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Have not as yet noticed an ad on Working for You for a new speech writer for Libyan dictator, but if one comes up you should most definitely send in your c.v." In case you're wondering what this is all about, you can catch up on the details here: Defend a doomed dictator speechwriting competition The speeches Doomed dictator Twitter challenge: the sound bite winners Results And the (first-past-the-post) winner is. Julien Foster for speech D (see below). Second is.

Yes, A Book Is Still "Price Of Entry" - Agent/Publisher Route, Self-Publishing, Home-Publishing

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You put it out there because you have to include it on your CV, hand it out or sell it at the talks you deliver, and give it as a takeaway to the prospects at lunch or dinner. A book functions as a multi-dimensional marketing and sales tool.

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Guy Kawasaki Here are two additional tips: * Build a multi-media CV at , so that event organizers can see you in action. *

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Talented/Proven Writer: Would you go through this trouble for a job in Greensburg, PA

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

If you were a talented, proven writer would you reply to this advertisement , listed in Publishers Marketplace, for an Assistant Professor of English based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania: "Send a letter, C.V., Seton Hill University's help wanted is not atypical.    That's the problem.    Like most of higher education, it seeks out talent in ways that might deter the best to even apply.

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Late October: literary events, lozenges and linctus!

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But I was a judge too and I couldn't let feelings of being lower down the editorial ladder affect the quality of my presentation, especially as my CV includes 'professional speaker', and within a few seconds at the lectern, I had relaxed, helped by no. Review: Southbourne Literary Society meeting, Bournemouth, October 2012. On 17 October I was asked to go along to a meeting of Southbourne Literary Society in Bournemouth.

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