Evaluating an Enterprise-Grade Direct Sourcing Solution

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Five benefits your organization can gain from implementing an enterprise-grade direct sourcing solution

Three tips for directing your audience's response

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Have you ever asked your audience a question, only to be bombarded with personal stories and responses that shifted the direction of where you wanted to go? Direct your question with clear words and concepts. Share your tips for directing your audience's response!

Three tips for directing your audience's response

Speak Schmeak

Have you ever asked your audience a question, only to be bombarded with personal stories and responses that shifted the direction of where you wanted to go? Direct your question with clear words and concepts. Share your tips for directing your audience's response!

3 Strategies for Getting Speakers’ Bureaus to Notice You

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Relationships Speaking Business Strategy direct book business getting noticed by speakers bureaus speakers bureaus speaking business tipsAh… the elusive Speakers’ Bureau. Why aren’t they calling? Why aren’t they sitting up and taking notice of the fabulous work you are doing in your field? Well, let me explain why and give you a little insight into their world by sharing a few facts that you may not be aware of: Most bureaus […].

Ch 33: Cold Calling and Direct Mail (Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing)

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Chapter 33: Cold Calling and Direct Mail: We are now entering the domain of cold calling. I use the term cold call to cover unsolicited phone calls, sales letters, and e-mail messages that deliver your sales pitch to potential customers you have neither met nor been referred to. Cold calling is one of the most difficult and, frankly, tedious aspects of conquering corporate markets.

Marketers - Use Lots of Video, Load Them Directly Onto Facebook

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Of course, marketers use lots of video on Facebook. So do individuals who are influencers. But, there's something more both groups are doing that gives insight about Facebook as a platform for promotion.

The Language of Business - Shift from Indirect to Direct

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Now, the language of business has shifted to direct. Actually they know little but speaking totally directly.   Once members of Generation X and Baby Boomers embrace directness they get better results in their business dealngs. Corporatespeak used to be indirect.

Prompt Your Audience to Respond: Ask Questions!

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Let’s look at the direct and rhetorical question to see how these tools can help you keep your audience engaged. . Ask a direct question. The direct question—one in which you are looking for a verbal response from audience members—is a reliable technique to use with a small group of fifty people or less. When you “read” that your audience is getting bored, try using the direct question to get them re-engaged.

Upselling, Cross-Selling - That's The Way Direct-TV Lost My Sale

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That's exactly what happened when I contacted Direct-TV for a second time. Standard in sales, even at call centers, is to train in upselling and cross-selling. Usually attached is an increased commission, so the practice seems attractive to newbies.

Strong PR Demand: Going back to pitching directly to prospects

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The nice odds about sending out unsolicited requests for work - full time, part time, freelance - is that they result in quality responses.    Sure, the rate of those responses is low. 

Nudging in a more enlightened direction

Max Atkinson

ALLOW LEFT TURNS AT RED TRAFFIC LIGHTS If you’ve ever driven in the USA, you’ll know that most states allow drivers to turn right on a red light if there’s no traffic coming from that direction.

The Language of Business: The shift from corporate indirect to Millennial direct

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Now the language of business is direct. "  Consequently, I have gotten the hang of being as direct with prospects and later when they become clients.  I was direct. Remember when businesspeople sounded like, well, lawyers?  Their langauge was indirect.

Go directly to jail - and collect medical care

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Solutions may not always be efficient or elegant.    But they do solve a problem.    As GAWKER reports, James Verone has a serious medical problem.    So he robbed a bank in order to gain access to health care. 

Killer Direct-Mail Piece: I have Rescue Dog Lee K. To Thank

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The most recent creative accomplishment has been a killer direct mail piece for pitching my own executive communications services.

Jared Keller: Had he thought like a lawyer about direct mail, he'd still be at BLOOMBERG

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  Lawyers, those neurotic, hyper-cautious, ultra buttoned-down creatures would know (or should know) not to transmit direct mail that could boomrang against the sender. 

JOBS! Go directly to each organization's website

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The best selling arena for your skills may be each organization's website.    Increasingly, organizations such as Politico.com are listing their openings only there.    Maybe that narrows down those who apply to the more qualified for that particular category of work. Yes, it's effort to manually migrate from website to website.    But once there it's an eye-opener what great opportunities are actually available. 

LinkedIn: Content player, big time (probably figured out this direction from all its data)

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  For information and insight, professionals will go directly to those sites, bypassing LinkedIn. LinkedIn started out as a no-nonsense (hold most of the photos) social networking site for professionals. 


Great Public Speaking

[link] The church website says this email is a hoax --Original Message -- From: Fred Collins [mailto:londonyouthconference0@gmail.com] Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 9:30 AM To: Tom Antion Orders Subject: LONDON YOUTH CONFERENCE Dear Tom Antion, My Name is Rev.Fred Collins from the London Youth Community Here in London UK. We want you to be our guest Speak at this Year LONDON YOUTH CONFERENCE which will take place here in UK.We

Careers: Is FINS.com taking direct aim at AOL Jobs?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  This could be taking direct aim at AOL Jobs.  Today on Mediabistro.com is a help wanted placed by Dow Jones for Careers Reporter.   The job will be at FINS.com, the digital site owned by parent Dow Jones.    Could this possibly mean the beginning of the end of AOL Jobs.    For three months I was a contract blogger for the site.    I was responsible for two to five posts a day, five days a week.

4 Questions You Need to Answer in Your Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

This addresses the question of direction. Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations Business presentations tips for executives, sales presenters, managers, technical experts and professionals from the "Speech Coach for Executives" George Torok. Transform your business presentations into effective conversations. George Torok is a Toronto based presentation coach and presentation skills trainer.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 142)

Manner of Speaking

It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) German-American Physicist. “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.

Big Picture or Deep Detail? Do both with PowerPoint Zoom

Presentation Guru

Sometimes in our presentations we need big-picture thinking to set vision and direction. Yet at other times, we need to deep dive and drill down into the detail. But what if we need to do both ?

2017 35

How To Get Instant Feedback From Your Audience

Presentation Guru

We once published an article on Zeetings, a program that lets the audience become part of the story by using an interactive program directly from their smartphones. Getting your audience engaged is the most important things you can do when presenting.

2017 30

Seth Godin cuts out middleman publisher, sells books direct from blog

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Another arrow in the heart of the traditional publishing industry.    Big brandname marketing expert Seth Godin is cutting out his long-time publisher Portfolio and promoting/distributing his books from his own wildly popular blog.    Essentially that blog has created his own business system.

The urgent need for EU directives on tea-making and lunch times

Max Atkinson

No you can't, because, as in most of the hotels in Europe, no one outside the UK (and presumably the Indian sub-continent) seems to understand one of the most basic factors in the chemistry of tea-making - which is why I think it's high time that we had an EU directive that would require hotels, cafes and other outlets to boil, yes boil, the water before pouring it on the tea leaves or tea bags.

How good are you at answering simple questions? Take this easy quiz.

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As an intelligent business person, you might think you are excellent at answering simple, direct questions. ” If you answered any question A’s (even one!) – yeah, you’re bad at answering direct questions. You can’t answer a simple direct question directly.

2015 35

How to Look at the Camera

Green Room Speakers

Friday, October 15, 2010 How to Look at the Camera Watch the way Mark Bittman, "The Minimalist," focuses his eyes straight at the camera in this NYT cooking video, "Agua Fresca:" Dont you feel as though hes talking directly to you?

The Rules for Being Amazing

Manner of Speaking

As I watched, it occurred to me that every single one of them is directly relevant for those who wish to become better public speakers. Some time ago, I wrote a post about leadership lessons from my friend and former colleague, Robin Sharma.

2012 98

This Is What Every Nervous Speaker Needs To Be Told

Presentation Guru

In this article, Jim Harvey identifies 3 new rules to help the less experienced presenter who wants to stand out, to build their confidence and skills more quickly.

2017 27

Closing A Speech or Presentation, Part I

Matt Eventoff

Direct Call to Action – I am a believer that a speech or presentation without a clear call to some type of action is a speech or presentation that probably is not worth giving. . While not appropriate for every address, there is no clearer call to action than a direct call to action. Call-to-Question – Ending with a rhetorical question that captures the message and leaves the audience thinking, especially one that ties a call to action directly in is often very effective.

2011 97

Where Do You Get Your Speaking Business?

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Are you hustling and booking everything directly? I have a very important question for you: Where do you get your speaking business? Are they coming through referrals? Or are you using speakers bureaus and social media? Every day there are more and more apps and platforms popping up that purport to help speakers get booked. […]. The post Where Do You Get Your Speaking Business? appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

How to insert 3D into PowerPoint

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You can also find Paint 3D directly on your Windows Start menu. Just drag that icon around in all directions to see how you can rotate it. 3D is here! Yes, you can now insert certain types of 3D models into PowerPoint, rotate them and even animate them.

2017 86

Public Speaking & Communication in the Middle East/North Africa

Matt Eventoff

And so, here is a highlight of some of our direct experiences that we have come across in cross-cultural communications in the Middle East and North Africa. Instead, use your hands in a general sense, never directly targeting one specific person in an audience. In most Western cultures, eye contact with the person you are speaking with is interpreted as direct and shows a certain level of attentiveness. Direct criticism should be steered away from.

2014 85

Add power to your message with better slide titles

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It’s also less direct, less clear. But if they speak out a slide to me and we can have a discussion about it, then I can help them rewrite the text on the slide so that it’s more direct and therefore clearer. Being direct (not beating around the bush).

2015 90

Karen Jacobsen: The GPS Girl

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Are you willing to change direction? Her speaker demo reel shows some of what we enjoyed: Directions for Speaker Success Following this showcase presentation, Karen shifted gears (so to speak) and shared her insights into success in the speaking business.

2015 54

How To Close A Speech That Brings Your Audience To Their Feet

Matt Eventoff

A Direct Call to Action. One that directly ties into your call to action can be very effective. You’ve engaged your audience from the beginning of your presentation. They nodded as you delivered your message.

2014 95

Eye gaze and the power of faces

Presentation Zen

We are naturally drawn to look in the directions which other people are looking. I noticed that even my baby daughter looks in the direction I am looking; this tendency started at an early age. Face looks in direction of the text and product (and the road ahead).

2011 60

Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs – 3 Tips for a Successful Pitch

Matt Eventoff

But reading directly off of a script, or even worse, a PPT will not allow potential investors to see how passionate and confident you are about your company, your fund, or your idea. Public speaking for entrepreneurs? Absolutely! The reality is that a presentation, a pitch or “casual” conversations about your company all qualify as examples of public speaking. When I ask entrepreneurs about public speaking, I often hear “I don’t have to give speeches.”.

2014 88

15 Words Proven To Make People Listen and Act

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

A friend who works at global direct marketing agency Wunderman told me about its founder, Lester Wunderman , the 88-year old godfather of direct marketing. Direct marketing people have much to teach us in delivering any type of message that aims to influence people.

Vocal power to project your pitch. YouTube site will show you how.

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Which direction? Loud, clear, and cutting the chaos around me, a vendor’s sales call guided me direct to his pitch. Saturday sunrise in our local farmer’s market. For vendors, successful selling is strongly dependent on vocal power.