How to create a logo in PowerPoint

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I’m going to show you how to create this logo — and you can customize it in any way you want. Don’t worry about the text size, font, or color right now. Pressing Shift makes sure that the copy moves perfectly vertically.)

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How to top or bottom align slide titles

PowerPoint Tips

I’m talking about vertical alignment, not the more common horizontal alignment, which left-aligns, centers, or right-aligns text. Vertical alignment is not considered as often, but it can be quite important. How to change slide title vertical alignment for an entire presentation.

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Adjust the location of the X (horizontal) chart axis in a PowerPoint chart

PowerPoint Tips

Right-click one of the labels of the axis and choose Font. In the Font dialog box, select the current font in the Size box. Here’s the resulting slide after increasing the font size of both axes and removing some irrelevant junk.

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Create a numbered list with shapes

PowerPoint Tips

Use the alignment guides to center the circle vertically and horizontally on the rectangle, like this. I cover this feature in detail “ How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part I-Union.”

5 principles for easier and faster slide creation

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This meant that all of the fonts were huge (88pt instead of 44pt, for example). But when I went back and clicked Custom Slide Size, there it was, as you can see in the screenshot. The template my client bought did away with all of the standard layouts and included only custom layouts.

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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2013

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In the Customize group on the right, click Slide Size, then Custom Slide Size. Using the horizontal and vertical rulers as a guide, drag from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner, and release the mouse button. Use a clear, sans-serif font.

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