Customize the PowerPoint interface

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Your work in PowerPoint can go faster and easier if you customize the interface so that you don’t have to click so many times to find commands that you use often. In PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, you can customize not only the Quick Access Toolbar (usually at the top left of your screen) but the entire ribbon. I cover how to customize the QAT in an earlier blog post, “ Work faster in PowerPoint.” ” Customize the ribbon.

Why Customer Centricity Will Win You More Business (in 2020)


Customer centricity is a buzzword you can hardly escape these days. But, despite so much talk, few companies actually understand how to keep their customer focus sharp and, more importantly, why this area is worth more attention. What is Customer Centricity?

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How Do You Treat Your Customers?

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How to Set Up a Winning Customer Success Program


The customer success movement is getting stronger year over year. In 2019, 83% of Customer Success teams increased in size. This year, even more organizations plan to invest in new customer success management programs to ramp up their service levels. What is Customer Success.

Customize slide objects to the extreme

PowerPoint Tips

Do you want to take customization of slide objects to the extreme? You can customize slide objects in 2 big ways: Combine Shapes: You can add them together (Union), substract them, and more — combine, fragment (PowerPoint 2013 only), intersect. How do you create customized slide objects? The post Customize slide objects to the extreme appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog. Shapes & text boxes combine shapes customize slide objects edit points subtract unio

Custom graphic contest winners!

PowerPoint Tips

In my earlier post, “ Anatomy of a custom graphic ,” I described a technique for blending images using transparency. Click here to find out about customized training to bring your presentations to the next level! In my newsletter, I announced a contest for the best use of that technique. (If If you want to know about contests to get free products, sign up for my newsletter at the right!). Here are the 2 winners.

The Expert Guide to Crafting a Winning Customer Success Program


Gone are the days when marketers used to craft customer loyalty and reward programs to influence the purchasing decision of customers through incentives and keep them committed to the brand.

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How Customer Experience can Make Your Brand Successful


It is not only the quality of the product or service that matters but how customers perceive a business and if the expectations of the customers are met. This all has a lot to do with what is called Customer Experience (CX). In fact many experts now believe that Customer Experience is as important as the brand itself. Understanding Customer Experience (CX). The Customer Journey. The customer journey is a very important aspect of customer experience.

6 Customer Journey Maps You Can Swipe


Business displayed their inventory; customers came in and physically assessed it and bought what they liked. And in smaller stores, there were sales clerks to help the customer along that journey and a clerk to help with return and exchanges. The customer had experiences (now known as CX) each time he visited that store. Online selling, however, has changed the customer journey. What is a Customer Journey? How to Create a Customer Journey Map.

Anatomy of a custom graphic

PowerPoint Tips

I certainly wasn’t going to find it, so I knew I had to create a custom image. Click here to find out about customized training to bring your presentations to the next level! Recently I did some slide makeovers for a client, a medical researcher. He was giving a presentation on epigenetics to the general public called, “Mind over DNA: Transforming Your DNA from the Inside-Out.”

Customize the default theme to instantly get the look you want

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If you’re in this situation, then customizing the default theme in PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or 2013 will solve your problems! Again click the Themes gallery More button and look in the Themes gallery’s Custom section. In PowerPoint 2013, you’ll see your new custom theme in the top-left position labeled Default Theme. Have you customized your default theme or created a custom theme? Backgrounds & color custom theme default theme theme

Save PowerPoint customizations for the Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon

PowerPoint Tips

Do you customize the Quick Access Toolbar? I explain how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar in “Work Faster in PowerPoint.” ” And I explain how to customize the ribbon in “Customize the PowerPoint interface.” ” Not only can you save PowerPoint customizations, but you can go back and forth between customization settings! Choose File, Options, Customize Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar.

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Customize the colors in your slide master

PowerPoint Tips

Lack of the needed custom layouts in the slide master, requiring manual adjustments on many slides. Here’s the procedure for customizing colors in PowerPoint by setting your theme’s color to the colors you actually want to use. At the bottom of the list, choose Customize Colors. In the Colors dialog box, click the Custom tab if it isn’t displayed. The custom tab is where you can specify Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color specifications.

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Shopping with Cybercellar; a lesson in customer service

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

As Johann and I agreed it was the courier that messed up (and not Cyberceller themselves), but we also agreed that as a customer it was not my problem who messed up. You can turn a customer around by turning a negative experience into a positive one. Communication Customer Service customer service

Developing “Your Customer Value Algorithm” with Greg Schinkel

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Are we using the most effective strategies to help our customers? In this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, Greg Schinkel is going to explain how we need to shift our thinking regarding how we gather information and present ideas to assist customers in more current and effective ways. The post Developing “Your Customer Value Algorithm” with Greg Schinkel appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Are we using the most effective strategies to help our customers?

Washington Post: When travel companies sue their customers

Matt Eventoff

Matt Eventoff, an expert on crisis management and communications, recommends documenting everything… Executives might have second thoughts about suing a customer who keeps meticulous records and isn't afraid to talk publicly about a grievance… Read More. The post Washington Post: When travel companies sue their customers appeared first on Princeton Public Speaking.

Powerpoint custom animation experiment - check out the animation for yourself

Speaking about Presenting

Yesterday, I reported on the results of an experiment into the impact of Powerpoint custom animation on learning. The purpose of the experiment was to test the hypothesis that: incrementally introducing information on PowerPoint slides via custom animation decreases student learning over having all information shown on the slide at the same time. Guidelines for use of custom animation. I’m not ready to throw out custom animation on the basis of this research.

Be afraid of our customers

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Be afraid of our customers, because those are the folks who have the money. Tags: Communication Leadership & Management Speaking Stories Web/Tech afraid customers quotes Heard in a presentation by (the other) Michael Jackson. Yes, you should wake up every morning terrified with your sheets drenched in sweat, but not because you’re afraid of our competitors. Our competitors are never going to send us money.”. Jeff Bezos, CEO,

New research questions the benefits of custom animation in PowerPoint

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The PowerPoint custom animation they used. Previous research has shown that where custom animation is used to deliver a familiar topic, the animation has a positive impact on student learning. Tags: Powerpoint custom animation PowerPoint presentation research Stephen Mahar I thought that simple, non-distracting animations that brought in slide elements one at a time as I verbally introduced them was helpful.

Use your customers to improve your product

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

This is a simple and elegant way to make a better product, and to have happier customers. How are you involving your customers? Is it easy for your customers to provide feedback? Be afraid of our customers Heard in a presentation by (the other) Michael Jackson “Yes, Tags: Communication Customer Service Web/Tech commuication feedback Microsoft spelling word I have been using Microsoft Office 2010 for a few months now.

How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part IV-Combine

PowerPoint Tips

This is the final installment of a 4-part series on the Custom Shapes tools. Shapes & text boxes combine shapes custom shapes shapesIf you haven’t read those posts, I recommend reading them first. Part I: Union (This part tells you how to find the tools, which are hidden by default.). Part II: Subtract. Part III: Intersect. Combining shapes. You might think that Union and Combine would do the same thing and the difference between them isn’t obvious from their name.

This is what customer service is!

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

The customer service staff were friendly, supportive and helpful. Customer Service Amazon KindleI have had my Amazon Kindle for about 18 months (6 months out of warranty), and a few weeks ago it started behaving strangely, in that whenever it went onto standby, it would crash. So, I started a live chat with Amazon support on their website to see if we could resolve it.

How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part III-Intersect

PowerPoint Tips

In Part I of this series, I explained the Union tool and how to get all the Custom Shapes tools on your Quick Access toolbar. Shapes & text boxes custom shapes intersect shapesIn Part II, I covered the Subtract tool. The 3rd tool is the Intersect tool and it results in a shape that is the intersection of the selected shapes. Any part of the shapes that aren’t overlapping are removed. The tools doesn’t work if you have text in the shapes.).

How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part I-Union

PowerPoint Tips

It’s called Custom Shapes, and it’s a set of 4 tools that you can use to create your very own shapes–the sky’s the limit! Why do you need Custom Shapes? For a professional, designer (custom-made) look. I’ll be covering the Custom Shapes tools in several posts, because there’s a lot to cover. Usually, Microsoft highlights new features, but the Custom Shapes tools aren’t even on the ribbon!

How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part II-Subtract

PowerPoint Tips

This is Part II of a series on custom shapes. In that post I explain how to find the custom shapes feature. Shapes & text boxes custom shapes shapes subtractPart I, on Union is here. The Subtract command subtracts one shape from another. It’s great for cutouts and holes. Let’s say I want a bucket with a hole in it. Here are the steps to create this shape: Insert the Trapezoid shape. It’s in the Basic Shapes section.

Create a product catalog with custom layouts

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Sales reps can use PowerPoint to create a product catalog that they bring to potential customers. You accomplish this with a custom layout. A custom layout creates a framework to the slide’s layout. There’s a link at the end for a similar tip that includes a workaround for creating a custom layout in PowerPoint 2003.). Create a custom layout in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. A renamed custom layout in PowerPoint's Slide Master view.

13 Texting Must-Knows to Boost Revenue & Engage Customers

SpeakerSue Says...

As both a customer engagement and sales tool, texting boosts revenue and satisfaction. Here are 13 texting must-know guideposts to increase revenue and delight customers: 1. But texting – with its small chunks of quick easily digestible information – is an excellent additional channel to help customers feel important and heard. Check availability for a fully customized on-site sales training workshop or virtual training series.

10 things to never say to a customer

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Here is a brief extract from an interesting list of 10 things to never say to your customer. Speech presented in September 2007, discussing customer service, and how. Speech presented in September 2007, discussing customer service, and how. Tags: Communication Leadership & Management Lists of 10 (or more) customer service lists It is from&# the amazing service guy&#. How many of these have been said to you? “We’d We’d like to help, but it’s our company policy…”.

Power words that sell, influence and create great customer experiences

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SpeakerSue’s tip: To put your customers and prospects at ease, choose positive, pleasant words “brain-friendly” words. A delighter is always the strongest, most emotionally certain way to end to motivate your customer, colleagues and stakeholders to take action. Sue provides engaging, fully customized virtual training that will energize your team – and their sales results. Words matter.

How Well Does Your Business Rate When It Comes to Delighting Customers?

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The post How Well Does Your Business Rate When It Comes to Delighting Customers? Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing Speaker Product Development customer satisfaction customer service serving clientsThis past week I attended my first Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Course. I surprised my husband with the tickets for Christmas, and we were both blown away by the experience and the operation.

Six customer service tips for speakers

Speak Schmeak

While reading hubby's company newsletter last week, I came across some excellent retail customer service tips, which I've adapted for speakers. Guess what: If you're a speaker, you're in customer service, too! Remember these tips when you're preparing to meet your customers -- your host, your organizer, your event planner, and your audience. Treat the customer as the most important part of your job -- not an interruption of it.

Customizing Your Presentation

Communication Steroids

Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter Home About Contact Us Current Programs Inner Circle Newsletter Products 20 Presentation Skills That Kill: Audio CDSeminar Social Media and Public Relations: Audio Task Oriented Teams: Audio CDSeminar What We Do Customizing Your Presentation by Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon on March 22, 2010 Should you customize all of your presentations?

Charteo review – create custom slide decks

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

It’s an online tool called Charteo, which allows you to create a custom slide deck based on a selection of over 10000 online slides. In summary, you pick and choose your slides and create a custom desk. Here is an interesting way to create your presentations. Select whatever slides you need, and once you are ready, checkout and it will create a downloadable PowerPoint presentation containing all your slide which you can then edit and customise as you wish.

Six customer service tips for speakers

Speak Schmeak

While reading hubby's company newsletter last week, I came across some excellent retail customer service tips, which I've adapted for speakers. Guess what: If you're a speaker, you're in customer service, too! Remember these tips when you're preparing to meet your customers -- your host, your organizer, your event planner, and your audience. Treat the customer as the most important part of your job -- not an interruption of it.

Write the way your best customers talk to their friends.

More than PowerPoint...

In particular: what words and phrases do your best customers use when they use their voices? To make a stronger emotional connection, honor the word choices and syntax of your best customers. OK Google. Cortana. Alexa. We’re all using voice and audio interfaces right now. . If you’re interested in voice search optimization and writing content for your brand’s voice — go ahead. Do a search for some how-to articles on writing for voice and voice optimization.

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Walmart Steps Up Customer Service with Human Touch

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That customer service representative scans all your items, right there. Sure, Walmart has installed lots of self-service check-out robots. But, alongside that automation there has emerged a very personal service. There you might be standing in a human-kind of check-out line or looking like you might be ready to check out. A clerk with a mobile apparatus and bagging in the Walmart uniform pocket closes in. That is, if the transaction is debit or credit. No cash ones.

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7 Systems to Grow Your Speaking Business

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Emerging Speaker Rising Superstar Speaker Seasoned Speaker Speaking Business Strategy Analytics customer relationship management customer service marketing Project Management speaking business system

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Snail Mail - Powerful Marketing Tool, When Customized

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Marketers have to customize the style and be creative in that. Most clients come to me to boost their click-open/Call To Action rate in email. Increasingly I am recommending that in the A/B testing we experiment with snail mail. Since the Pony Express, that kind of marketing tool has been effective. The trick is to update the format, tone and text for changing times. For example, those #10 business envelopes will likely never be opened.

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Real Customer Service?

Speaking Of...

There are speakers and trainers who make their living teaching companies about customer service--what it is, and how to deliver it. A few simple, friendly words, delivered honestly, while you look at me, get my attention, and keep me coming back as your customer. Tags: customer service hospitality courtesy I think stories tell it best. We stopped at a highway rest stop on a recent car trip to another state. The kind of place that's part of the state highway system.

The Customer is Always Right. And for the duration of your speech, the audience is your only customer

Pivotal Public Speaking

It has always been a challenge to maintain the view that the customer is always right – not just in speaking, but in business especially. It can try the most patient and accommodating business owner or customer service professional. But if we can achieve it, maintain that view, go into our speaking with [.]. audience public speaking quotations about public speaking

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How Voice of the Customer Concept Can Boost Sales and Revenue


Many small businesses continue to grow as a result of customer satisfaction, whereas many large organizations can decline when they fail to account for the voice of their customers. In order to understand the needs of customers, businesses can focus on Voice of the customer. What is Voice of the Customer (VoC). VoC is essentially a market research technique for understanding customer needs, preferences and expectations. Customer Surveys.

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Focusing on the wrong things means sales – and customers – lost

SpeakerSue Says...

Focus on the customer. Become your customer. Care for your customer. Or, watch your customers choose other providers who do. Communicate so your customers know you are focused on their success and happiness more than on your own (sale, product, service). My male dog, BC, had a “hot spot” that I allowed him to lick (because really would you want to wear one of those collars of shame?). Don’t judge me.

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Hybrids: Package services, giving clients/customers choices

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  In Denver, reports Sarah Perez in Tech Crunch, the retailer is piloting a version through which customers can order groceries online. The payoff for that particular store is that WalMart studies show that some customers will still enter the store and pick up items they forgot to order earlier.  That is, provide a menu of options to clients/customers. WalMart has turned online grocery delivery into an interesting hybrid.