What Today’s Presenters Can Learn From a 50-Year Old Demo

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Today nearly every technology company gives demos to showcase their products’ best. What is the oldest demo you have in mind? … Build Real Impact Audience Connection Create Powerful Messaging featured Making it Memorable Product Demos

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5 public speaking lessons from a Vitamix demo

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After the last one, which I didn't have time to watch, I called to find out when they would be in town again and made a point of showing up at Costco to watch the demo. But first, I wanted to see the demo. The demo was relevant and effective.

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5 public speaking lessons from a Vitamix demo

Speak Schmeak

After the last one, which I didn't have time to watch, I called to find out when they would be in town again and made a point of showing up at Costco to watch the demo. But first, I wanted to see the demo. The demo was relevant and effective.

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What’s Hot & What’s Not in Demo Videos with Chris West

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The post What’s Hot & What’s Not in Demo Videos with Chris West appeared first on Jane Atkinson. On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about how to make an effective demo reel. Chris West is joining us to talk about the questions to ask to ensure that you are presenting a clear narrative in your demo video to help you get the gig. Listen the podcast below: Highlights you won’t want to miss: * Sizzle Vs Demo.

Thursday Ratings: Rachel Maddow Wins The Day Among All Cable News Shows In Demo

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Sanjay Gupta - Show, Don't Tell (Ebola Demo With Chocolate Sauce)

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Here is the demo. To max the impact of the demo, Gupta uses chocolate sauce. The best among the pros will use imagination about how to configure the demo.  The oldest fundamental in communications is: Show, Don't Tell.

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The Power of Polished Technical Demos and Why I Love My Work

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AEs give demo presentations for a living and they have speaking and travel schedules to prove it. In the world of presentation skills the demo presentation stands alone. Tags: Presentation Skills Autodesk demo presentation presentation technical demos Last week I was in Charlotte, NC teaching a technical presentation skills program for one of my favorite clients, Autodesk. Autodesk, Inc.

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Create a quiz in PowerPoint:demo of Technique #7 from my e-book

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Learn more about 101 Advanced Techniques Every PowerPoint User Should Know.

Using Video to Rock Your Speaking Business with Dan Thurmon

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The Wealthy Speaker Podcast Dan Thurmon demo video Jane Atkinson presentation video social media and video speaking business and video using video video at events video marketing video reel

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The Key Factor for Your Presentation’s Success

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Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Executive Speech Prep Northern California Public Speaker Public Speaking Speech technical demosWhen you’re preparing a presentation, who is the most important person you need to consider? The answer: Your audience.

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Charli Jane Speaker Services - producing a demo video


Want to Be a Better Public Speaker? Play with Your Kids

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Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Public Speaker Public Speaking technical demosMy husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in Hawaii last week and went to the beach every day.

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Need a Remote for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation? There’s an App for That

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I work with many people who give PowerPoint presentations. And no matter how experienced they are, invariably a few of them forget to bring (or don’t own) a remote control for advancing their PowerPoint slides.

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Speaking With Conviction…Over the Phone

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Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Fear of public speaking inflection Northern California pitch presentation Public Speaker Public Speaking Slides speak with conviction speaking with conviction technical demos Telemarketers video Vocal Resonance voice

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Three Influential First Ladies

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Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Executive Speech Prep Famous Speakers Fear of public speaking First Ladies Hillary Clinton Historical Speakers Influential First Ladies listener Michelle Obama Northern California Public Speaker Public Speaking Speech technical demos

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PowerPoint Lessons at 30,000 Feet

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Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Executive Speech Prep Fear of public speaking less is best Line by Line Coaching Northern California PowerPoint Prepare presentation presentation preparation procrastination Public Speaker Public Speaking Speech technical demos

The Most Unusual (and Amazing) Speech Preparation Story I’ve Ever Heard

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Distinctive Language Examples of Powerful Speakers Language Perseverance Persistance Presentation Skills Presentation Tips Speaking Tips Speech Preparation Vocabulary passion influential women Prepare presentation presentation skills training for women Public Speaker Public Speaking Speech technical demos Vocal Resonance voice W4W Wednesday for WomenI just completed a week’s training with the faculty at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

Content Tips: How Much is Too Much?

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Tags: Technical Presentations content technical demos technical professionals

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Improve Your Presentation…One Bit at a Time

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I spent three days last week teaching our Technical Demo Presentation Skills program to a wonderful group of Application Engineers. In today’s world, touch points can include technical information, data, charts and graphs, pictures and images, demonstrations of concepts, or in the case of the technical demo, product functionality. Elegant Skills for Powerful Presentations Line by Line presentation stage fright Technical Demo

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Learning About Webinars

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It’s called My Brainshark and it allows you to narrate slide shows, make a narrated photo album, post a video demo and more.

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10 Of The Best Tools For Hosting A Webinar

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These may include: advertising online using pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, posting a YouTube video of screencasts, demos and events, or simply, conducting a webinar.…

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Transcribe or translate your live talk in PowerPoint with a Star Trek twist

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I recently did a session on Presenter View in my Power Pointers Quarter Hour training program and included a demo of this feature, which you can see below.

Does Your Preview Video Get You the Gig?

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Tags: Booking Speeches Speaker Marketing Speaker Demo video

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When Murphy Pays A Visit

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

demos. He may have ruined the demos, but the presenters (and their assistants) saved their presentations. The first incident was during Pasco’s demo of their Spark application, presented by Wayne Grant.

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Apple’s HTML5 Showcase

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However, just from my testing, many of the demos do work in Chrome as well. If you must use Chrome, Click the "Learn More" link to access the demos. About the video demo: The HTML5 video tag allows you to integrate video within your website’s code. via apple.com.

Presentation Lessons from a Cooking Demonstration

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Here are some ingredients we business presenters can adapt from a good cooking demonstration: Prepare Your Space Before the Presentation :: Well before visitors entered the room, the cooking demo host set out all her pans, foodstuffs and utensils.

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5 new webinars in June! Get high-value training in presentation skills

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I’ve planned an exciting structure that will give you solid training, demos and makeovers, and plenty of time to ask questions and get answers.

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3 Steps to Build a Six-Figure Speaking Business

Succeed Speaking

How do you build a six-figure speaking business? There are several ways to go about it, but I’ll give you my favorite one: Step One: Find someone who’s already done it. Step Two: Adapt and model your strategy based on what they’ve done. Step Three: Execute the strategy.

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How do you organize and structure your presentation content?

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For example, Olivia did a short demo presentation that recommended lending money to a person in a developing country with Kiva.org. In this demo, she answered the questions as follows: Why would you lend money to a person in a developing country? Olivia Mitchell recently presented in the Outstanding Presentations Workshop and recommended that everyone use a planner to organize content. You can get her e-book with the planner here.).

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How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy


Leads are people who have shown interested in your company’s product or services in some way e.g. signed up for your newsletter, requested a call, left their contact information or asked for a demo. Free trial/demo. Filled in demo request form: +15 points.

Karen Jacobsen: The GPS Girl

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Her speaker demo reel shows some of what we enjoyed: Directions for Speaker Success Following this showcase presentation, Karen shifted gears (so to speak) and shared her insights into success in the speaking business.

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Simon Morton speaks at the Outstanding Presentations Workshop

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Two of the non-PowerPoint options Simon mentioned were doing a demo and writing on a flip chart. Simon Morton founded Eyeful Presentations , which offers presentation consultancy and design services for businesses of all sizes from offices in the UK, US and Holland.

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Working with Speakers Bureaus, Speaker Do’s and Don’ts with Holli Catchpole

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CRM Demo Webinar – [link]. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about when it’s time to find an agent and how to work with speakers’ bureaus.

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Do you embed YouTube videos on your website? If so, you need this (in my opinion)

Succeed Speaking

For example, you would like your speaking demo video to stimulate speaking inquiries, right? You’ve got video on your website, right?

Can audience introductions work?

Speak Schmeak

The topic was connecting regional food buyers with sellers, and the speaker was unveiling and demoing a site that will facilitate this process. Here's an example of something that shouldn't have worked in an hour-long presentation, but it did.

When Visuals Are Just Pointless

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

One one projector, we had the slide deck and on the other, a demo. I’ve had to sit though some presentations recently where when it came to visuals, the presenters took cramming information in the audience’s face to a whole new level.

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10 Ways a Contestant Can Add Value to their District

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Support Demo Meetings - your District is always trying to grow, and spread the goodness of Toastmasters to the world. Volunteer for a role - ANY ROLE - at a demo meeting.

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Make the product unique, not the packaging

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9 things you can learn from a home shopping show Some tips from a tip jar 5 public speaking lessons from a Vitamix demo How is a speaker like a cinnamon roll cake?

slideboxx: Slide management software

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You can watch a demo. slideboxx (by Zinali) helps you find slides from PowerPoint presentations using keyword search. Charles Wolfus of Zinali sent me a free copy (that’s my disclosure statement!) and I’ve been using it ever since. It runs with PowerPoint 2000 through 2007. slideboxx opens and works in your browser. It automatically indexes your presentations—which can take some time, depending on how many you have, and I probably have more than most people.

Crushing the Platform… Rocking the Video with Robin Creasman

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In this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’m talking to Robin Creasman about crushing the platform and creating a killer demo video to get more speaking business. In this podcast, Robin and I discuss how crushing the platform and creating a killer demo video or sizzle reel are two very effective ways in which you can get more business as a speaker. You want more speaking gigs, but feel as though you’ve exhausted the possibilities in your niche.

How to Create a Great Investor Pitch Deck and Close the Deal


Slide 4 – Showcase Your Product (Demo Time). Slide 4 – Showcase Your Product (Demo Time). Now it’s time to give your investors something more tangible and do a quick demo of your product. If you can, have a product demo. If you’re a start-up, then you probably already heard the term “pitch deck.”

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"Exciting" - Let's Ban That Term In Public Speaking for 20 Years

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Speakers will be forced to demo the excitement versus simply putting the burden on that tired old word. No surprise, in her New School speech , Hillary Clinton described the sharing economy as "creating exciting opportunities" (emphasis mine.). Clinton has never been an exciting speaker. So, she defaulted into a term which hasn't transmitted any electricity for about a century. Actually, using it marks the speaker as likely having nothing exciting to say.

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Your Data Wants a Makeover

Duarte Blog

For Demos, this survey explained theoretical concepts about power as well as showing its practical implementation in 21st century Britain. Simplicity does not necessarily mean skimping out on the meat of your presentation.

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