Toastmasters Friday: The Quest for the Trophy

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Yesterday I posted a quote on Facebook from the Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitzki - a comment he made in post-game press conference following his team last victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder to send them into the NBA Finals.

Creative Writer for Law Firm, Dallas, TX

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Here  are details and how to apply. careers

Brand Dallas - What Public Relations Will Be Hired To Restore It?

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Already, major public relations agency Burson-Marsteller is in Dallas.   Until the Ebola crisis, Dallas, like a number of cities in TX, was a magnet for attracting everything from the Creative Class to new businesses.

Bentley Thriving at Dallas Animal Services/Adoption Center - But, No Mention Of Halloween Costume

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He seems to be thriving at the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center. If King Charles Cavalier Bentley is longing for his pet parent Nina Pham, it doesn't show. There workers put on hazmat suits to play with him.

4 Tips on Going Deeper with Your Clients

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At our recent event in Dallas, the talented Michael Hoffman shared several ideas that speakers can use to go deeper with their corporate clients. Let’s examine a few ideas to becoming the “go to” content provider for your clients. Imagine this scenario: Do you see how having a well thought out offering can allow you […]. The post 4 Tips on Going Deeper with Your Clients appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Are you Living Your Dream?

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Back then I lived in a small apartment in Dallas with just my […]. Sometimes life gets in the way of us living our dreams. Then at other times the pieces of the puzzle just fall into place. Fifteen years ago my coach, Rich Fettke and I mapped out what I wanted my life to look like.

5 ways to stay cool under pressure

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Written by Thomas Heffernan, a cancer surgeon in Dallas. While I'm taking a break from blogging during my move into a new house, I've got a few choice pieces and guest bloggers for you to read until I get back!

How to Pitch an Idea Like Mark Cuban and Reid Hoffman

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owns the Dallas Mavericks and Landmark Theatres, and has invested about $20 million in entrepreneurs on Shark Tank.… Did you know that a dozen publishers turned down Harry Potter and movie studios rejected Star Wars initially?

What America Reads…

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13 – The Dallas Morning News 331,907 474,923. I found this post from Brian Solis very interesting – a list of the top media outlets, by circulation, as well as the 25 most popular blogs in America, as compiled by BurrellesLuce. . Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating “the medium is the message&# and with the introduction of a newer medium (online, web) there is constant debate as to its effect on older mediums (print, broadcast).

2009 36

Famous Speech Friday: Laverne Cox on transgender activism

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In an awards season where a heterosexual man has been picking up prizes for portraying a transgendered woman in the movie Dallas Buyers Club , Laverne Cox is the real deal.

2014 18

Speak and Deliver - Untitled Article

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Imagine having open heart surgery , without any draping, on the 50 yard line of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, in front of a packed house, with you on the big, BIG screen.

Idaho 18

Toastmasters Friday: The Big Stage

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He still has to get past the Bulls, and likely the Dallas Mavericks, on the NBA's Big Stage - The Finals - in order to fulfill his youthful ordainment as King James, but many say this is the year. Is it finally LeBron's time?

Accelerate 2016 Business Growth Summit & Showcase

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Join us on January 29th and 30th in Dallas, Texas for a one-of-a-kind conference that will give you everything you need to catapult your speaking business in just two days! Do you know EXACTLY what to do to make 2016 wildly successful? You’ll get: Tools (that top speakers use) to grow your business quickly. Insider […]. The post Accelerate 2016 Business Growth Summit & Showcase appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Events accelerate 2016 conference

Gratitude for an Industry

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The bureau I worked for in Dallas was a phenomenal wealth of experience. At age 25, I lacked direction, focus, and ambition. It was the early 90′s and I was working as a temp at 3M and waitressing at night.

Bentley Doesn't Have Ebola - Will Anyone Shop For His Halloween Outfit?

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According to Dallas powers-that-be he doesn't have Ebola. Bentley, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel animal companion of Nina Pham, is good-to-go.  In addition, Pham's condition has been upgraded from "fair" to "good." 

Tourism - Travel to U.S. Metro Areas Could Be Reduced This Summer

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"The Bahamas government Friday urged nationals to exercise caution if they intend on travelling to the United States following the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas on Thursday night."

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TJ Walker Goes on Fox Radio Tour Discussing Federal Government’s Ad Spending Budget

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TJ appeared on the following today: WHAS Louisville, KY 0708AM ET WSYR Syracuse, NY 0720AM ET WILS Lansing, MI 0748AM ET KLIF Dallas, TX 0810AM ET WERC Birmingham, AL 0840AM ET WTVN Columbus, OH 0852AM ET KURV McAllen, TX 0910AM ET WDUN Gainesville, GA 1015AM ET.

Thomas Duncan - His Search For Happiness Has Ended

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Both in his homeland of Liberia and in Dallas, law enforcement wanted to know what he knew and when he knew it. She is being shunned by so many different groups in Dallas. Thomas Duncan died today. The courts of law were ready to judge him harshly.

November 22, 1963 - Jack & Jackie Seem So Far Away

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  On November 22rd this year, I have a hunch the media will not play so many clips from that bright sunny day in Dallas. I'm a Baby Boomer. And yet, even to me, Jack and Jackie Kennedy seem so far away. They don't rattle around in my memory bank.

World Champion Speakers

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Here are the top three finishers in yesterday's Toastmasters World Championship of public speaking held in Calgary, Canada: Champion-- LaShunda Rundles (Dallas, Texas) Runner up-- K.

Jeremy Lin Winning Beyond The Box Score: Mike Bako on America Radio News Network

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The guy is exceeding the freight train of hype surrounding him, as he led the Knicks with 28 points and 14 assists Sunday in a comeback win over the Dallas Mavericks. This is one of the great storylines the NBA has ever seen. Mike Bako offers his analysis on America’s News Radio Network. Analysis Audio Media Press Room jeremy lin mike bako new york knicks

No Need to Worry about Oculus VR Rift Headset

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The Dallas, Texas jury found that the Oculus head Palmer Luckey (therefore, Oculus VR) violated a non-disclosure agreement. Okay, Facebook announced earnings today. So, $500 million is, well, peanuts. In addition, the plaintiff was initially seeking $6 billion in this lawsuit.

5 ways to stay cool under pressure

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Written by Thomas Heffernan, a cancer surgeon in Dallas. While I'm taking a break from blogging during my move into a new house, I've got a few choice pieces and guest bloggers for you to read until I get back!

MLB institutes dress code for media: Mike Bako on WOR Radio with Rita Cosby

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Major League Baseball created and passed a dress code for members of the media on Tuesday, putting the guidelines in writing on the second day of the Winter Meetings in Dallas. The guidelines are the first of its kind among the four major North American professional sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) and implements a [.]. Analysis Audio Communications Crisis Communications Media Training News Press Room major league baseball dress code mike bako rita cosby

"Zero to One" By Peter Thiel - 23 On Waiting List At Woods Memorial Library

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It is on the Eastside of Tucson, Arizona, miles away from thriving commercial areas like Phoenix, AZ (where the Superbowl will be) and Dallas, Texas. The Woods Memorial Library is not in San Francisco or Manhattan.

Bentley, Nina Pham Back In Each Others' Arms - The Happy Ending America Needs

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The Dallas powers that be allowed Bentley to live, in quarantine. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bentley and his mom Nina Pham are back in each others' arms. This is the happy ending to an Ebola crisis that America needs. 

Now Nina Pham Can Shop For Bentley's Halloween Costume

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Sure he was well taken care by the Dallas powers-that-be in animal control but without a cute superhero or wizard outfit Bentley wouldn't be able to attend all the gala Devil's Night parties just for four-leggers. Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year for our animal companions.

Bentley, Nina Pham's Dog, Okay For Now

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Although Dallas nurse Nina Pham's dog Bentley could be an Ebola carrier, the animal control authorities are treating him humanely, even in isolation. "A 2005 study of an Ebola outbreak in Gabon, Africa, suggests dogs can be infected with the virus but not suffer any symptoms." 

Public Speaker Marketing Tips - Television

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An ad running in Dallas, TX, will show the website and another ad running in Chicago will show the website Television Running infomercials and appearing as a guest on television shows can attract a wide range of customers to your online business. With traditional television appearances you will want to keep track of which audience members got to your website from which market.

From corp comm … to The White House

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How did a corporate communications speechwriter in Dallas become Director of Presidential Writers in the President George W. Bush White House? You can hear Beth Pedison Gibson talk about about her remarkable career path in the first few minutes of this interview. Years ago, I saw Beth’s excellent speechwriting in my training workshops. Apparently, Mrs. Laura Bush was as impressed by Beth’s talents as I was, and Beth was selected to handle Special Projects for the First Lady.). To Distribute Free Pet Food to Those on Public Assistance

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  By the end of this month, will be distributing free pet food to those on public assistance, reports CBS in Dallas, Texas.  Low-income families will no longer have to choose between feeding the humans or the animal companions. 

Leadership: TX Gov Rick Perry Could Provide What America Needs

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The fear of more and more cases of Ebola in Dallas can stop dead the healthy TX economy. It was after 9/11 that New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani did a 180 into his best leadership self.

Anniversaries: Remembering Tragedies/Natural Disasters

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This month, of course, there is the national ritual of remembering the day in Dallas, Texas that John F. Kennedy was shot and died.   On the east coast there is the one year anniversary of Sandy, which TIME discusses.

No Joy in Gushville: Jones Day Law Firm Learns Tough PR Lesson

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  What we know for certain is that the firm has cut secretaries and legal staff in its Los Angeles and Dallas offices.    However, at ATL, Elie Mystal reports  that his sources tell him that 16 were axed in Los Angeles and about 20 in Dallas. The new value in business might be humility.    That's just smart in a volatile economy.      And that is a lesson proud law firm Jones Day might be learning today.

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Breakfast with Clayton

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On a rare snowy day in Dallas I found myself having breakfast at the Dallas Fort Worth airport, in a distant corner of the terminal next to a small Starbucks. I spotted a young man working on his laptop with an iPhone plugged into it. That started our conversation. Because I am curious about new devices and people, what happened next was the highlight of my day. His name is Clayton, and in less than a half hour, I learned more about him than I ever expected to.

The Black Life We Care About: Elie Mystal

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Immediately after Dallas happened, Elie Mystal posted on Facebook that if he said what he thought, he would be fired. Since I care a lot about Mystal I left the comment "Say nothing." " But, that was dumb since Mystal is a full-time journalist at Abovethelaw.

Ingite comes to South Dakota

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First, with a total population of around 800,000 people, the State of South Dakota is about 1/3 the size of Dallas, TX who just had their Ignite last month. Last month Brett Duncan over at Marketing In Progress reminded me of an event that I had found earlier , Ignite.

Pennsylvania 2013 Blue Ribbon Schools

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Pennsylvania 2013 Blue Ribbon Schools [link] Bart-Colerain Elementary School 1336 Noble Road Christiana , PA 17509-9768 Phone: (717) 529-2181 Principal: Mrs. Sandra Haines School District: Solanco School District Fort Couch Middle School 515 Fort Couch Road Upper St. Clair , PA 15241-2099 Phone: (412) 833-1600 Principal: Mr. Joseph DeMar School District: Upper St.

Interview: Dr. Ellen Taliaferro

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

While there, the Dallas Morning News named her as one of the 100 most influential Texas women mdash; an amazing feat for an Okie. Ellen Taliaferro, MD (aka Dr T) is a recovering emergency physician now serving as the Medical Director of the San Mateo Medical Center Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention in San Mateo, CA. Using her background in emergency medicine, stress management, and writing, she has created a program called Healing the Wound Within with a [.]

CA 2

New American Dream - Replicating The Old Neighborhood, As Renters

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After ruling out Dallas, Texas and Barcelona, Spain, I surfed the apartment listing in Tucson, Arizona. We have become a nation of renters. And depending on which personal-finance expert is doing the math, that's smart.