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Results of the defend a doomed dictator speechwriting competition

Max Atkinson

Have not as yet noticed an ad on Working for You for a new speech writer for Libyan dictator, but if one comes up you should most definitely send in your c.v." Julien Foster for speech D (see below). Second is. Bryn Williams for speech F (see below). What clinched it for Mr Foster was that his final line made all three judges (and me) laugh.

Yes, A Book Is Still "Price Of Entry" - Agent/Publisher Route, Self-Publishing, Home-Publishing

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A book functions as a multi-dimensional marketing and sales tool. If you haven't published one, you are at a disadvantage. Why You   Publish.

How to Start Speaking at Events |

Guy Kawasaki Here are two additional tips: * Build a multi-media CV at , so that event organizers can see you in action. * Thanks!

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Talented/Proven Writer: Would you go through this trouble for a job in Greensburg, PA

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

If you were a talented, proven writer would you reply to this advertisement , listed in Publishers Marketplace, for an Assistant Professor of English based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania: "Send a letter, C.V., Seton Hill University's help wanted is not atypical.    That's the problem. 

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Late October: literary events, lozenges and linctus!

Nick R Thomas - A Public Speaker's Blog

But I was a judge too and I couldn't let feelings of being lower down the editorial ladder affect the quality of my presentation, especially as my CV includes 'professional speaker', and within a few seconds at the lectern, I had relaxed, helped by no. Review: Southbourne Literary Society meeting, Bournemouth, October 2012.