Market Research: Everything You Need to Know as a Business Leader


Surveys. Collect demographic, economic, and social insights about your target audience. Surveys. Market research surveys are a fast, cost-effective way of getting new insights by asking respondents to choose among several pre-written answers. NPS surveys ).

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A Quick Guide to Buyer Personas


The only ever-so-slight difference between a user/buyer persona and marketing persona is that the former tend to be created based on existing customer data, gathered from interviews and surveys with existing customers and so on. Line Up General Demographic Information. Personalization.

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Baby Boomers - The Generation with Biggest Increase in Social Media Use

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That's what public relations agency Schneider Associates found in its annual survey on media consumption and product memorability.  Using social media has become standard. But the biggest increase in who's using it has been among the Baby Boomer generation.

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How Voice of the Customer Concept Can Boost Sales and Revenue


Customer Surveys. A customer survey can be a great way to understand customer preferences. Surveys have the advantage of gathering qualitative and quantitative data, based on the type of questions you ask your audience. Surveys can be conducted in a number of ways such as; on-site surveys to directly interact with your customers or online surveys to gather customer opinion. Surveys can have the advantage of reaching a very specific market segment.

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How to Do Market Segmentation The Right Way


How do you determine which demographics to go after? DemographicDemographic segmentation is the most popular way of segmenting customers. Finally, banking products are typically marketed to people with specific demographic characteristics. Customer experience surveys and Voice of Customer data are great market research tools for obtaining information, directly from your audience.

Guest Blog: The 3 Best Recruiting Automation Tools For 2018


He would send each person an email with a position that could potentially work and included a survey at the bottom of the email that asked them if it was a good fit. Social media advertising allows you to target people using demographics, which means that new clients are as easier than ever to find. It’s unavoidable these days: stories about how artificial intelligence and automation are poised to transform the economy dominate the news.

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Marketing & Power of Long-Tail Keywords

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  What else Google pays attention to are:  Demographics. Do the headline, lede, and content align with the target demographic? Is this information a result of exclusive research such as a survey or poll? Voice. Mobile. And, the trusty old desktop.

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What is the Direct to Consumer (DTC) Business Model?


A Barclay’s survey shows that tech manufacturers that adopted a DTC strategy were in a position to see a £13bn increase in revenue over the next five years. Out of those surveyed, nearly 75% have already embraced direct to consumer trends as part of an overall business strategy.

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Marketing Plan Development: The Start to Finish Guide For Executives


According to the latest Content Marketing Institute survey , 69% of B2B marketers seeing the most success have documented content marketing strategies versus 16% of businesses that are least successful with their marketing. When should you start thinking about your next marketing plan?

Student Loan Folly - An Equal Opportunty for All Generations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A new survey by, reports MarketWatch , found that 1/3rd of those who are no longer young perceived that enormous financial problem as mostly the fault of the young. According to the Federal Reserve, notes CNBC , the over-50 demographic owes $260 billion in student loans. The generational wars continue. This time the hostility between those under 45 and those 45 or older focuses on student loan debt.

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Interacting with your audience using an audience response system

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

To survey audience opinions on preferred options, policies and priorities. Q- can you analyse the data by demographic groups? A- Yes, if you ask a question where the audience press a number to indicate which demographic they belong to, you can then analyse their subsequent responses by sub group as well as by the whole audience. Engaging and getting interaction from a small audience is relatively easy but what about when you are speaking to larger groups?

Reverse Profiling: Aging Become Invisible, New Untouchable Class

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In shopping centers where surveys are being taken we are rarely approached. Or the interviewer backs off when fiinding out we are in the over-50 demographic. Actor Ron Brown is upset.  He alleges he was profiled in Macy's.   Here is that story in NEW YORK Magazine. For the aging in Marketing Machine America, there is also reverse profiling.  We aging become invisible, or even the New Untouchable Class.

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ToFu, MoFu and BoFu: 3 Sales Funnel Stages Explained


For online retailers, the objective defined by digital marketers could be to use keywords to target customers by showing them the most accurate results based on their past searches, searched keywords, demographics, etc. When a customer makes a purchase, it can be looked at as a journey.

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How to Design Better Sales Funnels


It should include general demographics data, typical buying behaviors, problems, and pain points. Get this data from your CRM and through direct surveys, or conversations with your current clients. Buyers “purchase journeys” are rarely linear. In the current omnichannel landscape they connect with a brand through multiple touch points on their way to conversion – a purchase, an inquiry, a booking or another meaningful action.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Viable Go to Market Strategy


How does your ideal buyer look – age, demographics, income, shopping preferences? Audience research may take time as you’ll need to schedule interviews, and perhaps run several surveys with focus groups, but in the long run, this effort pays off – 71% of businesses who exceed their revenue and lead gen goals have documented customer personas. [ The ultimate goal of any business is to grow and scale over time.

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How to Speak & Offend Part IV of IV: 9 More Ways to Offend the Audience

Speak and Deliver

If I''m going to speak about a certain "level" or aspect, I do the quick survey during the speech: "How many of you.?"" They aren''t trying to offend those of you who don''t fit their demographic, generally speaking, they''re just trying to hit a home run with their specific demographic. The Best Defense is a Good Offense. After Part I , I had several comments regarding other ways we as speakers can offend our audiences.

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Three Radical Ideas for Improving (not Reforming) Higher Education

Speaking Of...

Food insecurity is a growing problem in higher education, as revealed by institutional surveys, and hopefully soon tracked by national data (I''m working on it). None speak to "quality" because I do not think the evidence on declining quality is solid-- the demographic changes in higher education have collided with the redefining process, and thus it is far from clear that reformers are saying anything more than "these students" aren''t as good as yesterday''s.

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How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Twitter for Business Getting Started on Twitter Professional Guides MICROSHARING eBooks Twitter Survey: Form-DMs Enterprise Microsharing Reading List PRESS Media Kits Who is @pistachio? However, a survey of leadership conferences from Weber Shandwick shows that there is a significant increase in blogging and twittering at conferences. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results. HOME TOUCHBASE BLOG Your Suggestions? SERVICES Market Engagement Enterprise 2.0