What makes a great CFO?

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

He recommends: Someone fundamentally conservative to balance the optimism of a CEO. Tags: Business Communication CFO CPA Financial times Luke Johnson writes in today’s Financial Times of the list of requirements for a great CFO. A qualified professional who can assemble and analyze financial statements. An eye for detail, in absolute command of the financial basics such as debt ratios. Something of an IT expert able [.].

Quick takeaways from Presentation Summit 2011–Day 1, Part 1

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Wayne Michael on “Keeping your audience on the same page” My first session was with Wayne Michael, a CPA who creates graphics for presentations to clients of the Accounting firm he works for.

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An Executive Guide to Management Consulting


Making an objective diagnosis and proposing recommendations based on that diagnosis. A strategic consultant does the research legwork for them and then pools all of that research into a presentation with recommendations for strategies moving forward. Management consulting.