3 ways to use images

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As I see it, there are 3 ways to use images on a slide: As a background, behind text: The purpose is to make a slide that is essentially all text look better. As the main focus of the slide, with smaller text that supplements the image: The purpose is to have a strong impact. How do you decide how to size, place, and format an image on a slide? There is no right way to use an image, but understanding these 3 ways will help you design better slides.

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Layer images and shapes for stunning slides

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A simple way to create stunning slides is to layer an image, a shape, and text placeholders. If you want to learn more about slide design principles, you’ll love Slide Design for Non-Designers. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY." The post Layer images and shapes for stunning slides appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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3 New Design Trends to Use in Your Presentations

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Let’s be honest, not everyone is a designer or has a professional designer on staff. At Venngage we have a ton of designers on staff but I still create a lot of my visuals!… … Design Principles Visuals featured Presentation Design Using Images Visual Aids Visual LanguageA lot of business owners and marketers are creating their own graphics from scratch.

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Create a soft look with semi-transparent images in PowerPoint

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You can’t make an image itself transparent in PowerPoint, but there’s a workaround. Why would you want to make an image transparent? To overlap images. Normally, I would create a slide like this one… But if I wanted a softer look, to emphasize that the woman is thinking (which is a soft type of activity), I might use a semi-transparent image… This also allows me to put the text on top of the image instead of wrapping it.

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10 tips for modern design in 2017

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He wanted the design to look modern. His designer told him that he should use thin fonts, meaning that the font stroke is thin. Even if you aren’t a designer, you can create better looking slides with a little attention. Most importantly, your design should match your message. So, here are 10 tips for modern design for your presentations. If you have a border around an image, make it thin. Use a flat design. Flat design is in.

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Quickly create a grid of tiled images

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They help you lay out multiple images in a preset pattern. They even crop the images for you! ” An array of product images. I was able to search for “hand” and get a number of images showing hands. S elect the images that you want. Nine images worked well for me, but you can remove images easily. The images appear on the slide, all selected. Instantly, you have a grid of images, all the same size!

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Don’t use placeholders for images, unless…

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She would click the Picture icon in the content placeholder to insert the image. But whenever I reset the layout, PowerPoint would do weird things with the image, resizing it or moving it. ” Part of the reason for the constant resizing has to do with how PowerPoint handles images in content placeholders. For most slides with a large image, I use the Title Only layout. Here I’ve resized the title placeholder so that the title doesn’t overlap the image.

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Slide design rules–what are yours?

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Slide design can be very subjective but there are some rules that are objective. You’ll find that these rules are general enough to allow for lots of creativity and flexibility in your design. Rule 1: The text color should contrast highly with the background color — or the color of anything else the text is on, such as shapes, images, charts, or text. Images. Rule 3: A chart should be as simple as possible in its design, without losing clarity.

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Design an e-book or report cover in PowerPoint

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This week, I want to show you how to design a cover for that report or e-book in PowerPoint. If you aren’t a designer and yet want to design an e-book or report cover in PowerPoint, you’ll find it a simple way to go. I’ll also explain how easy it is to create the 3D image of the cover you see here. To set the slide size, click the Design tab, then Slide Size or Page Setup. Then simply add shapes (rectangles), text boxes, and images.

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What’s your design style?

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Connie Malamed is an instructional designer and author. I attended a session of hers at the Presentation Summit conference and wanted to share her insights into design styles with you. There are many styles of design. To design presentations in a style that matches the content and audience. To practice looking at presentations and other media with a designer’s eye. This is an overview of 10 design styles. The post What’s your design style?

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A quick way to design better photo slides–the 3-side rule

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Here’s a quick way to improve the design of slides that include some text and a photo. A vertical image covering 1/2 of the slide. A horizontal image covering most of the slide. A horizontal image covering the entire slide. Design Design principles Images images photos slide designThis type of slide is very common. But it doesn’t look very striking. Here’s the principle: Make the photo touch 3 sides of the slide.

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Slow image animation for a cinematic look

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A common type of animation in videos is a very slow zoom in or out — or a pan — of an image. Insert your image. Insert an image that covers your entire slide. Add the text and, of course, make sure that it’s legible over the image. To add a Grow/Shrink animation, follow these steps: Select the image. Important: Your image should be larger than the slide if you want to shrink it.

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9 tips to design presentations for webinars

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I recently gave a presentation on this topic at the Presenters Network meeting in Manhattan and thought I’d share with you my points for designing presentations for webinars. By the word “design,” I mean both the visual design of the slides and the design of the content. Use and design for the webcam. Text and images can be smaller, but…. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY."

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How to Design a Presentation like Apple

Manner of Speaking

Emily Stewart recently brought my attention to a short animated video that she and her team produced for OnlineMBA that illustrates some of the key values that Steve Jobs and his team espoused when designing products for Apple. It is a creative way in which to enhance a presentation with images. … High quality design is all-encompassing.” “Good design is produced by people who are motivated by failures and optimistic about change.”

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Managing Your Image Library

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

As we design more and more slide decks, we inevitably create or consume an ever greater number of images, whether they’re photographs, icons, or whatever. If you have an image management application such as Lightroom, Aperture, or iPhoto, you could use it. They have decent metadata support, but you’d be mixing all of these random images with your own library. Tags: Featured Slide Design Bento images stock photos

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What is a Storyboard And How to Use it in Product Design


The Nielsen Norman Group provides the following definition: A storyboard communicates a story through images displayed in a sequence of panels that chronologically maps the story’s main events. User experience design. Instructional design. User Experience (UX) Design.

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4 Principles To Live By When You Design Presentations

Duarte Blog

Whether you’re presenting a groundbreaking technology, a new business idea, or raising awareness of a social issue, if the design isn’t carefully thought through, your message could get lost. To make sure that your message resonates with listeners, follow these four basic presentation design [.] The post 4 Principles To Live By When You Design Presentations appeared first on Duarte. Design Presentations Tips animation Color images presentation tips

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What Are the Simple Rules that Help Us Design Better Visual Aids? – Part Two

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Make images and charts full size on the screen. … Visuals featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual AidsYou don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to create great slides.

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Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Are you looking for a presentation designer? I’ve been asked so many times if I could recommend a presentation designer that I’ve decided to publish a list of PowerPoint and Keynote slide design companies and freelancers. I asked each presentation designer to talk about their approach to presentation design and to give me an example of a slide that represents their brand. Apollo Ideas is a presentation consulting and design company.

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A Fast, Easy Way to Add Images to Your Presentation

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Subscribing to pricey image libraries is probably not something the everyday presenter would consider. W e know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to look for appropriate images, keeping in mind they are legal to use, without any copyright or resolution issues. … Bitesize Powerpoint Visuals Apps & Add-Ins PowerPoint Presentation Design Reviews Stock Images

91 Places to Look for the Perfect Image

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Adding attention grabbing images to your presentation is one of the best ways to give your presentation visual appeal. … Resources Visuals Elsewhere on the Web Presentation Design Using Images Visual AidsIn a previous article, we looked at the 10 Best Websites for Downloading Free Stock Photos. However there are way more than 10 sites available so, if you don’t find what you are looking for there, there are plenty more options to browse.…

Presentation design trends

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The following are current presentation design trends: Infographics. Flat Design. Recently, the term infographic has become synonymous with a specific style of graphic (and not a definition), rendered as an aesthetically simple and flat image using quantitative data to educate and persuade. Images should complement and highlight your content and not distract or muddle your idea. Flat Design. The opposite of flat design is realism (skeuomorphism).

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How to create a logo in PowerPoint

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Would you like to create your own logo, product image, or course symbol in PowerPoint in a few minutes — following some easy steps? A logo or product image like this will: Add interest to a sales page or training announcement. Find an image. Find an image that you want to use. Look for a striking image that you could crop to a square shape (1:1 aspect ratio). Insert the image on a slide. Crop the image. You want the image to be a square.

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Think BIG to create high-impact presentations

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You can increase the power of your ideas with images that are big, inspiring, and powerful. ” sounds like it could be about going to the store, but it’s really much bigger than that and the image portrays the big/small duality of the concept. When you make an image big in size, you often have to adjust the text around the image, rather than the usual practice of fitting the image around the text. The image is front and center.

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Design for quick changes–because changes always happen

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At Presentation Summit 2012, Nolan Haims , Director of Presentation at Edelman (a large PR firm) gave a session called “In the Trenches” about how to design presentations for quick changes and high-end results. His department is responsible for designing presentations that the firm uses to get new clients. As a result, he has learned how to design presentations in a way that allows for quick changes. Design natively in PowerPoint.

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It’s about the audience

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There are several techniques you can use to help your audience understand and remember: Research has shown that people remember images better than text, so you can include relevant images on your slides. This is called the “image superiority” principle. Think of slides as a way to enhance what you say with images, charts, screenshots, etc. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY."

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Export images from PowerPoint with a precise size in inches, centimeters, or pixels

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Do you use PowerPoint to create images for other uses — such as reports, social media, websites, newsletters, etc? The resulting image is way bigger than the size of the image in PowerPoint. When you’re creating an image for a website or social media, you want pixels, not inches. I inserted the e-book cover image you see here and set its size to 2.5″ I right-clicked and chose Save as Picture and saved the image. Images

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PowerPoint has photos again! And a lot more…

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The interface has changed to put all of the images in one place, including icons. Stock images are not available on the Mac as of this writing, but I expect them to roll out soon. In this post, I’ll focus on what happens when you choose Stock Images since that is the new feature.

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Hide background graphics for design flexibility

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It’s there, but as a separate image. The post Hide background graphics for design flexibility appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog. I have a client whose organization requires a watermark logo on every slide. It’s awful and he knows it. So he cheats. (I’m I’m keeping his name private so he won’t get into trouble.).

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Modern Presentation Design?

Executive Speech Coach

I was challenged to write about modern presentation design. The challenge was intended to focus on slide design. I normally associate modern with fashion – particularly for clothing, home design and automobiles. Modern seems to be about style, image and novelty. How might modern design apply to presentation? Could modern design be a valuable tool for presenters? Image A presenter wants to project an image of confidence, credibility and commitment.

How Your Images Can Tell Your Story For You

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There are valuable lessons for the presentation designer in Molly Bang’s wonderful book, Picture This: How Pictures Work. It was written to show ‘how the visual composition of images works to engage the emotions’ and has greatly influenced the way artists, illustrators, reviewers, critics and readers look at and understand art.… … Bitesize Design Principles Visuals Data visualisation Presentation Design Visual Aids Visual Language

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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Finding the Right Images

Presentation Guru

Hours can be wasted searching online image libraries and copying images from google is a big no. In this article, Robert shares his ideas on how to represent messages visually and how indirect representation can sometimes work instead. … Powerpoint Visuals Design Principles featured Making it Memorable PowerPoint Visual LanguageThere is an art to finding visuals that support your message.

There Are Only 6 Types of Slides You Should Be Using – and This Isn’t One of Them!

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… Visuals Explaining Complex Subjects featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Using Images Visual AidsSimple visuals that emphasise the spoken message help the speaker and the audience in every way. Slides should only be used to add impact and emphasis to your spoken words but please don’t make the mistake of confusing your story (script) with your visuals.

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12for12 April Challenge: Review Your Image

Speak Schmeak

Build your "confidence muscles" with monthly challenges designed to help you get out of your comfort zone and build confidence in a variety of settings that will prepare you for your upcoming speaking engagements! Now, for our fourth challenge: Review Your Image. The question is this: What image are you consistently portraying to your customers, clients, audiences and prospects? Review Your Image Challenge 1. Is it consistent with the image you hope you're projecting?

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4 Tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design

Duarte Blog

A good presentation depends, at least partly, on good slide design. However, in this article, we focus on using layout and design to grab your audience’s attention and guide it through the information so your message is broadcast clearly. Essential Tips for Designing Presentation Slides that Pass the Glance Test. Design Slides that Communicate a Single Idea. Design Slides Your Audience Cares About. Design Simple Slides with a Consistent Visual Style.

2017 72

Interview with Shai Schwartz of VisualBee, automatic PowerPoint design software

PowerPoint Tips

Answer: VisualBee is a Free PowerPoint 2007/10 plug-in that automatically designs presentations. Once your presentation messages are ready in simple slides, just let VisualBee to do the rest of the work for you, selecting your favorite design from its gallery. Our Premium offer gives you even larger variety of professional designs, images, and features, such as automatically adding your own logo on every slide. Design Resources makeover VisualBee

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4 Tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design

Duarte Blog

A good presentation depends, at least partly, on good slide design. However, in this article, we focus on using layout and design to grab your audience’s attention. These lessons apply whether you’re designing PowerPoint slides, Keynote slides, or presenting slides from the back of a napkin. Essential Tips for Designing Presentation Slides that Pass the Glance Test. Design Slides that Communicate a Single Idea. Design Slides Your Audience Cares About.

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Using BIG circles on slides to make a bold, modern statement

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Recent design trends often use large shapes with lots of white space. Fill a large circle with an image. You can fill a large circle — or a portion of a circle — with an image. Your choice of image will make a big difference. An image with no background (an “isolated” image) doesn’t work well here and if your image contains people, it’s easy to distort them. Copy your image to the clipboard.

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Improve your slide design by trying layout variations

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I find that many presenters who create their own slides struggle with slide design. In March, I’ll be giving a training webinar, Slide Design for Non-Designers , that will provide many more solutions that anyone, even the artistically challenged (like me!), The image covers the slide from left to right. Part of the reason this slide looks better is that the image is larger. 149 for an example of both types of designs.

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4 tips and 1 Tool That Will Help You Perfect Your Slide Design

Duarte Blog

A good presentation depends, at least partly, on good slide design. However, in this article, we focus on using layout and design to grab your audience’s attention and guide it through the information so your message is broadcast clearly. Essential Tips for Designing Presentation Slides that Pass the Glance Test. Design Slides that Communicate a Single Idea. Design Slides Your Audience Cares About. Design Simple Slides with a Consistent Visual Style.

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Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations


When we read something, we retain approximately 20% of the material, however, when videos, images, and audio feed are involved, the amount of retained information rises up to 60% and even higher. The post Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. A presentation plays an important role in both business and education, considering how it can boost our retention.

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Free Online Resources to Make Your Presentations More Visual

Presentation Guru

… Resources Visuals Design Principles featured Presentation Design Using Images Visual Aids Visual LanguageNo matter what the ultimate goal of your presentation is, you can’t achieve that goal if your presentation doesn’t effectively transfer information. It may feel counterintuitive, but visuals are the best way to transfer information in a presentation. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.

Powerful Presentation Formats You Didn’t Know About (But Should!)

Presentation Guru

… Inspiration Performance Create Powerful Messaging Design Principles featured inspiration PechaKucha Pitching PowerPoint Presentation Design Presentation format Using Images Visual AidsWe live in a world of public speakers who are so good at presenting information, they’re famous for it. There’s something about their style and delivery that just gets us to listen. As public speakers, they’re skilled and well-practised.

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