What Are the Simple Rules that Help Us Design Better Visual Aids? – Part Two

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Use animations for more complex ideas and visuals. … Visuals featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual AidsYou don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to create great slides.

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Simple Visual Aids That Work – 6 Rules for Non Designers

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Thanks to all of you that attended the third podcast in a series of 4, ‘How to create and use simple visuals aids that work’. … Case Studies Design Principles Visuals Audience Connection featured Podcast PowerPoint Powerpoint Alternative Presentation Design Software WebinarA BIG BIG THANK YOU! It’s the third in a series of four podcasts by John Zimmer and Jim Harvey, founders of Presentation Guru.…

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What Are the Simple Rules that Help Us Design Better Visual Aids?

Presentation Guru

You don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to create effective visual aids. … Visuals featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual AidsThe rules I outline here are based on scientific research and human experience. I recommend that you watch this TED talk from David J Phillips. I have built on the ideas that David explains in his video and added my own beliefs.…

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3 New Design Trends to Use in Your Presentations

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Let’s be honest, not everyone is a designer or has a professional designer on staff. At Venngage we have a ton of designers on staff but I still create a lot of my visuals!… … Design Principles Visuals featured Presentation Design Using Images Visual Aids Visual LanguageA lot of business owners and marketers are creating their own graphics from scratch.

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6 tips for better visual aids

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In the third webinar, we covered visual aids that support your presentations. We looked at common problems with slide presentations and then offered six simple, but effective, tips to help you design and use your slides better. Importantly, you do not have to be technically sophisticated or a design expert to have effective visual aids. The post 6 tips for better visual aids appeared first on Manner of speaking.

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How to… Use Visual Aids

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In this episode of my “How to…” series I’m going to talk about using visual aids in your presentation. Visual aids are helpful to give your audience another way of accessing the information you are trying to communicate. Rather than just ‘lend me your ears’, you are asking the audience to lend them your eyes as well. … Visuals featured Presentation Design using props Visual Aids

Visualizing concepts-24-hour protection

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It was an important concept to visualize because of the emotional impact. Presenters often struggle when visualizing concepts because the concepts may be abstract or because they simply can’t find the right graphic. Collect your own set of concept visualizations. What are some concepts you’ve visualized? Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY."

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Free Online Resources to Make Your Presentations More Visual

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It may feel counterintuitive, but visuals are the best way to transfer information in a presentation. … Resources Visuals Design Principles featured Presentation Design Using Images Visual Aids Visual LanguageNo matter what the ultimate goal of your presentation is, you can’t achieve that goal if your presentation doesn’t effectively transfer information.

What is Visual Tone in your Presentation?

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What is Visual Tone in your presentation and, more to the point, why do you need it? This is an article for all of us who have no background or formal training in design, yet still find ourselves having to design a presentation whose message stands out from the crowd. … Design Principles Visuals featured Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual Aids

Book Review – Visual Thinking by Emma Bannister

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If you want to make better presentations, and I think most of us do, Visual Thinking is a presentation design book aimed at real people with a message to share. A resource for people who have presentations to create as part of their work or studies, and who aren’t professional designers. … Book Reviews Design Principles Resources Visuals books featured Presentation Design Reviews Visual Aids Visual Language

What is a Storyboard And How to Use it in Product Design


Visuals : A set of pictures, visualizing that narrative. Captions : The text that accompanies each visual. User experience design. Instructional design. User Experience (UX) Design. Ideally, a storyboard should communicate as much as possible through visuals.

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The Best Way to Use Visual Elements in Your Slides

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As I work with many professional graphic designers, I’ve witnessed firsthand how important it is to synergize great messaging with strong visuals. … Design Principles Uncategorised featured PowerPoint Powerpoint Templates Presentation Design Slide Design Visual AidsI’ve also witnessed this pairing go very, very wrong.

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Presentation Tip: Design visuals vs. Content visuals

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Some presenters think that adding visuals, especially pictures, will instantly improve their slides. I agree that visuals can improve your slides, but only if those visuals help communicate your message more effectively. In this article I want to discuss the difference between design visuals and content visuals. A design visual is used to improve the appearance of the slide, and doesn’t really add to the point the presenter is making.

6 Design Ideas for a Killer Presentation

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That means rehearsing your dialogue, practising your nonverbals , knowing your subject matter inside and out, and having solid visuals to guide your audience along.… … Visuals Design Principles featured Powerpoint Alternative Presentation Design presentation technology Slide Design Visual Aids(This article contains affiliate links). At some point in our lives, we all have to make a speech or present something to an audience.

10 Tips for… Creating Great Visual Aids

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We’ve boiled down all of our advice about visual aids into ten golden rules – follow these and you’ll always have your audience’s attention for the right reason. … Visuals 10 Tips for. Presentation Design Visual Aids1) Do the slides last. Create your slides only after you’ve completed your presentation plan and storyboard or you’ll have an overlong, text driven, linear presentation that will lead to dull, text driven slides.…

Interview with visual language expert Connie Malamed

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I met Connie Malamed at the last Presentation Summit where she presented on the topic, “Your Brain on Graphics–Get your visuals on target and on message.&# I was impressed with her understanding of the field of visual communication and interested in her recommendation of “primitive features,&# images that are simple in terms of color, size, orientation, movement, shape and depth. Connie is the author of Visual Language for Designers.

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What’s your design style?

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Connie Malamed is an instructional designer and author. I attended a session of hers at the Presentation Summit conference and wanted to share her insights into design styles with you. There are many styles of design. To design presentations in a style that matches the content and audience. To practice looking at presentations and other media with a designer’s eye. This is an overview of 10 design styles. Visual graph.

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Tips on Designing and Delivering Engaging Presentations

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… Message Performance Visuals Audience Connection Confidence featured Interaction Visual AidsEvery day, up and down the country, and across the globe, thousands if not millions of poor audience members are sat down in a conference hall ready to endure up to 3 hours of painstaking presentations.

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5 Ways to Make your Presentation More Visual and Effective

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Visualizing slides (just a fancy word for transforming slides full of text into more visual slides) is a big part of my job, but you don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to apply some basic visualization techniques to your presentations. … Design Principles Powerpoint Visuals Bullet Points featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Visual Aids

9 tips to design presentations for webinars

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I recently gave a presentation on this topic at the Presenters Network meeting in Manhattan and thought I’d share with you my points for designing presentations for webinars. By the word “design,” I mean both the visual design of the slides and the design of the content. Use and design for the webcam. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY." Content Delivery Design principles webinar

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Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Are you looking for a presentation designer? I’ve been asked so many times if I could recommend a presentation designer that I’ve decided to publish a list of PowerPoint and Keynote slide design companies and freelancers. I asked each presentation designer to talk about their approach to presentation design and to give me an example of a slide that represents their brand. Apollo Ideas is a presentation consulting and design company.

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Presentation Designers – Do You Really Need a Specialist?

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There is no denying that the visual element of a presentation goes a long way to connecting with your audience. … Visuals Create Powerful Messaging featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Visual AidsHowever, it should never be forgotten that a great presentation is derived first and foremost from creating the right content that speaks to the people who will be seeing it.…

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Presentation design trends

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Mike is an internationally recognized visual communication and presentation expert, trainer, and award-winning author. He owns a creative services firm, 24 Hour Company (24hrco.com), authored a successful visual communication book (Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics) , and launched Get My Graphic (GetMyGraphic.com) that helps consultants, organizations and agencies achieve their training, education and sales goals with visual communication and proven communication techniques.

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Get Hands-On PowerPoint Training with Slide Design Online

Duarte Blog

Almost everyone has to work in PowerPoint at some time in their career, but most of us haven’t received any formal training on the complex software, or basic visual design principles. This leads to lost time and increased frustration—which is why we’re so excited to announce our newest training offering, the Slide Design Online Course. [.] The post Get Hands-On PowerPoint Training with Slide Design Online appeared first on Duarte.

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Should Schools Offer a BA in Presentation Design?

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Here’s an interesting question: should schools offer a BA in Presentation Design? Considering that even the work our children do at school requires some level of presentation design skill (or could certainly benefit from it), some may be surprised to learn that there isn’t already a degree dedicated to the subject.… … Build Your Skills Training Providers Visuals Elsewhere on the Web Presentation Design Training

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16 Graphic Design Trends of 2019 To Use In Presentation Design


In that case, you should know the latest graphic design trends. Surely, following the hype may seem tiresome, but sticking with a standard PowerPoint presentation template will hardly impress the modern audiences, already spoiled by the good design looks everywhere around them. By investing time in creating a trendier presentation design, you instantly gain several advantages: You (as a presenter) and your company are viewed as more progressive. Isometric Design.

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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – and Why It Matters

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In this article, Robert Lane shares his helpful and relevant advice on how our brains behave when faced with text over visuals. … Powerpoint Visuals Design Principles featured Making it Memorable Stock Images Visual LanguageIf you have tried in the past to use more pictures in your presentations but you’re not quite convinced, keep reading and take a second look at what’s possible and why it matters.

13 Pro Tips To Ace Your Keynote Presentations

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… Software Visuals featured Keynote presentation Powerpoint Alternative Presentation Design Slide Design Visual Aids

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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Finding the Right Images

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There is an art to finding visuals that support your message. In this article, Robert shares his ideas on how to represent messages visually and how indirect representation can sometimes work instead. … Powerpoint Visuals Design Principles featured Making it Memorable PowerPoint Visual LanguageHours can be wasted searching online image libraries and copying images from google is a big no.

resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Manner of Speaking

Nancy Duarte’s latest work, resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences is such a book. resonate (yes, the “r&# is intentionally lower case) is a glossy, beautifully designed, over-sized offering that is bursting with vivid images. The book’s tagline, “Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences&# , gives a clue to two themes that Nancy emphasizes throughout the book: (1) stories convey meaning; and (2) the audience is the hero.

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Create a Visual Summary Slide

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So I use a visual summary slide. PowerPoint visual summary slide. PowerPoint visual summary slide with SmartArt. If you need to add a circle on the circumference, click an outside circle and go to SmartArt Tools Design tab> Create Graphic group> Add Shape. PowerPoint visual summary slide using SmartArt. PowerPoint visual summary slide, ungrouping SmartArt. PowerPoint visual summary slide-filling a circle with an image.

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There Are Only 6 Types of Slides You Should Be Using – and This Isn’t One of Them!

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Simple visuals that emphasise the spoken message help the speaker and the audience in every way. Slides should only be used to add impact and emphasis to your spoken words but please don’t make the mistake of confusing your story (script) with your visuals. … Visuals Explaining Complex Subjects featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Using Images Visual Aids

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Are your slides ‘Visual Musak’?

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My partner, Tony, calls it “Visual Musak&#. At worst the photos are visually distracting. Here are some ways you might be creating visual musak rather than relevant illustrations. None of them are terrible if you do it only once in your presentation, but if all of your slides fall into this trap then the slides will become visual musak. What examples of visual musak have you seen? I saw very few bullet-point presentations at the SXSW conference.

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What’s a Presentation without Visuals?

DeFinis Communications

When it comes to visual aids for a presentation, what’s the first thing you think of? But the answers about visual aids that I’ve been getting from my clients recently (and what I’ve seen at their locations) have surprised even me. So, when was the last time you used a chalkboard, an overhead projector, a whiteboard, a flipchart, or even no visuals at all? It’s easy to become complacent and narrow-minded about the types of visual aids we use—or don’t’ use.

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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Making it Interactive

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… Powerpoint Visuals Audience Connection featured Interaction Making it Memorable PowerPoint Presentation Design presentation technology Visual AidsIn this article, Robert explains in detail how to transform your presentation into one that can be connected through hyper-links, giving you the control to navigate your audience. This freedom provides the ability to interact and engage with your audience in ways that a linear slide by slide delivery cannot facilitate.

Brain Science Supports More Visual Slides

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visual cues) used instead of, or in addition to, words make information clearer, easier to access and more memorable. You see, the part of our brain that processes visual images is much larger than the part that processes words so we have a built-in bias for using images to enhance our understanding. That bias can be fed by many forms of visual stimulation – pictures, illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, cartoons.

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Review of a new e-book: Visual Presentations

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I recently received a free copy of a new e-book, Visual Presentations: Boring Slides to Visual Presentations in 3 Easy Steps, by M.S. As you read through the book, the author guides you step-by-step through the process of converting boring slides to visual ones. Visualizing the objects. Finally, you visualize the objects. Review Design Ramgopal Visual Presentations

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A simple, 4-step guide to beautifully visualize data in your presentations

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When he’s not designing slides or giving presentations, he’s on another coffee run. So, if you’re designing slides, it’s imperative you find a way to communicate data that makes it easy for your audience to process. Too many people take data visualization for granted and almost always opt for the bare minimum approach. ” Data visualization isn’t just the process of slapping on a few charts.

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The Power of Visual Information

The Speaker Point

April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About The Power of Visual Information February 2, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments We live in information overload. Today’s advances in graphic design means we can clarify messages through visual information. I believe visual information should have 3 main characteristics in order to be effective.

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How to Design a Presentation that will Convince Investors

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The internet is full of generic advice about presentation design, so I won’t repeat it all here.… … Build Real Impact Message Visuals Corporate Speaking featured Persuasion PitchingInvestors are a special type of audience. I have been creating investor presentations for my clients for the last decade, and would like to share with you some of the things I have learned along the way.

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I’m redesigning ellenfinkelstein.com! What does rebranding mean for my presentation design?

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I just hired a great website designer and I’m already excited. Your presentations represent you and your organization just as much as your website and it should get the same design attention. That said, most people (including me) don’t spend the same type of money on designing their presentations as they do on designing their websites, although larger corporations usually do get a template professionally designed.

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5 Presentation Tasks You Really Should Outsource to the Experts

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… Powerpoint Visuals featured Outsourcing PowerPoint Presentation Design Presentation Industry Slide Design Visual AidsDone right, a presentation can make or break a deal, your career or even your entire business. Creating something incredible in PowerPoint takes a lot of time and skill – time you might not have, and skill your team might lack.…

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4 Tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design

Duarte Blog

A good presentation depends, at least partly, on good slide design. However, in this article, we focus on using layout and design to grab your audience’s attention and guide it through the information so your message is broadcast clearly. In particular, the Glance Test focuses on the singularity of the message , its audience relevance , the clarity of its visual elements , the data presented , the helpfulness of diagrams , its arrangement , and the animation used.

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