BoxAid - The Sheer Brilliance Of Not Upselling, Cross-Selling

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BoxAid , the remote computer fix-it service, has a brilliant marketing strategy: no upselling or cross-selling. But the forever bond with BoxAid was established not by the rapid service or affordable pricing. My hunch is that they will wind up selling more - effortlessly. Branding Current Affairs Games Intuitive Selling Values Web/Tech

Upselling, Cross-Selling - That's The Way Direct-TV Lost My Sale

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Standard in sales, even at call centers, is to train in upselling and cross-selling. What is the monthly price, come month 13? No,      Branding Current Affairs Games Personal Musings Selling Television Web/TechUsually attached is an increased commission, so the practice seems attractive to newbies. Soon enough, they frequently find themselves losing the original sale when they get cute with upticks and add-ons.

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Branding - Disruptor Role in Legal Services

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

PwC has been innovative in how it delivers and prices legal services. The edge PwC has in gaining market share is that it can cross sell to its accounting clients. Some, such as Scott Galloway, contend search engines and Alexa are killing branding.

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BigAccounting - Will It Eat BigLaw's Lunch

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Their edge includes strong branding, ability to cross-sell to their current client base, and a menu of services broader than simply legal. As many know, pricing pressure is severe in professional services. Being a major client in several categories for a professional services firm brings tremendous clout in setting pricing. Accounting firms can compete via pricing.    Branding careers Current Affairs Games legal Personal Musings Rebranding Selling

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Product-Led Growth (PLG): The Ultimate SaaS Business Growth Strategy To Pursue


Upsells/cross-sells. Pricing. The competition today, both in the product and services space, is tougher than ever. Superior UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience) are the two key battlefields with the most at stake. As we highlighted in our previous post on customer-centricity , most buyers are no longer interested in the product itself. Or in the words of late Steve Jobs: People don’t buy from you for you.

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Consumer Brands - End of That Era (beginning in 1930s at P&G)

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One, it made operations easier for the company because everything associated with the soap, from identity to pricing, was determined through brand management. If it looks, functions, and is priced as a generic, maybe it is. And, in selling, PwC has the edge of being trusted by its accounting clients. So, cross-selling doesn't require any heavy lifting.

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Staples - Yet Another Retail Brand Which Lost Its Way

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Why was the merchandise in Staples not priced competitively with that in other Big Boxes such as Wal-Mart. There was the experiment with the selling phones in its store within a store. And without trying to cross-sell other services.   Branding Current Affairs Personal Musings Selling Values Web/TechBranding is about emotional attachment. In the late 1980s, the Staples brand meant caring and affordability to us new Accidental Entrepreneurs.

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