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Secrets to Building a Successful Speaking Business

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

It is getting the speech” – Shep Hyken The National President of the NSA, Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE spoke to members of the NSA Northern California Chapter on Saturday. Shep is a customer service expert, professional speaker and author who works with companies who want to build loyal […] “The job is not doing the speech.

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Hiring Professional Speakers: How to Avoid Mistakes

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

How to Avoid Mistakes When Choosing a Speaker An article for meeting planners by Patricia Fripp , CSP, CPAE. The only thing left is to hire the speaker. How do you know what kind of speaker is best for your meeting? Consider your reasons for having a speaker. Brief your speaker. Where do you turn? " 5.

How to book more business and own your niche

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

She is endorsed by none other than Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE. Stephanie Chandler is a Silicon Valley refugee who left a stressful job on the [.]

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Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This Saturday, February 28 & Sunday, March 1, 2015 award-winning keynote speaker and speech coach Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE hosts a weekend of intense learning that can transform your speaking. Fripp will host World Champions of Public Speaking Mark Brown, Ed Tate, Darren LaCroix and other world-class professional speakers.

Interview: Phillip Van Hooser - President, National Speakers Association

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

“We must always remember that the act of speaking professionally is only a part of our individual journeys. Phillip Van Hooser The Evolution of a Professional Speaking Career Since 1988, NSA President Phillip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE, has spoken, written, coached and consulted on leadership and service professionalism issues [.] "We

Public Speaking: Fat and Skinny Words: Levels of Abstraction

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Fat and Skinny Words: Levels of Abstraction By executive speech coach and sales presentation skills trainer Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE. As a professional speaker and sales trainer I ask my clients, "What do you want the theme of my remarks to be? Or vice versa. Suppose you write the word "automobile" on a pad.


Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

When and how did you begin speaking professionally (for a fee)? Alan, we teach speakers you get paid for what you know. Shame he retired!

Business Presentation Expert Asks "Accepting an Award?"

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Tips on How to Give an Acceptance Speech by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE As a Business Presentation Expert many of my clients ask advice on accepting an award. Dan Maddux, Executive Director of the American Payroll Association, received the Meeting Partner of the Year award from the National Speakers Association in 2001. Be gracious.

Presentation Tip: Fat and Skinny Words: Levels of Abstraction

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Fat and Skinny Words: Levels of Abstraction By Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE. As a professional speaker and trainer I ask my clients, "What do you want the theme of my remarks to be? Nothing can turn your audience off faster than using fat words when they're hungry for skinny ones. Or vice versa. A simple concept. link].

Alan Weiss and Patricia Fripp "The Odd Couple" set a date!

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

An Article for Professional Speakers and Consultants on the Origins of The Odd Couple® Seminar and the Value of Collaboration by Patricia Fripp , CSP, CPAE. Alan Weiss (PhD, CSP, CMC, CPAE) is a high-priced corporate consultant, trainer, and speaker who had been president of his local NSA chapter. I did.


National Speakers Association > INSIDE NSA > Competencies

To fulfill that commitment, the NSA Board of Directors has adopted Professional Competencies to be mastered by Association members. These competencies guide the selection of program topics for NSA’s educational meetings and publications and form the core curriculum for NSA’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) program. 1500 S.

Speaking Business

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, Cavett Award recipient coined a phrase, MLOT Money Left On Table. Charli Jane Speaker Services P.O. and more!

Expressing your uniqueness in print

Just 20 years ago, speakers used elaborate glossy brochures, and meeting professionals took the time to read them. seconds. seconds.

The Power of Choice

As seen in Professional Speaker Magazine, January/February 2004 By Vickie K. This might explain the thinking behind many speakers choices to expand their revenue streams. Lets explore these three strategic questions, which will help speakers lower their risk in choosing the most profitable way to expand. PMB 103 | 9920 S.


Who's on First:Selling Your Programs to Education Committees

While this still happens, more and more speakers find that committees are now making the decision. Making this transition is difficult for many speakers. For each decision, there are more people to persuade, many of whom the speaker has no direct access to. speaker?" What’s different now is their clout. Not anymore.