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I'm giving away 100 digital copies of Presenting for Humans: Insights for Speakers on Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection ! The giveaway started today and 51 copies are already gone, so if you're a Goodreads member, get over there ASAP to reserve your free digital download. Hey y'all! I'm celebrating the second anniversary of publishing my first book on April 14 and I want you to have a copy!

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Public Speaking: Ways to engage with THE Executive Speech Coach

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For free: Blog, articles , newsletters , podcasts , newsletter, special reports Low investment: World Champions Edge coaching community,Webinars Small investment: Digital downloads , DVDs, CDs, Books, eBooks Slightly larger investment: Speaking schools , Coaching Camps, Lady and the Champs , The Odd Couple Marketing Seminar, telephone coaching Larger investment: One on one coaching, executive coaching, team coaching.


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Why Customer Centricity Will Win You More Business (in 2020)


Even if we circle back in time to the pre-digital era, we can still spot how customer-centric culture (aka building things for the customer ) was driving some companies to success and leaving others in the dust. But their customers were already eyeing digital cameras.

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"101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking" e-book

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I've just discovered a new self-publishing platform for digital downloads called, and it's so super easy that I've already uploaded some stuff! Also, here's my profile page where you'll be able to find other downloads as I get them posted. Note: I'm no longer using this service. My e-book is only available on my website.

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How to Create an Extraordinarily Effective Speech-Marketing Tool

Pivotal Public Speaking

Best yet, you needn’t pay a penny to publish your gem in either bound or digital format, and it can be yours in minutes or days. He will also include two digital examples (of a dozen such tools he has successfully used in the past 25 years) that you can download to get started. the contact letter, flyer, and “kit” components you will have digitally accessible to accompany your new speech-marketing book or booklet. Download here => [link].

Public Speaker Marketing Tips: Sales Letter Exit Strategies

Great Public Speaking

This technique is best for digital download products like e-books because you don’t really have any cost of goods sold. Smart Internet marketers make money coming and going. that is when their visitors are coming and going. Obviously when your visitor comes to your site you want them to buy. Not so obviously to the new marketer is the fact that an enormous amount of money can be had from people leaving your site if you know what to do.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY: Print publication for web-based/mobile era

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  However, a digital content-provider such as myself got plenty from the read.    When we subscribe, we receive a free digital download of "The Big Book of Social Media Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives." THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY , published by Cool Blue Company, is a new print periodical focused on the evolution of social media. That

How to write, sell, and market a business book – V: Publishers

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Electronic books, free digital downloads, and a host of other trends have the publishers confused and frightened.  Your proposal has acquired the love of a reputable agent, and he or she is out selling it to the highest bidding publisher.    That process can take a few weeks to a few months.    Publishing is seasonal; there are spring and fall catalogs, and fast and slow times. 

Charli Jane Speaker Services: Public Speakers: Create Streams of Income With Your Products and Services by Wendi J McNeill

Depending on your business, you might be promoting coaching and mentoring sessions, consulting services, digital downloads, or other intangible products and services and I do highly suggest this, but make sure you also have tangible products availablesomething the attendees can hold in their hand and take home with them. MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now!

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