere U3A.

Rajat Gupta Brand - Restored in India

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So far, McKinsey will not re-instate his name in its alumni directory.  It was a different time. Back then the nation could still be stunned. Yes, it was before the iconoclastic dynamics of the campaign of Donald Trump and his even more disruptive U.S. presidency. Former head of McKinsey (prior to the investigative reporting about it by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal) Rajat Gupta was accused of insider trading.

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Robert Fripp's moonlighting as a motivational speaker makes perfect sense

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Graduates are logged in a "League of Crafty Guitarists" Directory which networks them within a geographical grid to aid and abet future collaborations. Mark Dery sent me the entire article from his interview in 1985. However, I enjoyed his modern day comment. "Incidentally, Mr. Fripp's moonlighting as a motivational speaker makes perfect sense.

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How Professional Speakers Can Get Big Visibility with Authentic Marketing Messages

Why should I write short articles to submit to the top high-traffic article directories or blogs? How Professional Speakers Can Get Big Visibility with Authentic Marketing Messages Are you a professional speaker? Is your present marketing working? Working well enough so that you have enough profits to vacation each year, buy a nice car, or pay your childs tuition? Now you can replace low results marketing with these five solutions. It will change the way you do business if you are willing.

20 Tips for new Professional Rising Star Speakers

Read Speaker Directories.

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