Demographics: Exit polls 2012: How President Obama won

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Fox News - In Key 25-54 Demographic, It Falls to 3rd Place for Prime Time

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But in the prized-by-advertisers 25-54 years old demographic, Fox News fell to 3rd place. Fox News needs more than white old men for its viewership. Yes, they are helping keep that cable channel top dog for the month for both prime time and all-day ratings.

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America’s changing demographic: Texas will go blue

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Nostalgia - Set Parameters 4 Those Demographics

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  Since we Baby Boomers are not a prized demographic, the bits and pieces of the past which can stop us dead in our tracks or move us to tears, marketers likely won't be leveraging much of our history. Maybe you're never too young to have nostalgia.

Brilliant Strategy - PR Week Has Gen Zer, Sabrina Sanchez, Report on Marketing to Her Own Demographic

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In itself, a deconstruction on how to pitch to that demographic is nothing new. Currently, PR Week has a major article on how to market to Generation Z. Here you can read it. After all, it's an important market segment , representing 70 million.

Nielsen's Twitter TV Ratings: Baby Boomer Medium + Millennial, Gen X Demographics

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Marketers sure don't welcome Baby Boomers as a useful demographic.  But they have gone wild over our medium: television. Programming like "The Good Wife," "Downton Abbey," and "Breaking Bad" dominate the national conversation.

GOP Pollster: Republicans Have Run Out Of White Voters

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Whites To No Longer Be A Majority In U.S. By 2043

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Transitions: Making the connection between ideas

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Commercials are chosen for a particular time slot based on demographics - the age, gender, income, education and other details about the people who watch shows on that network. There''s rarely a transition or any relationship to the program besides these demographics.

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Barack Obama Reelection Signals Rise Of New America

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Dick Morris Says Republicans “‘Will Never Win Another Election”

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Dump the Mystery Shop to Build More Sales

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We get so many inquiries but most don’t fit our demographic so we’re saving them time and of course, our time too.” ” Me: Yes, and you mentioned they aren’t closing the business that does fit your key demographic.

Handouts for data-heavy presentations

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A product marketing manager asks you to research demographics for people in the United States who read email on their phone, tablet, PC and anything else. Not all presentations can be full of photos. Sometimes, you need to present data — lots of it.

How to Communicate with Teenagers, Pt.II

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Teenagers are individuals first, members of a demographic group second — very important distinction. As a teenager, I still have vivid memories of rushing home from wherever I was to see if my latest crush had called and left a message. . Times have changed. Teenagers today don’t have to wait by the phone or check an answering machine — they might get a text or call &# on the cell&# immediately after the school day ends.

How to Master Audience Engagement When You Present

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There are countless ways to segment an audience, including by demographics, job title, geographies and more. Don’t panic, but if you want to engage your audience in a presentation, you have a little less than 9 seconds to make it happen.

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Do you have a parental attitude toward your audience?

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If you don't have this luxury, for example, when you're speaking at a conference, you can get some basic demographics and data from the conference organizer about who's attending, and then make sure to chat up your audience members as they arrive.

Fox News - The Invisible Hand, Not Toxic Culture, Can Make It Yesterday

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slot, with the key 25-54 demographic, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is already receiving higher ratings. In New York Magazine , Fox News expert, Gabriel Sherman, is among those who finger the network's marketplace vulnerability.

How to Master Audience Engagement When You Present

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There are countless ways to segment an audience, including by demographics, job title, geographies and more. Don’t panic, but if you want to engage your audience in a presentation, you have a little less than 9 seconds to make it happen. Recent studies show that the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds—if you don’t get listeners engaged that quickly, there’s a good chance you’ll lose their focus to their phone, laptop, reading materials, daydreams, etc.

Should women speakers include--or avoid--topics about women?

The Eloquent Woman

So all of this to say, my sisters and brothers, that we are tired as women of being relegated to simply being thought of as a particular constituency or demographic. The radio producer had found this blog and wanted to use it as a muse for a program on women and public speaking. Great news!

Public Speaking - Creating a Favorable Learning Situation

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The most important characteristic to consider for a one-to-three-hour session is the demographics of your participants. Demographics are not just age, sex, income, and education, although these may be very important to know. With the world of technology changing at such a rapid pace, it's not surprising that more and more presentations are being geared towards the technological side of learning, or the "hard skills" types of programs.

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Don't Forget to be Social on Social Media Join a Group!

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The Facebook Graph Search now allows business owners to dig deep into their demographics to reveal valuable and useable data. It is no secret that social networking can take your business to the next level and increase brand awareness with your target market.

TV - Nonono, It's Not Dead

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As many of us already know is that Fox, for the first time, came in third in the 25-54 demographic in prime time. The May 21st version of "Gillmor Gang" focuses on television. Among what the panel agrees on are: TV is not dead.


How to Speak & Offend Part IV of IV: 9 More Ways to Offend the Audience

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They aren''t trying to offend those of you who don''t fit their demographic, generally speaking, they''re just trying to hit a home run with their specific demographic. The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

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From the vault: How speakers can find out about the audience, 5 ways

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If it is relevant to your topic, it may help to ask about the demographic makeup of the audience, such as age ranges and gender. (Editor's note: I'm curating a series of posts from the past. Here's one from 2009 about a critical piece of research every speaker should undertake.)

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Partnerships, Not Page Views

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  So tight have been those bonds that some marketers see ahead category building based totally on interests instead of demographics like gender or age. AOL, which chases after advertisers via promises about page views, has been called the sick man of the Internet. 

Drudge Report - Will Last Fox Left Standing Be Out-Foxed

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For the first time in years, it came in third place for viewership during primetime by the prized young adult demographic. The Drudge Report features the last "fox" left standing - Sean Hannity.

Do you open your email the right way?

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If your company is a more conservative or luxury brand (particularly if you appeal to an older demographic), then go for: Dear Sue. Here is a quick tip: It takes about a second to start an email with a greeting. Instead of just writing, Sue-”, try: Hi Sue, Good morning Sue, Hello Sue, Good day Sue.

Far-Right Talk Radio - What happens to it when 3 Murdoch Mediateers tilt Fox less right

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The objective of the 3 Murdoch Mediateers, now in control, is to transform the demographics from old to much younger. For years during the Roger Ailes' era, far-right talk radio has smugly gone on with its ultra conservative mission. The memes mirrored those on Fox News.

Public Speaking: Creating a Favorable Learning Situation

Great Public Speaking

The most important characteristic to consider for a one-to-three-hour session is the demographics of your participants. Demographics are not just age, sex, income, and education, although these may be very important to know.

The Third Presidential Debate 2012. Analysis and Commentary. And Who Won?

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This line also set the President up well for the first of several pivots to the topic of women, a key demographic in the undecided electorate. Up till tonight, it was one round each. Both candidates had proved themselves.

Univision Doesn't Buy - Grim Lesson in Being Too Hot To Handle

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  According to experts , Univision's objective in buying those brands is to increase its penetration of the affluent male millennial demographic. In the end, wasn't saved. As LawNewz reports, Univision refused to include that media property in its purchase of other brands under the Gawker Inc. umbrella brand. 

2016 World Championship of Public Speaking - A Serial Contestant's Perspective

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I mentioned on Facebook that I would 'be writing a blogpost about the World Championship' - even though I haven't blogged, apparently, since April. A few people actually asked me to tell them when I posted it. Therefore, I better write it. First - a couple of caveats: 1.

Buddy Cianci: Ultimate role model for coming back big

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  He's there in an era when human beings of all demographics struggle to connect. Former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island and ex-con, Buddy Cianci has been voted "Best Radio Personality" by THE PROVIDENCE PHOENIX. The reason why, explains PHOENIX, is "personality."

Roman Catholicism - Brand Charisma Can't Save In America

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" the Catholic Church is in a demographic free-fall." " - Patricia Miller,, May 21, 2015. Here is the article. Sure, Pope Francis is an influential thought leader.

SXSW Interactive: Amazing from Every Perspective

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People want demographics and metrics around a variety of user groups (followers, likes, etc.). When we came home from SXSW Interactive last year, we vowed to return.

Blogs: Geezer genre for tweet, texting gen

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This is another demographic divide which influencers and actual product/service sellers will have to craft their strategies and tactics for. My blog audience is geezers, that is, anyone who is not a Millennial.    Those digital natives are the tweet and texting generation.    They want it brief and with lots of liberty with traditional grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Generation Z Frames Facebook As Grandparents'/Parents' Social Network

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  Since advertisers want youthful demographics, eventually Facebook could hit a revenue wall. Perhaps the last generation to embrace Facebook as their social network might be Millennials. Business Insider interviewed a section of Generation Z - the 9 to 11 year olds. 

Part 1 of a Three-part Series: Got Platform?

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Create demographic and psychographic. Guest Blog Part 1 of a Three-part Series: Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor that specializes in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses.

Public Speaking: The First Question You Need to Answer

Pivotal Public Speaking

Determining the makeup of an audience involves certain considerations that can be broken down into two categories: Demographics and Psychographics. “Demographics&# help us define “age cells,&# while “Psychographics&# inform us about “type cells.&#. Demographics. Initially, it is helpful to determine the demographic composite of the audience. Now let me explain why this demographic analysis is so important.

Interacting with your audience using an audience response system

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Q- can you analyse the data by demographic groups? A- Yes, if you ask a question where the audience press a number to indicate which demographic they belong to, you can then analyse their subsequent responses by sub group as well as by the whole audience.