Thoughts on Self-Definition

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

Be defined, not by the trophies in our cabinet, the money in our bank account; nor the clothes that we wear, or profession that we do. But think and define […]. General Personal Development Random Observations

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Today’s Slang: Words Without Definition?

DeFinis Communications

In August, I wrote a blog about hippie-era slang that coincided with the 40 th anniversary of Woodstock. I explained how speech has always been a principle medium for cultures to define and differentiate themselves. Today, it is clear to linguists and laymen alike that people are incorporating language that reflects their online activity into offline speech. For example, “LOL” or “BRB” have been commonplace in everyday speech for years due to instant and text messaging.

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What’s Your Definition of “Wealthy?”

Speaker Launcher

Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing beginner speaker definition of wealthy Jane Atkinson speaker coach speaker trainingBeing a Wealthy Speaker may mean different things to different people. My idea of “wealthy” is making money while I sleep and travelling just a few times each year. Most of my clients, however, want to do more gigs, which means travelling more frequently.

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Fear of Public Speaking: A Definitive Guide to Managing and Moving Forward

Matt Eventoff

* Pt I of a 3 part series, as seen on A random internet search for cures for fear of public speaking produces over 2 million results. That is a shame. No matter how many books, courses, DVDs, websites or snake oil salesmen promise to “cure” you of your fear of public speaking; it is never that simple, or that easy. And that is ok. The reality is that every executive has a rush of adrenaline before presenting – the normal “fight or flight” response.

2012 177

Transition to Different Type of Work - New Definition of "Retirement"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

More than 70% of 50+ pre-retirees indicate they will keep working during retirement. And, among those already retired, almost 50% say they have worked or are working during retirement. Those are the findings of a new Merrill Lynch study. Here is a copy of that report. Working has become the new normal in retirement.

2019 40

Definitive list of public speaking blogs – updated with Twitter

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Andrew Dlugan, custodian of the list to top public speaking blogs, has just updated the list to include the Twitter profiles. You can view the update list here. Thanks Andrew for the update. Related posts: 70 Great Public Speaking Blogs I came across a great list on Andrew Dlugan’s website.

MORE Disease Definitions

Humor Power

That happened this month with Marty’s Disease Definition lines. You’ll recognize the name of Marty Bernstein. He is a frequent contest submitter and winner. One of his secrets that “quality comes from quantity.&# Rarely does a winner write only one joke. Often, a winner has written MANY jokes. That’s a key to remember as a humorous speaker. If you want to open a talk with one observational humor line, your best bet is to write ten or twenty lines.

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Public Speaking: Definitions

Great Public Speaking

You can use a quick comical definition to liven up a public speaking engagement. Here are some definitions I like: Banker : A fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and wants it back the minute it begins to rain. Oliver Herford There are literally thousands of these definitions available in comedy books, quotation books, and books for speakers. As always, make sure the word defined is relevant to the point you are trying to make.

"Old" = One Script ("Broken" has the same definition)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

There are those who give up on learning and changing. If they are over-50, we label them as "old." " If they are under-50, we simply shrug them off as "broken," usually by life.    The "old" all share one characteristic. That's sticking with THE script. At some point in their lives they have decided that was the best of times. They keep telling stories, professional and personal, from back then. In science, that is known as a "closed system."

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"Wealth" - Diverse definitions, even in capitalistic nations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For some, the ability to bear children might represent to them "wealth."  "  That's even though the birth adds to the mouths to feed, which could, well, decrease wealth, at least if it's calculated in terms of money. The book "The Psychology of Wealth" by Charles Richards (a psychology Ph.D.) discusses how protean the concept "wealth" is.    In some latino cultures, those having enough experience a sense of being wealthy. 

"Grown Up" - Sure, I will try to be that, but what's the definition?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" But, what is the definition of "grown up?" In the New York Post , Kyle Smith runs a diatribe against Millennials. It reeks of the platitudes about that generation not being "grown up." " They're depicted as cry babies. The same was said about us Baby Boomers. Instead of protesting war and racial injustice, we were told to "grow up."

2016 43

"All Grown Up" - New 21st Century Definition

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  At age 65, I was finally all grown up - at least according to the new definition of that rite of passage.  Someone at work got fired and it wasn't me. That's all I thought about after I heard that one of the contract employees like myself for a large company was canned.    Shock: It wasn't me.    In these upside-down economic times, we have to be completely mature in order to hold onto work, even that contract or free agent kind. 

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PowerPoint Slide Makeover #44 - Making Definitions Interesting

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In too many training and teaching presentations, the definitions of key terms are read verbatim from text on the slides. This makeover shows that defintions can be interesting if you connect with the audience and leave them with a definition they will remember. Just a quick note to let you know that a new Slide Makeover Video Podcast based on the ideas in "The Visual Slide Revolution" is available for your viewing through the iTunes Store, online or through my YouTube channel.

PowerPoint Tip: Visual Slide Definition

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

This past week I created a new definition of a visual slide that captures where my position is different from some others. Here is my definition: "A visual slide is not the absence of text; it is the presence of a visual that encourages a conversation with the audience." In my definition, I deliberately chose to define a visual not by what is missing, but instead by what is present that is of greatest value. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this definition.

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6 minutes: definitive speaking blogroll

The Eloquent Woman

Dlugan also has compiled his definitive list of public speaking blogs -- and I'm delighted that The Eloquent Woman clocks in at number 20 on that list of more than 100 public speaking blogs. Six Minutes is a public speaking blog that offers a great service: Author Andrew Dlugan takes the time to read a wide swath of public speaking blogs, and (almost) weekly compiles the "weekly might have missed list" of what you need to read in the public speaking blogosphere.

The Compliment

The Communication Blog

compliment definition of interpersonal communication ConversationHere's an interesting little piece on complimenting someone that would work well with any unit on conversation in interpersonal communication. It provides 10 ways to tell someone you think he or she is beautiful and would be a great introduction to complimenting in general. link].

2011 116

Clegg’s conference speech: ‘definitely OK, absolutely fine, without any doubt not bad’

Max Atkinson

The last thing party leaders want when making their annual conference speeches is for something in the news to knock coverage of them down in the list of the day’s headlines. So it was bad luck for Nick Clegg that he was wrapping up the LibDem conference at the same time as President Obama was speaking to the United Nations in New York, one result of which was that Sky News opted for live coverage from across the Atlantic rather than from Bournemouth.

2009 55

When sending a thank you (definitely) does more harm than good

SpeakerSue Says...

This post is about email etiquette, how a thank you can blow up, and what to do about it. A few days ago I did a favor - a 15 minute telephone interview for a colleague in the multi-level marketing business. Everyone is just trying to make a living these days, and I felt that if I can help her out by providing a couple of solid selling and motivation tips, I was happy to offer my time.

Getting in the Green Room - The Zen of Surfing and Speaking

Green Room Speakers

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Getting in the Green Room - The Zen of Surfing and Speaking I originally decided to call my company Green Room Speakers because of its theater definition: From Wikipedia: A green room is a room in a theater , studio , or other public venue for the accommodation of performers or speakers when not required on the stage. Yet I recently learned that green room has a second definition.

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Speaking Freely

by Self-Expression Center Staff The dictionary states that there are two definitions for the words present and presentation. The first definition for present is to exist or occur in the moment; but the second definition is what intrigues me the most for both forms of the word – to bestow or give a gift.

2014 131

The Almost Dictionary — Humor Contest

Humor Power

And then give us a definition. We are not looking for daffynitions, which are twisted definitions of actual words. Tags: Contests almost dictionary alternate definitions creative writing humor contest

Finding Your Way to Success as a Public Speaker in 2020

Speaker Launcher

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, I came across a funny image that showed 1 out of 5 stars highlighted and the text: 2020 – “Definitely would not recommend!”.

2020 80

Are you passionate about your job?

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

’ and then reminds those who raise their hands that the dictionary definition of ‘passionate’ is either (a) […]. Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway gave the closing keynote at the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) conference in Dublin this last May. Her presentation starts by asking the audience ‘how many feel really passionate about what you do?’

2016 128

5 PowerPoint Hacks That Will Make You Look like a Pro

Presentation Guru

Investing in improving your PowerPoint skills is definitely worth the time and effort. But while designing the perfect PowerPoint is one thing – and we have plenty of advice on creating a great looking presentation – the best looking slide deck in the world can crash and burn if you aren’t equipped with the skills to present it.… … Powerpoint Software Confidence featured PowerPoint presentation technology Presentation Tips

2018 59

PowerPoint has photos again! And a lot more…

PowerPoint Tips

Users definitely missed the photos during the hiatus. They’re definitely meant to be used with a sense of humor. If you have Office 365 — now called Microsoft 365, confusingly — you might have noticed that after several years without photos, they’ve come back!

2020 151

I know it’s hot but your voice isn’t warm!

Kate's Voice

However, if you have to give a talk, you need to warm up your voice before you practice, and definitely before you go on stage or on camera. The thermometer is pushing three digits and the idea of warming up anything is probably just not on your mind. The question is, what do you do [.]. vocal delivery vocal health breathing intention public speaking tips

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The 5 Main Phases of Project Management Life Cycle 


Phase 2: Project Definition & Project Planning. Definition & Planning. A project charter is a document that offers a formal initiation definition of the project and authorized the project manager to use the company’s organizational resources for project activities.

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Dirimens copulatio and LBJ’s War on Poverty Speech

The Presenter's Blog

The past 3000 years have allowed the magic word spells we call rhetorical figures to be defined and re-defined so many times that you often find multiple definitions for the same thing. I’m going with Cicero’s definition because frankly, it makes more sense. by Peter Watts. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the speech in which President Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty.

2014 132

Where Can I Find Great Clip Art and More for Powerpoint?

Presentation Guru

It may have earned itself a notorious reputation but at its most basic definition the term clip art does simply represent pre-made images that can be used in whatever medium. Is it too controversial to say that, a t some point, most people could benefit from some clip art in their presentations? … Apps & Add-ins Powerpoint Software Apps & Add-Ins featured PowerPoint presentation technology Using Images

2017 46

How Fear of Public Speaking Can Hold Back Your Career


If you suffer from a fear of public speaking, you are definitely not alone. In fact, fear of public speaking often lands in the top five of the biggest fears that humans have. In some surveys, it even lands in the number one slot, with death coming in at a close second! While some people […]. The post How Fear of Public Speaking Can Hold Back Your Career appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Presentation Tips

2017 63

Public Speaking: 7 Tips on How to Replace Fear with Confidence


But nerves can throw a definite wrench into getting your brand story across effectively and […]. Selling is an art, and to be successful at it, you’ve got to be confident in yourself and your product or service. Since public speaking is essentially selling, it’s important for speakers to confidently articulate the value of their offer. The post Public Speaking: 7 Tips on How to Replace Fear with Confidence appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Presentation Tips

2016 66

Empty calories vs. nutritional value

Speak Schmeak

To add to my list of unoriginal clichés and tired statistics , how about we stop with the use of pointless dictionary definitions? I visited a website yesterday for speakers, and there was the dictionary definition of "presenter," right in the middle of the page, complete with pronunciation, in case I didn't know how to say it already.

2009 167

Intrinsic Motivation: How to Foster It Among Employees


The American Psychological Association offers the following intrinsic motivation definition: Intrinsic motivation stands for an incentive to engage in a specific activity that derives from pleasure in the activity itself (e.g., Highly motivated and engaged employees equal corporate success.

How Stories Can Help Your Virtual Presentation Come Alive!

DeFinis Communications

Keeping an audience engaged on a screen, when your listeners have many other things around them competing for their attention, is definitely a challenge. When leading a virtual presentation, many speakers find it difficult to hold people’s attention. That’s why telling stories is key to giving a great virtual presentation. In fact, telling a personal story stimulates a strong emotional connection between you and your listeners. Tell a story and you entertain. Tell a story and you connect.

2020 100

Empty calories vs. nutritional value

Speak Schmeak

To add to my list of unoriginal clichés and tired statistics , how about we stop with the use of pointless dictionary definitions? I visited a website yesterday for speakers, and there was the dictionary definition of "presenter," right in the middle of the page, complete with pronunciation, in case I didn't know how to say it already.

2009 159

The Power of Using Crowdsourcing for Product Development

Speaker Launcher

By definition it means to obtain information or input into a particular task or project by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet. Crowdsourcing is one of those buzzwords we all hear tossed around these days. I did not even realize I was crowdsourcing when I […]. The post The Power of Using Crowdsourcing for Product Development appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

2016 66

It's Not What You Say

Professionally Speaking...

It's so practical and so relevant it definitely deserves a place in your presentation toolkit. . . . . . There would be people who'd disagree with the premise of Michael Parker's new book, It's Not What You Say. I would not be one of them.

2016 122

Employee Engagement: 6 Strategies That Work


But before we jump in, let’s get some key definitions out of the way. Gartner provides the following baseline definition of employee engagement: “Employee engagement stands for the “individuals’ alignment with the organization and their willingness to invest discretionary effort (go above and beyond the call of duty) to achieve organizational objectives.”. Happy and productive employees are good for business. It’s a fact.

2020 71

What is a Storyboard And How to Use it in Product Design


The Nielsen Norman Group provides the following definition: A storyboard communicates a story through images displayed in a sequence of panels that chronologically maps the story’s main events. New product requirement definitions.

2020 77

New Hire Onboarding: A Guide for Managers


Onboarding definition is wider and assumes a series of events with orientation being one of them. KPI definitions. Future training definition.

Why most public speaking advice doesn’t seem to work for you

Speaking about Presenting

Here’s my working definition of the essential difference – extroverts are energized by being with groups of people, whereas introverts are drained by that and recharge by being alone. There’s a book called “What to Say When…You’re Dying on the Platform” by Lily Walters. It’s full of clever quips and responses for when things aren’t going your way during a presentation or speech. My partner Tony loves it. I could never use any of it.

2017 165

How to Add Humor to Your Presentation?


No matter how serious is the subject, the audience is present only to find your presentation interesting and have definitely come to enjoy the time they are spending listening to you. Should you be able to add a little bit of humor and make them laugh or even smile; your presentation is a hit. Now, […]. The post How to Add Humor to Your Presentation? appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Presentation Tips

2014 69

A Quick Guide to Dissertation Writing


The Wharton School of Business offers the next succinct dissertation definition: A dissertation is a book-sized manuscript describing the original research performed to earn the Ph.D. In this document, we’re going to stick with the Americanized definition.

2020 87