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The program is primarily focused on preparing a speech for the International Speech Contest, though the concepts and principles discussed are universal, so it works as a public speaking training as well. Acting vs Speaking International Speech Contest Lance Miller Speech Coaching Toastmaster

2014 91

3 Ways I Would Have Helped Michael Bay Prevent Speaking Armageddon

Speak and Deliver

Last night, at a meeting for Ignite Denver, I heard a brief mention of Michael Bay''s Samsung meltdown yesterday at a Samsung unveiling event.

2014 90

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A Triumphant Return?

Speak and Deliver

After coming home from the International Conference in August, I haven''t done much speaking. Once in Denver, then that afternoon in Colorado Springs. In fact, other than a couple of 5-7 minute speeches in my home club toward the end of the year, I''ve really done NONE.

2015 82

Speaker's Remorse - The Strongest Editing Tool

Speak and Deliver

Photo by Bradley Beck Last weekend, I had the chance to deliver essentially the same address to in Denver for their version of the training event, and I implemented those changes, to great success. Don't internalize it and make yourself miserable - document it and use it to improve.

2013 97

Kiddie Porn in Kansas Roman Catholic Diocese: Memories of Catholic Girlhood in Jersey City

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That ranged from working on Calle de San Francisco in Barcelona to covering synthetic-fuel development for Chevron in Denver, Colorado. 

What I Learned from Lance Miller

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Collins, 2 hours with us in Denver the next morning, then heading to Colorado Springs, and, I believe, Grand Junction and Southern CO were also on this docket. Hey - Look who''s coming to TLI!

2014 90

Toastmasters Friday: Who Are You?

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Here in Denver, we have a club that is extremely political in orientation and they are expanding. Perhaps these questions are better suited for the internal Linked In conversations. Do you know who you are as a Toastmaster? Do you know who your club is?

2011 93

Resolve to Speak & Deliver in 2012

Speak and Deliver

Compete in the International Speech Contest (Finished in the top 90 in the world this year, for the seventh time in ten years.) I met a ton of people here in Denver. Earlier this year, I 'Resolved to Speak & Deliver in 2011'. Looking back, how'd I do?

2012 75

Speaking of Airtime.

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So far in 2011, this is my first time flying out of Colorado, as I head to the Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas. Like I'm doing right now, sitting in the McDonald's at Denver International. A year ago I was flying all over the place, 2-3 times a week.

2011 65

Contest Results — Super Hero

Humor Power

Incomplete Man: Able to leap tall. Jim Spero, Denver, Colorado. It’s time for results of our September humor contest: Super Hero. Our readers submitted modern-day Super Hero characters they’d like to see. New Joke Contests are announced at the start of the month. The next contest will be announced on October 1. Here are the top lines from the September contest: ** FIRST PLACE **.

2013 40

I've Been Out.Speaking and Delivering

Speak and Deliver

During speaking season, which wraps up in the next month, Im traveling most of the time, speaking to audiences of 100-500 about the People to People program, and the benefits of international travel for young people.